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Herm Edwards: Players vs. philosophy

Posted by Chris Brown on January 31, 2017 – 12:05 pm

ESPN NFL analyst Herm Edwards talked with this past week at the Pro Bowl and was asked to weigh a coach’s philosophy and approach against the talent and capabilities of the players on the roster. Edwards, a former head coach of the Jets and Chiefs explained why those two things must fit together.

“Philosophy is one thing – players are another,” said Edwards. “If your philosophy doesn’t fit the players, then you’ve got a problem. I think Sean (McDermott) is smart enough to realize that regardless of what his philosophy is, it’s got to be player-friendly.

“These philosophies and systems, that’s all coach talk. The reality is that you have the players that you have. You’re not going to get rid of all these players. There’s a reason they’re in the National Football League. They happen to be good players.

“I think the coaches that have success in our league are the coaches that might have a philosophy, but the system is player-friendly – and I can’t say that enough. It’s player-friendly.

“Players play, coaches coach. When you get that twisted – when the philosophy becomes bigger than the players – you’ve got a problem. I think most coaches understand that, so it’s a matter of, now, how they work that system and how these players will obviously flourish in it.”

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