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McDonald & son now both know NFL relocation

Posted by Chris Brown on February 18, 2016 – 11:36 am

Bills secondary coach Tim McDonald began his NFL playing career with the St. Louis Cardinals before he signed with the 49ers. McDonald went through the process of relocation when the Cardinals pulled up stakes in 1990 and moved to Phoenix. Now his son T.J. is going through the same thing moving with the Rams, again from St. Louis to L.A.

McDonald remembers when he moved with the Cardinals in ’90. For him the only tough thing was the increased amount of travel the following season because the Cardinals at the time were in the NFC East.

“Most everybody in the organization made the move,” McDonald said. “We stayed in the same division. That was a pain in the butt because were in the NFC East at the time so we had to do a lot of traveling. We had Dallas, Philadelphia and the Giants, but there wasn’t much to that transition. For me it wasn’t because I was a California guy. I was closer to home.”

McDonald was a Fresno native, and raised his two NFL sons and daughter in Fresno. So it’s not surprising that his son T.J., who grew up in northern California and played his college ball at USC is finding the move to Los Angeles an easy transition.

“He’s going home, so he’s having a ball,” said McDonald of T.J. “He had a place in L.A. where he would train in the offseason. So he’s going back home.”

His other son Tevin, who is very close to home playing for Oakland, may soon also know what relocation is all about if the Raiders choose to move in the next year or so.

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