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Bills experience by position

Posted by Chris Brown on May 12, 2016 – 9:35 am

As we broke down the roster a number of different ways today on following the draft and undrafted rookie signings, to examine how it was reconstructed, we also took the time to look at player experience at each position. We uncovered some interesting facts in terms of which positions carry the most veteran savvy.

Going off of the year each player is entering in 2016 in terms of seasons in the league we’ve compiled a position-by-position look at NFL experience.

Safety led the way with just over five and a half years of average experience. It’s one of the only positions on the roster that does not have a rookie among the ranks. Here’s the full list.

Bills average NFL experience by position
Safety – 5.57 years
Fullback – 4.5 years
Specialists – 3.83 years
Linebacker – 3.75 years
Tight end – 3.6 years
Offensive line – 3.53 years
Quarterback – 3.33 years
Defensive line – 3.2 years
Wide receiver – 3.15 years
Cornerback – 2.8 years
Running back – 2.8 years

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