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Fan Friday 12-30

Posted by Chris Brown on December 30, 2011 – 1:14 pm

Happy New Year Bills fans! As always I’ll be on the live blog here on during the Bills-Pats season finale, so join me during the game for observations, questions and comments. We’re up right before kickoff. Now to your questions from

1 – Chris,

I would like your thoughts on some of these concerns I find to be “holding” Buffalo back if you will. 

Second, with Dareus providing a nice push in the middle of the line, could that help sway our current 3-4 back to the 4-3? Our run “D” is still stale, and with the likes of Williams and Dareus in the middle, teams would very much struggle to establish an effective running attack on us.

Thanks again for all you do for the BILLS!!!!!! 
Dan, FL 

CB: I wouldn’t be surprised if it were up for debate this offseason by the coaching staff. The thought of Williams and Dareus alongside one another in a 4-3 front is intriguing. Of course without a proven pass rushing right defensive end on the roster it’s a hole that would absolutely need to be filled to pull it off.

I also think figuring out the linebacker situation would be next. Nick Barnett is more of a 3-4 inside linebacker, but in a 4-3 he’d presumably have to be outside (probably weak side) at 230 pounds. Problem there is if Merriman makes a successful return and from what I know the odds of that are better than most believe, then you take a strong run defender out of the equation there no matter who you sit down. Sheppard would likely be the MLB in that front and the strong side would again be a position to be filled, though Moats would at least have the size to play there at 252 pounds.

Buddy Nix said two years ago that you don’t want to be flipping back and forth. You want to commit to something eventually, and he indicated committing to the 3-4 was the plan. Plans can obviously change, but they’ve drafted the past two years with the 3-4 in mind. We’ll have to see if any of that changes moving forward.


2 – Hi Chris,

Thanks for taking our questions.

Since Spiller has been starting, I don’t understand why we give up on the run game so early. A good example would be the Miami game. Spiller had about 90 yards on only 12 carries. Early on in the game he had about 50 yards including 2 carries where he gained about 40 yards and scored  a TD. The Bills seem to give up on running the ball when the game was still in play, but after passing took over we had 3 INT’s and another Loss. I realize when you get way behind you need to go to the passing game but the Bills give up on the run way too early. What do you think?

Bob Hammond
Rochester, NY

CB: Chan has been asked about this more than once by the media and I think the answer is simple. Coach Gailey told me earlier in the year they’re a team that uses the pass to set up the run. Their most popular formation is the 4-by-1 set (4 WRs, 1 RB) though they’ve worked in more two tight end sets in the second half of the season.

That is what their identity is so when they fall behind by more than a touchdown on the scoreboard they have no qualms about airing it out.

I’m in favor of seeing more run game knowing how successful the O-line has been this year in opening holes for the backs this season. Combine that with the fact that Jackson was almost unstoppable this season and the emergence of C.J. down the stretch and you wonder if there might be some consideration for a change in offensive philosophy in 2012 though I wouldn’t count on it. I get the sense that the Gailey and his offensive staff feel the run game is so successful because the passing game sets it up. In talking to Gailey he seems to feel if they just get the passing game a bit more consistent they’ll really be rolling, much like they were early in the year.


3 – Chris,

Hi, thanks for keeping us all updated on everything Bills.  My question isn’t Bills related but just a general football question.  Why do they keep the stat of Yards Per Attempt instead of Yards Per Completion? 

Jimmy in Hamburg

CB: They do keep that statistic, it’s just not commonly listed on most quarterback stat lines. Here is the list of the top 10 QBs for yards per completion through Week 16 (prior to this weekend’s games).

1 – Matt Schaub – 13.93
2 – Tim Tebow – 13.91
3 – Eli Manning – 13.69
4 – Carson Palmer – 13.66
5 – Aaron Rodgers – 13.54
6 – Kevin Kolb – 13.39
7 – Cam Newton – 13.2
8 – Michael Vick – 12.96
9 – Tom Brady – 12.96
10 – Ben Roethlisberger – 12.81

For the record Fitz ranks 30th at 10.88 per completion, but because this is commonly not a statistic relied upon to determine QB effectiveness you often do not see it listed. An example of how it’s not an accurate factor in determining QB play is the fact that Drew Brees ranks 24th in this category.


