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McShay: Teams concerned about Nkemdiche

Posted by Chris Brown on March 3, 2016 – 10:43 am

There are always going to be question marks for NFL clubs about draft prospects with character concerns or work ethic issues. Ole Miss DE Robert Nkemdiche is immensely talented, but for NFL teams he’s got perhaps the most concerns of any player in the draft class.

ESPN NFL draft analyst Todd McShay in talking to several NFL clubs says the concerns are real.

“I’ll be honest with you it’s hard to get someone to say something positive about Nkemdiche in the league,” McShay said. “Teams will react differently to the information that’s gathered, but I’ve talked to six or seven teams and he did not do himself any favors at the combine. There’s enough concern and ultimately it’s about trust.

“Do you trust this guy enough to handle more fame than he’s ever had before in his life, more money than he’s ever had before in his life and more free time than he’s ever had before. I think there are a lot of people in the league, decision makers who are really questioning that.”

McShay admits it only takes one team to sign off on his character questions in favor of his rare talent, but he could also see Nkemdiche falling out of the first round on draft day.

“He’s one of the top five most naturally talented individuals in this draft especially with the workout he had,” said McShay. “But he could go late first round or fall out of the first round completely. There are enough other options where teams are going to wind up passing than take the boom or bust option like Nkemdiche.”

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