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Taylor, Watkins take extra time on the field

Posted by Chris Brown on December 11, 2016 – 9:27 am

The connection between Tyrod Taylor and Sammy Watkins last season was unmistakable in the second half of the year. Watkins averaged 100 yards receiving per game over the last nine games of 2015 and had six of his nine touchdowns over the final six games that year. This year Watkins foot kept him off the field far too much and the on field chemistry between Taylor and Watkins has suffered. So the duo has spent extra time on the practice field to re-establish the connection.

Last week there were a few instances where they didn’t read Oakland’s coverages the same way and a couple of chances for big plays were squandered. This week Watkins worked with Taylor on the non-verbal communication.

“Tyrod is doing a great job with doing great stuff after practice with those signals,” said Watkins. “That’s one thing that hurt us. That play we could have definitely scored off of. We had the right call, and we can’t have that. We can’t have hiccups like that. So he’s been clearing it up after practice, we have been going through the signals and stuff.”

When asked how far off they are from having the same connection as they had last year, Watkins feels there’s a good deal of ground to cover.

“We were totally different last year because I had more time with him and I was healthy and I was with him,” he said. “Right now, it’s about getting back on that right page. We have to do it quick, like I said, we are trying to make a playoff run. But we aren’t too far off, really it’s up to me. I have to get open, and if I get open, he will throw the ball. That’s my job and his job is if I’m open to throw the ball. Both sides we both have to do our jobs.”

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