4 – Chris, 

With the season winding down, will the Gailey put some of the untested players in as trial to see what they can do. Most of the drafted rookies have played well, but Aiken hasn’t seen any targets at WR. The team picked up Sam Young but he has been inactive most games. In terms of pass rush, Eddins looks fantastic in the preseason and with the release of Coleman, could he be elevated and given a chance? Same goes with Kyle Moore. Most Bills fans would like to see Jasper but he might still be raw.  

Josh – Los Angeles 
CB: As you probably saw this week, Mike Jasper was elevated to the active roster. I think if he sees time on the field it will probably be in goal line or field goal barring an injury at the guard position. Kamar Aiken could possibly see time with Brad Smith not expected to play this week, but Derek Hagan has been getting more reps of late.

Robert Eddins is still on the practice squad and unless there’s an injury at tackle I don’t anticipate seeing Sam Young either. Kyle Moore did get a lot more playing time last week.


5 – Chris

The team has made some interesting moves onto the roster and practice squad in the last few weeks. They’ve added several TE, a 3-4 DE and waived Coleman.

What do you think is the driving factor for Whaley & Nix behind these moves?  Are these driven by injuries/current needs or do you see these guys as players they want for next year?  If so – when do the contracts expire for these recent additions (will they be F/A this offseason)?

The DE move and waiving Coleman seemed odd – given we seem to have plenty of DL and no pass rushing OLB.  Are there no 3-4 OLB prospects on other team’s practice squads (like Pitt or GB)? 

Tim from Syracuse
CB: I think at this stage of the game the Bills are probably taking a look see at some players they had interest in and want to see what they can do in live games. I believe that was the motivation behind Kyle Moore getting more time on the field this past week. Most of the others have been precipitated by injury.

Most of the contracts of the recent additions expire after this season. However, a few of them are exclusive rights free agents, which make it rather easy for the Bills to re-sign them if they so choose. Some of the younger players can also be re-signed as future free agents, which is done in January to retain those player rights and add them to their offseason roster.

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Merriman void a group effort

Posted by Chris Brown on October 26, 2011 – 3:25 pm

With Shawne Merriman on injured reserve, head coach Chan Gailey confirmed that filling the void left by the veteran linebacker will be a group effort.

“We’ll play a rotation of several guys in there,” said Gailey. “We get (Chris) Kelsay back, which is great. We’ve got Spencer (Johnson), Danny Batten, Arthur Moats and Antonio Coleman is back. It gives us some flexibility about who can go in there. We’ve just got to keep guys fresh and let them keep going at the quarterback.”

Batten started for Merriman in the Week 6 game at New York. Spencer Johnson started in place of Kelsay in that game, but Kelsay is back in the lineup this week. Coleman is not expected to be part of the rotation this Sunday as he get re-acquainted with the defensive scheme and some of the changes that have been made since he was released.

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Coleman will help

Posted by Chris Brown on October 26, 2011 – 9:00 am

The signing of Antonio Coleman should help at outside linebacker.

Coleman got off to a slow start in training camp this summer, but really came on in the last two preseason games as the battle between him and Robert Eddins got really intense for a final roster spot.

There’s clearly still some potential to be reached there by Coleman, but if he can translate any of the success he had in college to the NFL game he could provide some pass rush help the second half of the season.

Coleman will be wearing the same number he had when he was here the first time (59).

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OLB replacement candidate

Posted by Chris Brown on October 25, 2011 – 3:02 pm

With Shawne Merriman on injured reserve there’s a viable candidate with knowledge of Buffalo’s defensive system currently available.

Former undrafted free agent signing Antonio Coleman is available to be signed to the Bills active roster. After being one of Buffalo’s final cuts this past summer, Coleman hooked on with the New York Giants where he’s currently a member of their practice squad.

Practice squad players however, are free to sign with any NFL club at any time so long as it is an active roster assignment. Knowing Coleman’s familiarity with Buffalo’s system, its players and coaching staff it wouldn’t be surprising if the Bills pursue him to fill the void left by Merriman.

Personally I thought Coleman had a strong preseason this past summer with eight tackles and a sack.

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Players who aren’t 100%

Posted by Chris Brown on August 13, 2011 – 6:41 pm

There are a few Bills players that will dress and play tonight against the Bears that are not 100 percent. They’ll be closely monitored by the Bills staff and their playing time could be shorter than some of the others.

DT Torell Troup
DL Kellen Heard
LB Antonio Coleman
OL Chris Hairston

So if you see one of them exit the game sooner than anticipated it’s likely due to a nagging minor injury. Troup of course will have a big club wrap on his broken right hand.

