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Beane prefers single cut down from 90

Posted by Chris Brown on September 1, 2017 – 6:05 pm

This year the NFL eliminated the first cut down to 75, which took place almost a week ahead of the cut down to 53 players for regular season rosters. GM Brandon Beane, who was part of more than his fair share of cut down decisions in Carolina, prefers the single cut down for a couple of reasons.

In an appearance on the John Murphy Show this week, Beane explained why.

“It gives us the roster battles,” he said. “With injuries, you want to protect your starters. I’ve experienced before where we’ve had to play starters more than we wanted to in (preseason) game four because of we didn’t have the back-ups there and we had to get down to 75, and you couldn’t get rid of guys because they had injuries.

“We did release some guys where we had some depth, so that let us weed out some guys, so we can focus on others. At the end of the day, I like the flexibility of being able to keep up to 90. If we had to get down to 75 would have made it harder. Some of the guys that wouldn’t have played (against the Lions), or played minimally, might’ve had to play.”

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