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3rd down breakdown

Posted by Chris Brown on September 12, 2016 – 10:45 am

It wasn’t pretty on third down for the Bills on offense Sunday in Baltimore. Buffalo had just three conversions on 13 attempts with their last conversion coming at the 5:57 mark of the second quarter. Here’s a breakdown of their third down opportunities.

Eight of their 13 third down opportunities were 3rd-and-6 or more. Buffalo failed to convert on a pair of 3rd-and-1s and a 3rd-and-2, all of which were run plays including a 3rd-and-goal at the one-yard line. Six third down plays went for no gain or negative yardage including a pair of sacks of Taylor. The three conversions were made on passes by Taylor to Watkins, Woods and Clay.

Taylor said a lot of new looks were thrown at them by the Ravens on third down.

“Scheme-wise they did a couple of things that we’ve seen and a couple of things we haven’t seen,” Taylor said. “They did a good job of pressuring. We spent a majority of the game in 3rd-to-5 or more. That’s when most teams get exotic and are able to bring some heat and mix some different pressures up.”

Here’s a look at how all of Buffalo’s 13 third downs turned out.

3rd-and-14 at BUF 28 – complete to Gillislee for minus-4 yards
3rd-and-6 at BAL 43 – incomplete (Clay)
3rd-and-4 at BUF 31 – Watkins 5 yards – 1st down
3rd-and-6 at BUF 40 – sack for minus-4 yards
3rd-and-4 at BUF 47 – Woods 6 yards – 1st down
3rd-and-13 at BAL 37 – Clay 33 yards – 1st down
3rd-and-1 at BAL 1 – Taylor sneak for no gain
3rd-and-1 at BAL 37 – McCoy for no gain
3rd-and-16 at BAL 32 – Woods for 1 yard
3rd-and-2 at BUF 47 – Taylor run for minus-2 yards
3rd-and-8 at BUF 44 – Clay for 7 yards
3rd-and-7 at BUF 38 – Taylor scramble 3 yards
3rd-and-6 at BUF 26 – sack for minus-12 yards


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