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Why Bills point differential means nothing now

Posted by Chris Brown on January 7, 2018 – 11:00 am

For the naysayers in the media who have criticized the Bills as an unfit playoff participant due to some below average statistics in certain offensive and defensive categories, here’s an example of why negative statistics don’t mean anything once you reach the postseason.

A good number of Bills critics have pointed to Buffalo’s negative point differential, as there aren’t too many teams in the history of the league who score fewer points than their opponents and reach the playoffs.

But the Bills have, and in addition, history is on their side.

The Bills have the fifth-worst regular-season point differential among postseason teams all-time, but the four teams who were worse than Buffalo went 4-0 in their postseason openers.

Worst Regular-Season Point Diff, Teams Reaching Postseason

Team                                     Point Diff            Playoff Opener (all WC Games)
2010 Seahawks                 -97                          Won vs Saints, 41-36
2011 Broncos                     -81                          Won vs Steelers, 29-23 (OT)
2004 Rams                          -73                          Won @ Seahawks, 27-20
1989 Steelers                    -61                          Won @ Hou Oilers, 26-23 (OT)
2017 Bills                            -57                          Sunday @ Jaguars

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