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Posted by Chris Brown on August 10, 2011 – 6:55 pm

Here is the rundown of non-participants at practice tonight.

Justin Rogers
Antonio Coleman
Scott Chandler
Torell Troup

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Bills take sides in title gm

Posted by Chris Brown on January 10, 2011 – 2:12 pm

Certain players in Buffalo’s locker room will be taking sides in tonight’s National Championship game between Auburn and Oregon.

Jairus Byrd is the only Oregon alum on Buffalo’s roster, so he’s outnumbered 3 to 1 by the likes of Antonio Coleman, Spencer Johnson and Reggie Torbor, who all played their college ball at Auburn.

Before all the players went their separate ways in the offseason, Torbor decided to leave Byrd with a parting gift. As he left the locker room, Torbor left a bright orange Auburn T-shirt behind in Byrd’s locker.

“He knows the deal,” said Torbor with a smile before walking out.

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More time for Maybin?

Posted by Chris Brown on December 6, 2010 – 5:32 pm

With Antonio Coleman out for the season with a knee injury according to head coach Chan Gailey, it means more playing time for others like Aaron Maybin.

Maybin only got a few series worth of snaps Sunday against the Vikings, but that number will almost have to increase moving forward and Gailey indicated as much on Monday.

“Some guys are going to get more opportunities now,” he said. “A guy like Aaron Maybin is going to get more playing time. Guys are going to get an opportunity that haven’t had an opportunity like that yet. They’re going to get that chance.”

Gailey also said that Arthur Moats, who has already played a good deal of late will have an expanded role.

“He’s played a lot already and he’s going to play a lot more,” said Buffalo’s head coach. “He has to. Everybody is going to go out and play and show what they can do.”

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LB Coleman out for year

Posted by Chris Brown on December 6, 2010 – 4:47 pm

Bills head coach Chan Gailey said that Antonio Coleman’s knee injury Sunday was not good. He elaborated on Monday.

“I don’t think Antonio is going to make it back this year,” said Gailey. “It was bad enough, but I was told that his (knee injury) would not require surgery. So that was a positive, but it was a knee and he won’t make it back this year.”

Coleman is now the seventh Bills linebacker whose season ended prematurely to injury.

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Def. game plan “simpler”

Posted by Chris Brown on December 5, 2010 – 10:31 am

With jack-of-all-trades LB  Reggie Torbor and DE Dwan Edwards now on I-R and the likes of rookies Antonio Coleman and Alex Carrington helping to fill those voids, Buffalo’s defensive scheme will not have as many wrinkles as it usually does this week. Head coach Chan Gailey explains why.

“You have to monitor how you set things up,” said Gailey. “They have to handle every call, but what you do is you set the game plan up to be a little simpler, a little easier to understand. You don’t do all the subtle things you were doing earlier in the year with all those veterans in there. So really you have to scale it back for the whole defense in case you have to play one of those guys.”

Coleman is expected to handle most of those OLB duties previously manned by Torbor. At ILB Akin Ayodele and Bryan Scott are expected to divvy up Torbor’s ILB duties. And at DE, Spencer Johnson is expected to start in Edwards spot with Alex Carrington rotating in a good deal.

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Torbor out “long time”

Posted by Chris Brown on December 1, 2010 – 12:39 pm

The Bills will already be without starting DE Dwan Edwards for the foreseeable future with a severe hamstring injury suffered last week. It looks as though another valuable veteran will also be out for a spell.

Head coach Chan Gailey indicated that LB Reggie Torbor is not expected to play this week or any time soon.

“It’ll be a long time,” Gailey said when referencing both Torbor and Edwards.

Torbor has played an important jack-of-all-trades role lining up at both inside and outside linebacker in the Bills base defense and subpackages.

“It’s a big loss for us,” said Gailey. “There are going to have to be some people that step up and play a lot of snaps for us.”

Bryan Scott and Akin Ayodele are expected to step in for Torbor in nickel and base for his ILB duties. Then Aaron Maybin and two rookies in Antonio Coleman and Arthur Moats could be spelling Torbor on the outside.

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Fan Friday 11-25

Posted by Chris Brown on November 26, 2010 – 2:50 pm

Happy Thanksgiving Bills fans. Lets’ get to the questions from
1 – Hey Chris I was wondering if you thought Andrew Luck was worth waiting until the 2012 draft to try and get if he doesn’t come out this year and the Bills can then focus on the defense in the 2011 draft, possibly taking Marcel Dareus or another 3-4 DE in the 1st  and possibly Jerrell Powell for a NT with the 2nd round pick if he is still there.  After that I think they should try finding Linebackers and depth for the O-line and hope they finish low enough to get Luck next year or trade up to get him. I don’t think there is another QB worth taking in the top 5 this year.  What do you think?


