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Bills 2010 strength of schedule

Posted by Chris Brown on January 6, 2010 – 1:13 pm

Here’s a look at where the Bills strength of schedule ranks in terms of opponent’s winning percentage for 2010.

Buffalo will have the 13th toughest schedule in the league tied with four other teams including division rivals Miami and New York.

Their opponents for 2010 compiled a .500 record with 128 wins and 128 losses. The Bills will face six playoffs teams counting the Jets and Patriots, so there will be a total of eight games against playoffs opponents from 2009 knowing Buffalo plays New York and New England twice.

The other playoff teams the Bills will face in 2010 are Baltimore, Cincinnati, Green Bay and Minnesota. The crazy part is Buffalo faces all of those 2009 playoff teams on the road next season. Their home division games against New England and New York are the only tough home games that appear on the schedule. So hopefully a better home field advantage can be established in 2010.

New England for the record has the fifth toughest schedule with an opponents’ winning percentage of .531.

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Bills final 2010 opponent set

Posted by Chris Brown on January 3, 2010 – 7:18 pm

With the Tennessee Titans beating the Seahawks and Jacksonville losing to Cleveland Sunday, Buffalo’s final 2010 opponent has been determined.

For the seventh time in the last eight years the Bills will face the Jaguars as Jacksonville is one of the intra-conference matchups tied to position finish. Buffalo and Jacksonville both finished in last place of their respective divisions. The two teams have traded wins and losses every time they’ve faced each other in the previous seven matchups.

The other intra-conference opponent tied to position finish is Kansas City. So here’s the officials 2010 opponent list of home and away games.

Home – Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Detroit, Jacksonville, New England, NY Jets, Miami

Away –  Baltimore, Cincinnati, Green Bay, Minnesota, Kansas City, New England, NY Jets, Miami

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Bills 2010 opponents almost set

Posted by Chris Brown on December 29, 2009 – 1:29 pm

Almost all 16 opponents for the Bills for the 2010 season are locked in with one week of games left to play in 2009.

Buffalo will play the AFC North and NFC North next season as their cross divisional opponents. They’ll obviously play each of their own division opponents twice, and then they’ll play the last place finisher in the AFC West and the last place finisher in the AFC South.

Right now Kansas City has locked up last place in the West, but Jacksonville and Tennessee are both 7-8 on the season, so we have to wait and see which team finishes in the cellar of the AFC South after this week’s games before knowing which one will face the Bills next year.

Here’s the home and away breakdown for 2010

Home – Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Detroit, (Tenn. or Jax.), New England, NY Jets, Miami

Away –  Baltimore, Cincinnati, Green Bay, Minnesota, Kansas City, New England, NY Jets, Miami

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Fan Friday 12-18

Posted by Chris Brown on December 18, 2009 – 2:51 pm

Since next week’s Fan Friday won’t be up until the afternoon, Merry Christmas everyone. Here’s this week’s edition.
1. Chris,
Just wanted to get your input on what the Bills are doing right now. I think it’s great that they are going after some veteran players to fill the gaps, but I always thought that should of been done b4 or in the beginning of the season. Maybe we wouldn’t be where we are at in the standings. What do you think?

CB: I too like the recent pursuit of veteran players like Kendall Simmons and this week Richie Incognito. The Bills on the whole still have a very young roster, especially on the offensive line, so sprinkling in some vets that can step right in after a few days of practice is valuable. I think you can definitely make the argument that had more veteran talent been acquired earlier in the season or the offseason to fill the void left by some of the departures, the success on offense might have been better this season.
2. Chris,
With a regime change on the horizon, how difficult a transition would it be for the defense to switch to a 3-4. At first glance, it wouldn’t seem to be that difficult (play Kyle Williams on the nose, switch Maybin to OLB and draft McClain or Spikes) but I know there’s more to it than that.  Can it be done without limiting their ability to address other needs?
Pete Howell

CB: To change to a 3-4 would push back the rebuilding project from 2-3 years to more like 3-4 years. The reason that’s the case is because you’d have to completely overhaul the roster, which is largely made up of smaller, faster players on defense.

Then you have the task of finding enough talent suitable to the 3-4, which is now harder than ever. The reason why is because 13 teams already employ the 3-4 scheme so the competition for players to fit that scheme is greater than ever in both free agency and the draft.

There are too few true two gap nose tackles out there to begin with and when you’re competing with 13 other NFL clubs for that small crop of difference makers, and you’re starting from scratch I think you have to seriously question whether it is the best course to take.
3. Can you give us an update on Eric Wood? I know they say his surgery was a success. But I want to know if, in addition to breaking his Tibia and Fibula, did he sustain any ligament damage? What are his chances of being ready for next season?

CB: The Bills have yet to provide a prognosis on Wood. I’ve asked, but I’ve been told it’s too soon to determine a concrete prognosis just three weeks after surgery. I saw him here at the facility earlier this week. He’s still in a wheelchair due to the injury, but he told me he’s doing well. He’s already begun the recovery work. I hope to have more on him in the near future so stay tuned.
4. Hi Chris, thanks for taking fan e-mail. Any word on on the Bills’ opponents for next season? Has the NFL addressed that yet?
Suzanne in Austin TX
CB: Yes, the Bills will be playing against their division opponents twice obviously (N.E., NYJ, Miami) as well as the AFC North and the NFC North. Their two intraconference games will be against the AFC South team and the AFC West team that finishes in the same position in their division as the Bills do in the East.

So if the Bills finish fourth in the division, they’ll play the fourth place finisher in the AFC South and AFC West, which right now is a tie between the Texans and Titans and in the West is the Chiefs.

Here’s how it shapes up home and away for 2010.

HOME – Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Detroit, (Houston or Tenn.), N.E., NYJ, Miami
AWAY – Baltimore, Cincinnati, Green Bay, Minnesota, (KC right now), N.E., NYJ, Miami

The schedule as to when they play these opponents will be released in mid-April.
5. Chris:

If you’ve checked the boards lately, you’d know how split the fans are on Tim Tebow. I personally believe the guy’s a playmaker and is something this franchise desperately needs.

What’s your opinion on him and do you think we could see Tebow in a Bills


Eric W.
Rochester, NY

CB: I don’t think there’s any debate that Tim Tebow is a winner. His leadership and other intangibles are off the charts. But with the expert scouts I’ve talked to the past year or so, most believe he is not a full time QB at the NFL level. Many believe that his entire throwing mechanics would have to be rebuilt from the ground up.

Furthermore I’m not confident his arm strength is sufficient to succeed in the wind that exists in Buffalo late in the season. I’d love to have Tim Tebow on my team. I’m just not certain I’d want him at QB.

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