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Fan Friday 1-21

Posted by Chris Brown on January 21, 2011 – 12:28 pm

Be sure to check out our coverage from the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama beginning on Tuesday next week. For now we answer your questions from

1 – Chris,

There appears to be some very strong “Slash” type quarterbacks in the draft (Newton, Pryor, the VT QB).  Given Coach Gailey’s success with “Slash” at Pittsburgh and Cam Newton’s talents what do you think about that as a QB direction for the Bills.  I know they like Fitz (so do I) but as a trend, maybe a “Slash” QB can create mismatches that seem to propel teams.


CB: There are some multi-faceted prospects in the draft, although Terrelle Pryor is returning to Ohio State for his senior season. Newton is the best of that bunch. Personally I’m not sure if Tyrod Taylor (the VT QB) has the measurables to be a full-time QB.
He’s super athletic so he might be better fit as a Brad Smith or Josh Cribbs type that plays some wideout and returns kicks and dabbles at QB.

The guy I really want to look at closely is Nevada’s Colin Kaepernick. He’s the only QB in college history besides Tebow and Newton to rush for 20 TDs and pass for 20 TDs in the same season. He also orchestrated the huge upset win over Boise St. this year to ruin the Broncos perfect season. I think he’d be a realistic option for the Bills in the third round if he’s still on the board.

2 – Hey Chris,
Joe in Charlotte but long time Bills fan, Your opinion of Andy Dalton, possible 2nd or 3rd rd for the Bills?, I think he would really benefit from a year or 2 learning from Fitz.  Has measureables, great attitude, and is a winner.  Realize he comes from spread system but feel he is very adaptable.  Your thoughts.

CB: He’s another QB I’m interested in getting a better look at during the practices at the Senior Bowl next week. TCU had a great season and though their defense gets most of the press, Dalton put a nice season together running that attack. I think 3rd round is realistic, but as I stated above Kaepernick is intriguing as well.

3 – Hey Chris,

Just wondering if you think the Bills might sign Vince Young to maybe be a backup?  He’s a veteran and he could do some damage with Gailey. Also, Fitzpatrick could be trade-worthy and the Bills could draft a QB.

Tommy of Pittsford

CB: I don’t see that happening. Someone will take a chance on him, but seeing as how he undermined his head coach in Tennessee, I can’t see too many head coaches being in favor of bringing him on board even in a backup role.
4 – Hey Chris,
If Donte does not return, what are our options at Safety? Can we get a difference maker through Free Agency or Draft? Who are the big names out there? Secondly, what will become of all the WR’s we have, can we possibly keep all of them?
Take Care,

CB: First and foremost Bryan Scott is still under contract. Second, George Wilson, who is also a free agent could conceivably be had for far less money than what Donte Whitner is asking for at this point. Philadelphia S Quintin Mikell is set to become a free agent. He’s a bit older than Donte (30), but is a capable safety. Not necessarily a difference maker, but Buffalo needs difference makers in their front seven and they in turn will make the men on the back end better playmakers.
5 – Chris, 

In 2008 the Bills played the AFC West.  They Oakland at home and KC on the road. Please tell me why the Bills are playing Oakland home again and KC on the road again (4th straight year) in 2011?  Shouldn’t that be reversed?

Grosse Ile, MI

CB: Under the guidelines of the normal rotational schedule it would be, but the league put in a scheduling stipulation that when another division plays the AFC West they would not play both west coast teams in the AFC West (San Diego and Oakland) on the road in the same season.

So although the Bills were slated to play San Diego and Oakland on the road in 2011, this stipulation switched the location of their matchups with Oakland and Kansas City. Thus the Bills will play Kansas City on the road again and Oakland at home.

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Bills 2011 opponents

Posted by Chris Brown on January 2, 2011 – 7:26 pm

The Bills list of 2011 opponents is set. Here’s the list of home and away opponents.

Denver, Oakland, Philadelphia, Washington, Tennessee, Miami, New England, NY Jets

Kansas City, San Diego, Dallas, NY Giants, Cincinnati, Miami, New England, NY Jets

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