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Another sign of Taylor’s leadership

Posted by Chris Brown on August 19, 2016 – 8:53 am

Tyrod Taylor and a few other vets decided to hold player only meetings at training camp where they go over a couple of plays that weren’t run particularly well in practice that day. More on how they work things here. Taylor’s initiative is just another example of his natural leadership skills, and the players recognize and respect it.

“It’s just good to see it from the starting quarterback,” said veteran TE Jim Dray. “I’ve been around a lot of quarterbacks and you can trust your starting quarterback who knows the ins and outs of every play. He communicates what he wants everybody to do it just makes for a much smoother operation of the playbook.”

Dray says Taylor’s leadership also demonstrates to the younger players the dedication needed to be a true professional.

“Tyrod is a pro through and through so you’ve got to take ownership of your job and ownership of the offense as players,” Dray told “So they see that rather than just some sort of a dictatorship of a coach telling you what to do you can see how a professional does it, which is what Tyrod instills in a lot of the young guys.”

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