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Bills rank high in recent draft value history

Posted by Chris Brown on April 26, 2016 – 1:19 pm

Whether it’s draft pick value over the past three years or the past five years, the Bills are one of the few teams in the NFL who sit above the trend line. Though it hasn’t translated into playoff football yet, that is a good thing. Sooner or later their successful draft practices will allow the Bills to reap rewards.

According to Rotoworld’s examination of the past five years of drafting by NFL clubs and the past three years of drafting, the Bills are one of a handful of teams that exceeds the average in terms of the average value per pick made.

Here was Rotoworld’s assessment of Buffalo’s recent draft history.

The teams that appear above both trend lines are Carolina, Minnesota, Buffalo, Dallas, Tampa Bay, Arizona, San Diego and the Rams. Even squeezing the time frame down to the past three years, Carolina still maintains the top spot in terms of AV per pick while making the fewest amount of total draft picks.

It’s hard to say that a team that hasn’t made the postseason since 1999 has been doing anything positive, but the Bills have done well in selecting viable NFL players.  Even with the selection of E.J. Manuel, Sammy Watkins,Stephon Gilmore and Marcell Dareus were the other first round picks made by Buffalo over the past five years and are arguably in the top tier of their respective positions. While Cordy Glenn, Preston Brown, Aaron Williams and Nigel Bradham aren’t yearly Pro Bowlers, they have played noteworthy ancillary roles for the team.

The club that trended the highest over the past five years was Seattle thanks to the drafting that landed them Russell Wilson, Bruce Irvin, Russell Okung and Bobby Wagner among others. However, over the last three years Green Bay prevails as the team with the best average value per draft pick made.

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