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Report: Renegotiation a possibility with Tyrod

Posted by Chris Brown on March 3, 2017 – 10:26 am

With the deadline to make a decision on what to do with Tyrod Taylor’s contract option just over a week away, the Bills have a couple of directions they can take. Obviously picking up the option is one choice. Allowing him to become a free agent is another. Trading him in some kind of sign and trade arrangement is another possibility as is a contract renegotiation. In an interview with, ESPN NFL Insider Adam Caplan believes renegotiation is a realistic option.

“When they did that contract (last August) I think both parties would tell you they knew that this was a possibility because the number was so big,” Caplan told “The thought around the league was the Bills would not roll over that option. They would look to renegotiate if Tyrod Taylor played well enough. And he did play well. I think the Bills also have to look at it and if it’s not going to be Tyrod, who is it going to be?

“Quite frankly in free agency other than Mike Glennon who is a true unrestricted free agent, you’re looking at trades. There’s not much out there. To me then you’re looking at the draft if you don’t bring back Tyrod. Not that many options out there if you do not bring back Tyrod.”

As for the likelihood of other NFL quarterback needy teams calling the Bills to see if they could pry Taylor away from them via trade, Caplan believes there will likely be calls, but again the existing option on the contract is a number most NFL clubs don’t want to inherit.

“I would expect them to at least get some calls just to see what the Bills are going to do with him. You mention that option. It’s a little bit cost prohibitive to do that. You’re talking about 30.75 million fully guaranteed to roll over the option. But the thing is in advance and I know they were doing it here. Doug Whaley is going to talk to, I think he actually talked to them at least once, Adisa Bakari, Tyrod Taylor’s agent, they’ll get that ball rolling. Here’s the deal next week, the time is compressed here. It won’t come down to March 11th. I’m sure it’ll come down a couple of days before that where the Bills will make their final decision. That’s why the combine is so important. You can get face to face time. That is very important it’s a lot better than doing it over the phone.”

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