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Buffalo ‘D’ watching for no huddle vs. Bucs

Posted by Chris Brown on October 22, 2017 – 11:06 am

In their preparatory film work it likely stuck out like a sore thumb in Buffalo’s defensive meeting room. Tampa Bay’s offense likes to turn to a no huddle tempo.

Through the first six weeks of the season, the Buccaneers have run the fourth-most plays from scrimmage with no huddle. Tampa has run 81 of their 312 total plays in a no huddle, which means more than a quarter of the time, they’re right back up on the line for the next play.

More importantly they’re productive when running the no huddle. Tampa averages close to seven yards per play (6.85) when operating out of the no huddle. Only five NFL teams (including league leader Minnesota – 9.31) average more yards per play in the no huddle than the Buccaneers.

Conversely, the Bills have run among the fewest plays in a no huddle. Buffalo has run just eight plays in no huddle this season. Only Indianapolis (7) has fewer.

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