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Bills out to end one 0-for this season

Posted by Chris Brown on October 22, 2017 – 9:25 am

Coming out of the bye much has been made of getting the run game back on track. Against a Bucs defense that has given up a good deal of yards already this season, there’s a good chance that happens. And if it does the Bills may be able to bring an end to an 0-for on offense this season.

Buffalo is one of seven NFL clubs that have not been able to post a touchdown yet off drive starts inside their own 20-yard line. For Tyrod Taylor, it’s a matter of having too many negative plays.

“As a whole we need to come out and execute better than we have in the first five games,” said Taylor. “The off week we had a chance to scout ourselves and looking back on it too many negative plays especially early on. That’s something that we can be better at, something I can be better at, not taking sacks, getting the running game going and being efficient in the passing game. That’s something we’ve worked on in our time off and something we’ll keep working on as we move forward.”

The Bills have had 13 drive starts inside their own 20-yard line and have been unable to drive the field and reach the end zone. Miami (16) and the Giants (14) are the only two teams that have had more opportunities than the Bills without a touchdown drive of more than 80 yards.

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Tolbert with honest take on offense

Posted by Chris Brown on September 17, 2017 – 9:25 pm

The offense for the Bills Sunday had a tough go of it against a quality side in Carolina. A player on Buffalo’s roster who knows that defensive unit very well had an honest take on the Bills offense and who they went up against in Carolina.

“If you look at it, we played the best defense in the league,” said Mike Tolbert. “I’m not taking anything away from those guys. I know them well obviously. Obviously, we have to improve on offense. There are somethings we could have done better. We have to be better on first and second down. We can’t put ourselves in a hole on third down. We have to run the ball better. We’ve just got to play better football on offense.

“Our defense played amazing all day. We have to take them off the field and get them a break sometimes.”

The task for the Bills offense gets no easier this week as they face a Broncos defensive unit that held Ezekiel Elliott to eight yards on nine carries with arguably the best offensive line in the league in front of him. They also sacked Dak Prescott twice and picked him off twice, including a 103-yard return for a touchdown.

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Offense looking for more 2nd half production

Posted by Chris Brown on October 16, 2016 – 11:00 am

Buffalo has gotten off to fast starts on their current three game winning streak, and the team has shown an ability to play strong enough defense to capitalize on those strong starts when they get up on the scoreboard first with an early lead. The problem is the last three weeks the offense has struggled to produce in the same fashion in the second half.

Here’s a look at the offensive production in terms of total net yards from first half to second half in Weeks 3, 4 and 5.

Game 1st half yards 2nd half yards
vs. Ariz. 251 127
at N.E. 238 67
at L.A. 210 86
Totals 699 280

Over the last three games almost 72 percent of their total net yards on offense have come in the first half. So what’s happening in the second half that’s rendering Buffalo’s attack so inefficient?

“You know, that’s a good question,” offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn said. “I think sometimes (the opponent) makes adjustments, and they catch up a little bit to what you’re doing. