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Washington’s much shorter nickname

Posted by Chris Brown on May 17, 2016 – 2:58 pm

With a name like Adolphus Washington it’s not surprising that he had a much shorter nickname growing up. He’s go the longest name in terms of letters (18) on the Bills roster. The problem is it’s hard to know just exactly where Washington’s nickname of D.D. came from until he explained it to us.

In an interview with, Washington explained how the nickname of D.D. came to be.

“My dad was known as ‘Big D,’ and I was his son so I was called little D,” Washington said. “But once I got to a certain age and I was pretty much bigger than all of his friends and they couldn’t call me that anymore, so they just went with D.D.”

Washington isn’t exactly sure why they went with D.D.

“I guess is just a shorter version of it (Little D),” he said.

Washington signed his rookie contract with the Bills on Tuesday.

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