CB: I’m not all that enamored with some of the other QB prospects that could be in the draft pool either, at least top five pick enamored. I think Ryan Fitzpatrick has at least given the Bills the option to fortify their defense at the top of the draft, with the play he has provided thus far this season.

Now it should be noted that the schedule the rest of the way gets considerably tougher for the Bills and that could change how this picture looks right now. But there is no debating the way Fitz has helped to not only lift the play of the offense, but the team as a leader.

2 – Chris, 
Who are the upcoming free agents on the Bills roster? Which players qualify to become restricted free agents, exclusive free agents, or just regular? How do the undrafted rookies like Coleman, Nelson, and Howard fit in to free agents?

Dawn (New Paltz, NY)

CB: Here’s who I’ve got so far, though I haven’t double checked with the personnel people that have the official list upstairs.
ILB Akin Ayodele (9)
QB Brian Brohm (3)
S Jon Corto (3)
ILB Keith Ellison (5)
CB Drayton Florence (8)
RB Quinton Ganther (5)
DT John McCargo (5)
OLB Shawne Merriman (6)
ILB Paul Posluszny (4)
S Donte Whitner (5)
S George Wilson (5)
OG Mansfield Wrotto (4)
CB Ashton Youboty (5)

Now as far as who is an unrestricted or restricted free agent is up to what the terms of the new CBA will be. The current labor deal expires March 1st, so players entering free agency will not know what their free agent status is until a new agreement is reached. Consequently the Bills and the 31 other clubs will not know as well. Suffice to say that top priority free agents like Paul Posluszny will probably be re-signed prior to the expiration of the CBA.

As for undrafted rookies like Coleman, Nelson and Howard they’ve all been signed to three-year contracts, so they’re all signed through 2012.

3 – Hi Chris,
I’m a fan of Kyle Williams. Adjusting to a new position in the new 3-4 scheme certainly can’t be easy for him, but he seems to be doing a decent job, all things being considered. However, I wonder if they could get better output from him if they kicked him outside to the defensive end position? Personally, I prefer the idea of having a really big-man play nose tackle to clog that middle lane (similar to a Wilfork). With that in mind, do you think Troup could be ready to fill that position soon on a ful-time basis? I think if they could get Williams to play at a lighter weight to help improve his speed and mobility a bit (say drop 10 – 15 lbs. or so and play at around 290), he could be a very productive defensive end. What are your thoughts on that, and, do you think there’s any possibility of the Bills actually trying that down the road?

CB: Truth be told, Williams has been far better than decent inside. He’s been downright dominant. I too shared your opinion that being one of the more athletic defensive linemen, he might present more problems at end, than at the nose. I think down the line when Torell Troup gains more experience leaving him at the nose and kicking Williams outside could be a subpackage/passing down look for the Bills. I just don’t see it as an option this season. Acquiring more depth at nose would help to spur such a development.

4 – Hey Chris,
I live in Florida and I was wondering if the Bills players sign autographs on the road. Last year I went to Bills at Dolphins and got good seats behind the bills bench hoping that I would get a chance at T.O.’s autograph or like every fan, a ball. I didn’t stay after the game to see if they hung around after it was over, so I am curious whats the best way to get an autograph while at a miami or other away game?I’d like to get CJ on his rookie card., that would be sweet.
Jupiter, FL

CB: First of all hoping to get an autograph prior to a game is a tough thing. You have to be in the stadium early during pre-game warm-ups and even then you’d have to be almost in their direct line of sight. A lot of times players don’t like to be bothered prior to the game, so you really don’t stand a good chance of getting one to be honest.

Post-game is even harder.

What I would suggest is sending your Spiller rookie card to C.J. at One Bills Drive, with a self-addressed stamped envelope enclosed.
Players don’t open fan mail until they have time to sit down and read it. If you think about it, it’s the best time for an autograph request. As long as you do all the work with the return envelope you make it easy for them and that’s the key. So here’s the address to send it to C.J. or any other player.

