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Bills offense knows they’ve got to sustain drives

Posted by Chris Brown on October 30, 2016 – 10:25 am

The Bills have played the Patriots with Tom Brady enough times to know that the best defense is to not let Brady on the field much at all if possible. That task falls on the offense to sustain drives and convert third downs.

“That’s always our focus,” said Richie Incognito. “Stay on the field on third downs, pick up first downs because when you’re picking up first downs, we’re usually scoring points. Three-and-out, we’re usually off the field real quick. When we pick up that first first down, that’s when really find rhythm and really get rolling so that’s our focus this week. Pick up first downs, stay on the field, and get that run game going again.”

As we pointed out in our Scouting Report this week, the Patriots defense does give up long, sustained drives. Their opponents average almost nine plays per possession (8.9) to rank 27th in the NFL.

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