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Washington: Cardale will be better pro QB

Posted by Chris Brown on May 6, 2016 – 4:17 pm

Teammates for the last four years at Ohio State, Adolphus Washington and Cardale Jones are pretty tight. Washington is all too familiar with Jones trials through his college career, including getting benched last season after winning the starting job for the Buckeyes. Washington’s eyes tell him that Jones might be one of those QBs who is better as a pro than he was as a collegiate QB.

“At Ohio State I always thought Cardale would be a better quarterback in the NFL and I hope that stays true,” said Washington. “He’s a smart guy and a great quarterback and he’s turning into that leader. I was hearing in the locker room some of the guys talking about how he was controlling the huddle and controlling the offense and I was proud to hear that because that’s something he needed to work on.”

When asked why he believes Jones skill set will flourish more in the NFL, Washington believes having more freedom to operate within an offense will allow his physical talents to be maximized.

“Just his arm and being able to make his own reads and not having a set person to throw the ball to or whatever the case might,” said Washington. “I just think he’ll be a lot better in the league.”

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