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Bills Week 5 game time change

Posted by Chris Brown on June 28, 2012 – 11:15 am

The NFL has moved all 4:15 pm start times for games this coming season to 4:25 pm. One of Buffalo’s west coast games is affected by this change.

The Bills Week 5 game at San Francisco (Oct. 7th) will have kickoff moved back 10 minutes as part of an initiative to reduce overlap from early games when the networks have doubleheaders.

In researching the overlap issue between early games that ran long and late games on doubleheader Sundays for CBS or FOX the league found between 2009 and 2011 44 games required that the audience to be switched to a mandatory doubleheader game kickoff. The league determined that by pushing back the kickoff of the late game by just 10 minutes that the number of affected games would be reduced to only 15 (a 66% cut).

Fans in Buffalo that week (Week 5) are likely to get the Miami at Cincinnati game for their 1 pm telecast on CBS before the Bills-49ers matchup, now to kick off at 4:25.

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Another quirk to Bills 2012 slate

Posted by Chris Brown on June 4, 2012 – 3:21 pm

As disappointing as it was to hear that the Bills have to play the Patriots on the road before hosting another important division game just five days later, there’s another issue with respect to extra preparation time for their upcoming opponents during the heart of their 2012 schedule.

I can’t take credit for uncovering this. A Bills fan, who only goes by the initials B.H. emailed me this eye-opening schedule quirk between Weeks 6 and 10 of this season’s schedule. After checking myself it’s legit.

After playing what is expected to be a physical contest with the 49ers in San Francisco in Week 5, the Bills then face the Cardinals in Arizona in Week 6. The Cards will have the benefit of three extra days of prep time for Buffalo as their Week 5 game is on Thursday night.

The very next week when the Bills play host to Tennessee, the Titans will also have three extra days of prep time for Buffalo because they’re playing on Thursday night the previous week (Week 6) as well.

The Bills look to get a break as they’ll have a bye week in Week 8 to get two weeks to prep for the Texans in Houston. But that extra prep time will be a wash because Houston also has their bye in Week 8.

Finally while the Bills are battling the Texans in Houston, the Patriots will be on their couches watching at home while their head coach grinds tape for two weeks to prepare for the Bills who travel to New England in Week 10 as the Pats have their bye in Week 9.

That’s followed by a second division game in five days against Miami on Thursday night in Buffalo. 

The only advantage Buffalo will have in terms of extra preparation all season will be the extra three days coming off that Thursday night game with Miami to play Indianapolis 10 days later… on the road.

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No bye prior to Thurs. nighter

Posted by Chris Brown on April 17, 2012 – 7:05 pm

In recent years the NFL has often scheduled a bye week for teams playing in Thursday night games. But with the Thursday night schedule expanded to 13 games this season to run from Weeks 2 through 15 apparently not everyone could be accommodated and the Bills are one of the teams on the short end of the stick.

After playing on the road at New England in Week 10 (Sun. Nov. 11th) they have to travel home and get ready for their primetime home game against the Miami Dolphins four days later.

It’s bad enough they have to play two games in five days, but to make one of them a road game, and to make both games in the five-day span division games didn’t do the Bills any favors at all.

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Weeks 4 thru 10 might say it all

Posted by Chris Brown on April 17, 2012 – 7:02 pm

The first three weeks of Buffalo’s 2012 schedule are fair, but after that the slate of regular season opponents gets considerably more challenging.

From Week 4 to Week 10 the Bills have four games against defending division champions (Patriots twice, San Francisco, Houston) with their other two games against second place clubs  from last year in Arizona and Tennessee.

The combined records of those five teams from 2011 was 52-28 with no team finishing last season with a record under .500.

They say playoff teams are made in November and December, but Buffalo will have be very good for that seven week stretch from late September through Halloween to stay in the hunt and contend.

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Bills 2012 schedule note

Posted by Chris Brown on April 17, 2012 – 10:06 am

While we await the dates and times of all 16 regular season games for the Bills, here’s a note to chew on concerning Buffalo’s opponents and those who will be patrolling the opposite sideline.

The Bills will face three of their previous four head coaches this season. In reverse order Buffalo faces Dick Jauron (Cleveland def. coord.), Mike Mularkey (Jax. head coach) and Wade Phillips (Hou. def. coord.).

It would’ve been all four previous coaches had Gregg Williams not been suspended indefinitely by the NFL. He’s the defensive coordinator for St. Louis. Buffalo hosts the Rams this year.

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Which game will be prime time?

Posted by Chris Brown on April 16, 2012 – 5:40 pm

With every NFL club getting at least one prime time game in 2012, there are couple of ones that seem logical for the Bills based on their opponents for this season. Here would appear to be the most likely candidates.

1. New England – Buffalo has faced New England in prime time over the last eight years more than any other NFL team. On the whole they’ve kept the games relatively close in primetime with the most recent meeting between the teams coming in the Monday night opener in 2009 that was decided by a single point (25-24).

2.  Houston – With Mario Williams being the biggest free agent signing this side of Peyton Manning, it wouldn’t be shocking if his return to Houston for the first time with Buffalo was deemed prime time worthy.

3. NY Jets – Often times the league likes to pair a smaller market club with a large market one to help boost TV ratings. That makes New York, which also happens to be a division rival a logical choice. There’s also a marquee matchup to highlight in Stevie Johnson-Darrelle Revis.

The Bills 2012 NFL schedule will be released on at 7 pm on Tuesday.

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