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Patriots tip hat to Bills ‘D’

Posted by Chris Brown on October 2, 2016 – 9:49 pm

The Patriots players on offense had to give the Bills credit. As hard as it was for them to admit they were outplayed by Buffalo’s defense, which pitched a shutout Sunday.

“We just got out-played,” said Julian Edelman. “We couldn’t execute. Anytime we have penalties, it just puts you behind down in the count. So it’s tough to overcome those types of things, negative plays, it’s hard to establish a rhythm. We turned the ball over, we didn’t do well on third down, we didn’t, I don’t even think we got in the red area, so I don’t know that stat. That’s what the game comes down to, is staying ahead in the count, especially against a defense like that, they played well. You got to tip your hat to the Buffalo Bills, they just out-played us and now we have to move on and start thinking about Cleveland.”

Edelman was right. New England’s offense never did reach the red zone. The closest they got was the Bills’ 18-yard line, but Jacoby Brissett fumbled on the play.

“I felt like we were locked in and ready to play and we just didn’t execute,” said DE Chris Long. “So it’s not enough to just have a good week of practice, you have to go out and execute [during the game]. For whatever reason, we didn’t execute and that’s just not good enough. The Bills did a good job of playing good football and we played bad football.”


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