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McCoy seeing different RBs around him

Posted by Chris Brown on September 14, 2017 – 9:21 am

Bills RB LeSean McCoy rolled up 159 all-purpose yards last week in the win over the Jets including 110 rushing yards. What McCoy is finding however, is a lot of the running back names he competes with for the NFL rushing title are changing.

“When I was trying to compete with other running backs, it was like [Adrian Peterson], Marshawn [Lynch], it was [Arian] Foster,” he said. “It’s changed. It’s like a lot of the newer guys get a lot of the hype, you know like the last two years it was the kid from the Rams [Todd Gurley], Zeke [Elliott], he’s like the new presence, you know he’s getting it done. Who else? The kid from Miami [Jay Ajayi], he’s kind of getting there, so it’s funny like you watch the stats of the running backs and I’m up there with all the young rookies and young guys, so it’s just different.

“I like it, it’s interesting, see how the era has kind of changed. You know each week it’s like, what did [Adrian Peterson] get, you know now it’s like is Zeke playing, is he getting six games, is he not? You know, look at the numbers, so it’s pretty cool.”

Here’s a look at the leading rushers from Week 1 and three of the five-highest rushing totals belong to rookies.

Kareem Hunt – KC – 148 rushing yards
Dalvin Cook – MIN – 127 rushing yards
LeSean McCoy – BUF – 110 rushing yards
Ezekiel Elliott – DAL – 104 rushing yards
Leonard Fournette – JAX – 100 rushing yards


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