Player name
One Bills Dr.
Orchard Park, NY 14127

5 – Hey Chris ,

With Kyle Williams getting all this national attention on how good  he’s playing (#2 defensive player in the NFL) without much help around him according to certain articles , and in the shadow of Chris Kelsay getting a new contract extension. Wouldn’t it be smart to get this guy a new contract ASAP !! I don’t know how long his contract is for?? But these are the type of players that the Bills need to reward with an extension to build the team and make it viable once again in the NFL & the fans eyes .
Just Brainstorming – GO BILLS

Mr. T from Ft. Myers via Nashville

CB: Well you’ll be happy to know that Kyle signed an extension after the 2008 season so he’s signed through 2012, and at pretty affordable money in light of what he’s done the past two seasons. So there’s no need to worry, Buffalo’s prime Defensive MVP is locked up for the foreseeable future.

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LB update

Posted by Chris Brown on October 11, 2010 – 4:56 pm

With OLB Chris Ellis moved off the roster Monday, the LB position has a bit of a different outlook and head coach Chan Gailey shed some light on the position’s future.

Part of the reason Ellis was deemed expendable was because they see promise in two of their rookie LBs.

“The other two guys that we like are Coleman and Moats,” said Gailey. “They’re coming on and that was one of the reasons that we made the decision with Chris that we made. We felt like those two young players were coming on now.”

Moats was shifted from inside to outside LB the week leading up to the Jets game, but sustained an elbow injury. He has a chance to be back for the Baltimore game.

When Gailey was asked for an update in Aaron Maybin’s progress, since he wasn’t mentioned along with Antonio Coleman and Arthur Moats, the Bills head coach didn’t pull punches.

“Aaron is struggling right now,” said Gailey. “He really is. He’s struggling to get on the field and when he gets his opportunities he’s struggling to make plays. We’ve got to continue to work with him to see how he develops.”

Maybin, who unofficially got two defensive snaps did not even appear on special teams Sunday.

“He’s struggling making plays period right now,” said Gailey. “That’s hard for him. It’s hard for us. It’s hard for everybody. He’s just got to step up his game when he gets opportunities and make things happen.”

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Coleman, Torbor out for Sunday

Posted by Chris Brown on September 10, 2010 – 2:12 pm

LBs Antonio Coleman and Reggie Torbor were both declared out for Sunday’s home opener.

With Kawika Mitchell on I-R and newly signed Akin Ayodele to be inactive (per Chan Gailey) Buffalo will be down three linebackers Sunday (not counting Mitchell at this point).

Defensive coordinator George Edwards commented on the loss of Mitchell.

“It’s a tough loss for us,” he said. “Any time you’ve had a productive player, and as productive as he’s been here at our program, you lose a guy like that in the locker room. You lose him as far as consistency in his play – just calls and communication – those kinds of things.”

Edwards was glad to get a familiar face in the fold to fill the void left by Mitchell in Ayodele.

“We’re glad to get Akin in here. We got him up to speed this morning,” said Edwards. “It was great to get him in here and hopefully we look forward to progressing down the road with him.”

Chris Ellis is expected to spell Torbor in the starting lineup as he’ll handle base defense responsibilities with Aaron Maybin expected to play on that side in the nickel package.


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Coleman, Torbor update

Posted by Chris Brown on September 10, 2010 – 10:41 am

Linebackers Antonio Coleman and Reggie Torbor are not participating in practice again here on Friday.

Coleman (hamstring) has not practiced at all this week leading up to the game, Torbor (chest) has not practiced this week with the exception of Monday.

We’ll get their official status for Sunday’s game later today (Friday), but Chan Gailey hinted that Torbor could be doubtful for the opener.

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2 LBs not practicing

Posted by Chris Brown on September 8, 2010 – 12:33 pm

One starting LB and one reserve LB are not practicing here on Wednesday. Reggie Torbor and Antonio Coleman are watching practice.

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McGee, McKelvin not practicing

Posted by Chris Brown on September 6, 2010 – 1:10 pm

Terrence McGee and Leodis McKelvin are both not practicing here on Monday.

McGee and McKelvin were both working on the side with trainers. McGee’s undisclosed injury was classified as minor by head coach Chan Gailey on Saturday.

OLB Antonio Coleman also is not practicing.

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Couple of undrafteds have a shot

Posted by Chris Brown on September 3, 2010 – 3:44 pm

Buffalo has a good history of landing undrafted rookies that ultimately make the roster and it appears it could happen again this weekend.

In six of the last eight years at least one undrafted rookie free agent has made the Bills opening day roster. Here’s the list of Buffalo’s undrafteds that will have their fingers crossed on Saturday.

