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Why 3rd quarter numbers have to turn for Bills

Posted by Chris Brown on December 3, 2017 – 9:42 am

The Bills have had a tough time when it comes to starting fast this season. They have just a pair of field goals to show on their first offensive possessions this season. They’ve had an equally difficult problem coming out of the locker room on their first possession of the second half where they have 13 total points in 11 games. And that leads us to the third quarter, which has turned in an unexpected way for Buffalo the last four games.

A month ago the Bills were outscoring their opponents in the third quarter 37-16 with seven takeaways and no giveaways. Over the last four games Buffalo has been outscored 51-6 in the third quarter, giving up seven touchdowns and surrendering yardage by a 2:1 margin (500 yards allowed, 251 yards gained). They’ve also committed three turnovers during that span and have managed no takeaways.

The Patriots lead the league in scoring on the first possession of the second half with 41 points. That represents 65 percent of their third-quarter scoring on the season (63 points).

In addition New England’s best defensive quarter this season has been the third quarter where they’ve allowed a total of just 27 points this season.

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