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Bills have more playoff experience than Jags

Posted by Chris Brown on January 6, 2018 – 5:49 pm

The Bills haven’t been to the postseason in 17 seasons, while the Jaguars haven’t made it in a decade. So there are a good number of players on each team without playoff experience where any player who has participated in the playoffs will tell you, the intensity of play goes up a notch. But in looking at both rosters, Buffalo has vastly more playoff game experience than Jacksonville.

For all the time Buffalo has been out of the postseason, the Jaguars have even less postseason experience than the Bills.

2017 Playoff Teams – Fewest Games of Postseason Experience

Rams                     21
Jaguars                 42
Vikings                  69
Eagles                   74
Bills                       77

Despite having almost twice the experience in the playoffs on their roster, some of those players on Buffalo’s roster, who have been in postseason games have been getting questions from teammates who haven’t.

“There have been a few questions,” admitted Pat DiMarco, who went all the way to the Super Bowl last season with the Falcons. “I think coach McDermott has done a really good job of telling the guys it’s a normal week and just stick to our process of preparation and guys are doing that. It’s a playoff game and it’s win or go home, so guys have been putting in extra time.

“This is a huge opportunity, not only for this team, but this city. It’s about going out there and playing ball and having fun and playing for the guy next to you.”

Micah Hyde, who has played in the postseason every season he’s been in the league agreed with DiMarco.

“You’ve just got to have fun,” he said. “You can’t be up tight especially as a defensive back. You can’t go into a game being up tight. My message to some of the younger guys has been that we’ve been playing football for a long time. Do what you do and the outcome will take care of itself.”

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