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CFL adds eye in sky video review official

Posted by Chris Brown on April 8, 2016 – 8:43 am

The NFL’s Competition Committee has entertained different proposals for the expansion of the video replay and coach’s challenge system currently in use, but they haven’t gone as far as the CFL’s Board of Governors… yet. The Canadian Football League has just approved the addition of a video review official to correct obvious errors not covered by replay challenges.

The video official will act as an eye in the sky and will be viewing the game from the CFL’s command center in Toronto. The official will be viewing the game from a full field camera in which all 24 players (12 per side in Canadian football) are in view at all times.

That video official will have direct communication with the head referee on the field and is expected to inform the head official of any call that was not made or correct a call when an obvious error is made. Essentially it removes the time taken for officials on the field to go and review a play under the hood on a monitor on the sidelines.

The video official can also correct errors that coaches can’t challenge for replay review.

The CFL Board of Governors also expanded the list of plays that are reviewable, which now includes offensive pass interference. Defensive pass interference was already reviewable in the CFL.

The NFL has been reluctant to add pass interference of any kind to the list of their reviewable plays since it’s widely seen as a judgment call.

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