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All 32 teams may not play Thurs. night in 2017

Posted by Chris Brown on February 2, 2017 – 9:32 am

In his annual Super Bowl press conference, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was asked about the future of Thursday Night football. While ratings are strong and statistics show there are actually fewer injuries in Thursday night games than Sunday games. Where a change could happen is not having all 32 clubs on the Thursday night schedule in a given season.


“Thursday Night Football is something that we are very committed to,” Goodell said. “We put all 32 teams on there.  That’s something we did. We are thinking about whether we re-evaluate that and maybe don’t have quite the number of teams and maybe even change the staggering of our Thursday night games so you have consecutive games on CBS, consecutive games on the NFL Network and then consecutive games on NBC. We’ve heard from our fans a great deal, ‘Where is the game? We want to know where the game is.’ So we are going to look at all of that, and continue to work on something that we think has gotten off to an incredible start and we are very optimistic about the future on that.”

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