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Kaepernick not worried about Bills fans

Posted by Chris Brown on October 16, 2016 – 9:50 am

Colin Kaepernick has successfully used his platform as an NFL player to stimulate conversation about what he terms racial injustice and oppression of people of color in the United States, “particularly black people,” as he put it in a conference call with Western New York media. Now as a starter he’ll be much more visible on the field and there have been rumblings that some Bills fans will be singing the national anthem as a means of distracting and disrupting the 49ers offense. Kaepernick indicated that’s the least of his concerns on Sunday.

“That’s not really what my concern is,” he said. “When I step on the field, I step on the field to try to help my team win games. And that’s all I’ll be worried about on Sunday.”

When asked if he’s encouraged that his status now as a starting quarterback will raise the awareness of his cause even further, Kaepernick stated that it was never his end game for that to occur, but he won’t be disappointed if it does.

“Regardless of my play this movement is going to be legitimate,” he said. “People’s lives are always going to be legitimate. They’re always going to be worthwhile and they’re always going to be worth fighting for. Now if me winning some games and playing well amplifies how much people want to listen to what I’m saying and what I’m fighting for, great. But regardless of what happens on the field, there is nothing that can de-legitimize what this movement is about.”


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