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How Bradford’s deal could impact Taylor

Posted by Chris Brown on March 2, 2016 – 8:42 am

With the Philadelphia Eagles signing QB Sam Bradford to a new two-year contract to keep him off the free agent market, has the NFC East club helped to set parameters for a potential extension for Bills QB Tyrod Taylor?

An extension for Taylor does not appear imminent with all the contract negotiations that sit on the front burner, chiefly with guard Richie Incognito. Still, agents and NFL front offices take a long look at the most recent contracts to help ascertain true market value.

Bradford agreed to a two-year $35M deal of which $22M is guaranteed. There was a reported $11M signing bonus and the contract averages $17.5M per season. Bradford’s cap hit this year however, is just $12.5M in 2016 and then balloons to $22.5M in 2017, a figure that will likely be addressed either with another extension or a release depending on how he performs in 2016.

An extension for Taylor is something GM Doug Whaley has not ruled out, but the Bills with their current cap situation likely aren’t itching to get something done anytime soon.

At age 28, Bradford has two years on Taylor, who won’t turn 27 until August. If Taylor excels in 2016 and a long term commitment is the play then the deal will presumably be longer in length than Bradford’s. But if Taylor’s play doesn’t take another step forward this fall and there is no other QB on the roster qualified or ready to take over, then Bradford’s short term deal might not be a bad blueprint.

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