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Why the money won’t change Tyrod

Posted by Chris Brown on August 13, 2016 – 4:37 pm

For those who wonder how big money might change Buffalo’s starting QB, there’s nothing to wonder about. As Taylor stated himself money isn’t why he plays football.

“My mindset has always been on football. Ever since I was little, I played the game because that’s what I love to do,” Taylor said. “God blessed me with a tremendous talent to play this game and I’m fortunate to be able to play this game for a living. So that’s what my mind has always been focusing on, just going out and having fun. And that the deal got done, which it eventually did, and like I said, from day one I’ll be happy, and I’m happy today. But there’s still football to be played and that’s where my mindset focus is.”

Taylor’s inherent passion to play the game keeps him motivated to strive to be better, and the Bills QB also pointed out another fact that keeps NFL players motivated in general.

“Every year you have something to prove,” he said. “This is a competition driven league, of course. It’s not like the NBA where everything is guaranteed, you can get cut at any given time.  Anytime you step on that field you have something to prove and that’s been my mindset. Every time I step on that practice, there something for me to prove. I’m going to continue to keep showing that every time I lace my cleats up.”

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