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Kiper: Cardale Jones needs a lot of time

Posted by Chris Brown on April 21, 2016 – 3:21 pm

He’s 11-0 as a starter, but he lost his starting job in 2015. That is the enigma that is the physically gifted Cardale Jones. The Ohio State quarterback is one of the biggest mysteries in the 2016 NFL draft, and ESPN NFL draft analyst Mel Kiper thinks the team that drafts has only one course of action in making the most of his talent.

“I think he needs a lot of time,” said Kiper. “I think you need to invest three full years in him. I asked Mark Brunell about this and he said in three years he was ready and by year four he was really ready. Think about Aaron Rodgers and those four years. I think Cardale Jones needs three full years to sit, watch, and learn.

“He’s 6’5 250 pounds. He’s got huge hands. He’s got the strong arm. He’s athletic. He can run. Think about last year with three games late in the year he would’ve been a second round pick I believe. Now going back, did it hurt him? Yes, in a round perspective, but in the long run it might help him. Yes he lost the job and now he might be a fourth or fifth round pick. He’ll be off the radar with a chance to develop and in three or four years , with the right quarterback coach, the right offense, and the right situation, maybe he can prosper down the road.”

How much of a project does Kiper think Jones is? In his opinion he doesn’t even think he can be a backup as a rookie.

“If you’re asking him to be a back up quarterback, fill a back up role and show a lot of promise, it ain’t going to happen,” he said. “You’ve got to understand what you’re dealing with here being a raw and undeveloped quarterback with limited starts and go from there. We’ll know a lot on draft day with what team he goes to and where he goes as to what opportunity he’ll have.”

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