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What to watch for: Madden 17 Club Series

Posted by on April 14, 2017 – 3:59 pm

With the first annual Madden 17 Club Series Championship kicking off tomorrow, here’s a one-stop shop guide for everything you need to know.

Get to know the players

Similar to the NFL athletes who prepare tirelessly to compete on Sundays, these Madden experts are ready to put their skills to the ultimate test. These players aren’t just your average video game lovers. Their Madden 17 aficionados, who’ve logged some serious man hours and turned their passion into much more than a hobby.

When the quarterfinals kick off, we’ll see four head-to-head matchups. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Jacksonville Jaguars ‘Trueboy’ vs. Seattle Seahawks ‘Killer Mike’
  • Pittsburgh Steelers ‘Misery’ vs. Buffalo Bills ‘Bread’
  • Minnesota Vikings ‘I Be Strafing’ vs. Kansas City Chiefs ‘LT’
  • San Francisco 49ers ‘Monsta’ vs. New England Patriots ‘ShutItDown’

The winners from each game will advance to the semifinals and get one step closer to the highly coveted championship round.

What to watch for

Bag of Tricks:

Representing their favorite teams on the big stage, the players are sure to pull out some unexpected trickery to get a leg up on the competition. Our very own ‘Bread’ is known to have a thing or two up his sleeve, so don’t be surprised if he’s got something in store.

Big Plays:

There’s nothing more exciting in the NFL than a game-changing play. The same is true in Madden 17. Whether you’re looking for crazy catches or momentum-swinging turnovers, this group of players will make it happen.

What’s on the line?

For each of the tournament’s players, the stakes are high. Not only will the champion earn some serious bragging rights, they’ll take home $20,000 and 500 series points. However, the rest of the all-stars won’t be going home empty handed.

2nd Place – $10,000 and 350 series points

3rd – 4th Place – $5,000 each and 250 series points

5th– 8th Place – $2,500 each and 175 series points

Tune in on Saturday, April 15 at 2 p.m. PST to watch it all unfold.

  • Quarterfinals / Semifinals:
    • Twitch: EAMADDENNFL
    • YouTube: EASPORTS
    • Facebook Live: EASPORTSMADDENNFL
  • Finals:
    • NFL Network (6pm PST): Cable and validated digital products
    • Twitch: EAMADDENNFL
    • YouTube: EASPORTS
    • Facebook Live: EASPORTSMADDENNFL


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