OL Sean Allen
RB Andre Anderson
RB Joique Bell
OLB Antonio Coleman
TE Andrew George
SS Dominique Harris
OL Cordaro Howard
WR Donald Jones
WR David Nelson
WR Naaman Roosevelt

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Fan Friday 6-4

Posted by Chris Brown on June 4, 2010 – 2:33 pm

OTAs and minicamps are in full swing. Stay close to for exclusive highlights from the practice field. Let’s get to your questions (

1 – Chris,
How are the young group of linebackers looking? Does Aaron Maybin look to be a fit at outside linebacker?  How about Chris Ellis?  Going to the 3-4 makes our linebacker play crucial if we are going to have a good defense.
William J. Nason
Woodbridge, VA

CB: Maybin looks the part and I think he’s a lock to be out there in obvious passing situations to take advantage of his pass rushing prowess. I do however see him getting pushed for a role on first and second downs from Chris Ellis, who is stouter against the run.

I also would like to see more of rookie Antonio Coleman when the pads go on in camp. He has some good looking pass rushing moves and I’d like to see them on display in something closer to a game-like setting.

2 – What kind of offense do you see the Bills implementing this season? I hope it won’t be too complex. When trying to jell, simple is better.

Sam Corona

I think you can bank on there being a strong emphasis on the run game. It’s one of Chan Gailey’s trademarks. A lot of shifts and motions are also staples in his offenses in an effort to throw opposing defenses off, and he does have a lot of them.

The Bills defensive players have already commented on how much more challenging Gailey’s offense is to figure in practice because of all the pre-snap motion.

His offense however, will adapt and change as we move into training camp to fit the strengths of his players, so making a definitive call on what it will look like right now is premature.

3 – Chris,
Any chance we keep all 4 qbs on our active roster come opening day?
A Byrnes

CB: This is an excellent question that I’ve thought about myself. I highly doubt that all four quarterbacks will be kept on the roster.

I think Levi Brown is a lock as a developmental number three quarterback at worst. So the remaining two spots will go to two of the three that were on the roster last season.

In fact it wouldn’t shock me if before the close of training camp one that isn’t deemed an answer as a starter is moved via trade.

4 – Chris:
Am I off base with the thought that the Bills (after round #1) selected players that may not be currently the best at their positions coming out of the draft, but with NFL Coaching have the potential to be better than those players rated higher because of greater athletic upside, work ethic and intelligence?

CB: I think part of what you’re saying is accurate. I believe the Bills newly configured personnel department put a greater emphasis on player work ethic because they’ve grown tired of having even one or two players on the roster where coaches wonder what they’re going to get out of them each and every Sunday. But that doesn’t mean they’re going to ignore supremely talented players that might not have an impeccable work ethic.

I think it’s only safe to say that player work ethic was a bit more of a factor this year, but it was not the end all, be all. You still need talent to win in this league.

As far as intelligence goes, that’s a prerequisite to play in this league and is always considered a major asset.

Since most Bills fans that took issue with Buffalo’s draft class had issues with picks 2, 3 and 4 I will state for the record that Torell Troup, Alex Carrington and Marcus Easley are extremely athletic based on what I’ve seen thus far in the spring camps.

I don’t think the Bills sacrificed anything in the way of pure athletic talent to take hard working players. I think the Bills college scouting and personnel departments were extremely astute in taking talented players that had a work ethic to match.

5 – Hey Chris
I would like to know your opinion on the chance that Stevie Johnson could play opposite Lee Evans as the number 2 receiver. He’s good at the slot position, but I think that Steve would be able to play any position for receiver whether it be slot or wideout.

Chris L.

CB: Johnson has received snaps opposite Lee Evans with the first unit as the flanker or boundary receiver in the OTAs and minicamp setting. He’s very much a part of that number 2 receiver competition. On the whole he’s performed relatively well.

James Hardy is currently his most ardent competitor for the role.
I also would not rule out rookie Marcus Easley who has made some impressive plays thus far this spring and has demonstrated a knack for making the big play.

We’ll see how this competition changes when the pads go on.

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Coleman showed something

Posted by Chris Brown on June 3, 2010 – 4:11 pm

For rookie free agent Antonio Coleman getting used to outside linebacker is going to be an adjustment, but one thing he clearly has is pass rush ability.

Coleman was getting up the field with success consistently during the two-minute drill portion of practice Thursday. It’ll be interesting to see if that ability is even more prominent when the pads go on in camp and he’s able to grapple with linemen more.

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