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Ravens DC Pees sees Randy Moss in Watkins

Posted by Chris Brown on September 8, 2016 – 4:15 pm

Sammy Watkins is only entering his third NFL season, but the numbers he put up in the second half of last season have made opposing coordinators sit up and take notice. 

Baltimore defensive coordinator Dean Pees was asked if Watkins game reminds him of any other receiver who played in the league. Pees referenced one of the best deep ball receivers in the last 25 years. 

“He’s a little bit of Randy Moss in that he’s long and he’s fast,” said Pees. “Randy was always faster than what he looked like. He looked like he was loping, but he was running. 

“What he has is an innate ability to go get the ball. You just watch film, and there are just so many times he’s covered, and Tyrod puts it up, and [No.] 14 comes up with it. That was Randy Moss. He just had a way of never showing his hands running down the field. All of a sudden a DB is trying to play the hands, he doesn’t show them, then all of a sudden he shows them and they’re on the ball. To me, he is a little bit like him in that he is a deep threat every time he lines up, every time he lines up. Randy was that way for his whole career.”

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