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Holmes: The changes don’t change our approach

Posted by Chris Brown on August 23, 2017 – 7:50 am

While there’s no debating that the changes to Buffalo’s receiving corps might provide a challenge in terms of getting everyone in lock step before the start of the regular season with just two and a half weeks to go, Andre Holmes made it clear that he and his fellow receivers aren’t going to change their approach.

As Holmes sees it he and the other receivers on the Bills roster have been breaking their backs every day to make it all fit together in the passing game. And just because there have been a couple of personnel changes at the position doesn’t change that.

“We spent almost a whole offseason with the same amount of guys minus Sammy [Watkins], but we brought in Jordan [Matthews],” said Holmes. “Everybody knows what’s at stake, and what opportunities are there. We’re all hard workers, we all come in every day wanting to get the best out of the day, and make yourself better. It’s not going to change the receiver room at all, as far as how hard we’re going to work, and our dedication to getting better.”

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