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Report: Harvin “definitely” playing, but where?

Posted by Chris Brown on March 31, 2016 – 8:20 am

The Buffalo Bills have been extremely patient with WR Percy Harvin as he took months to mull over whether he wanted to continue his playing career following a very frustrating 2015 season when a chronic hip problem never improved despite exhausting all treatment options. Now he reportedly has made the decision to play in 2016. The question that remains is who will he decide to suit up for in the fall?

According to Pro Football Talk, Harvin will “definitely” play football in 2016. Buffalo has a standing offer for Harvin if he wants to return. Per PFT there are offers from other teams as well. What Harvin is waiting for is unclear. If there was one offer that far outweighed the others in terms of money he likely would’ve signed already.

Perhaps the Harvin camp is hoping that this report would beat the NFL bushes a bit and prompt a new team to enter the mix and make an offer that’s just a bit better than what’s available to him now.

Harvin would likely re-assume the number two receiver role in Buffalo should he re-sign with the Bills, the same role he held heading into last season before his hip injury became a major issue.

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