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Why blitzes won’t be an issue for Taylor or Smith

Posted by Chris Brown on November 26, 2017 – 10:15 am

Both Tyrod Taylor and Alex Smith perform well when facing pressure in terms of passer rating. Smith ranks third in the league behind Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, with an under-pressure passer rating of 80.3. Taylor ranks a respectable 11th with a 74.4 rating. Neither will need to worry much about facing a lot of pressure situations from their opposing defenses today.

Smith and Taylor are two of the least blitzed quarterbacks in the league, due primarily to their mobility. Most opponents don’t want to flush Smith or Taylor from the pocket knowing they can gain yards quite easily with their legs. Taylor has been blitzed a bit more than 20 percent of the time, while Smith has been blitzed just over 16 percent of the time on drop backs.

As far as how those numbers relate to today’s game, defensively, both Buffalo and Kansas City don’t blitz much at all. The Bills blitz just a shade over 21 percent of the time, which ranks 21st in the league. The Chiefs blitz just 15 percent of the time, which ranks last in the NFL in terms of frequency.

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