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If needed, where Douzable will take up for Kyle

Posted by Chris Brown on December 11, 2016 – 10:33 am

DT Kyle Williams is a question mark for today’s game with a back problem that surfaced Friday morning and kept him from practicing. Williams is the on the field orchestrator of the defensive line’s stunt and end games on the pass rush up front. He studies tape all week and knows the opponent inside and out in terms of formations so he can make split second calls pre-snap to keep the opposing pass protection guessing. If he’s out of the lineup there’s another veteran defensive lineman who will take on those responsibilities.

Leger Douzable will be the one making the calls on the stunt-end games on the pass rush.

“Yeah I sit in there all week with Kyle and we go over all their formations, protections, down and distance, tells. We go through it all,” said Douzable. “Then we come up with the calls we think will work best. So I can handle it.”

It’s uncommon for a defensive staff to give free license to defensive linemen to call their own pass rush games, but Kyle Williams and his understudy Douzable are given that freedom.

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