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Bills WRs coach breaks down OTA wideouts

Posted by Chris Brown on May 27, 2016 – 1:38 pm

There are some receivers who are completely familiar to Bills fans like Robert Woods and Sammy Watkins. Some of the new wideouts and those further down the depth chart aren’t quite as well known in terms of their skill set. Bills receivers coach Sanjay Lal provided some guidance in an appearance on the John Murphy Show.

Lal gave a brief thumbnail sketch on some of the lesser known Bills receivers.

On Greg Salas
“He is a smart, savvy, excellent route runner,” said Lal. “I don’t think we win the Jets game (in Week 17) without what he did on third down for us. So we’re really counting on him to come through and take another step and really be the guy that when all else fails Greg is going to be able to get open.”

On Jarrett Boykin
“He had 49 catches in Green Bay. I watched the film and he did some really nice stuff. Then he kind of got caught up in the numbers game there. I think we’re lucky to have him. He’s a big, physical target. He has 10 and a half inch hands so he catches really well and a good route runner. He’s picking everything up really well.”

On Leonard Hankerson
“He was Atlanta’s third receiver for the first part of last year. Leonard is really smooth. He’s one of our best route runners. He’s so smooth you enjoy watching him run routes. He has sneaky speed and is a 4.4 guy so I’m intrigued by him too.”

On Greg Little
“Greg is a former second-round pick by Cleveland. He’s a big, physical, tough specimen. He’s done a nice job separating from man to man in this camp.”

On Dezmin Lewis
“His learning curve was steep because he came from a small school and a spread offense. He’s done a great job of transforming his running style. He’s running lower to the ground now, which is hard for him because he’s 6-4. He’s staying in drive phase longer and of all the guys I know how much work he put in on his own this offseason and it’s really showing.”

On Walt Powell
“Walt’s biggest trait that you don’t see right now is his run after catch ability. His catch-run transition is one of the best on the team. If we can get the ball in his hands he can show his punt return skills on the field on offense.”

On Kolby Listenbee
“Today we did a change of direction drill that defeats 22-man and you can see how explosive he is. Even though we can’t let him run full speed yet, his half speed looks explosive, much like Marquise Goodwin’s did.”


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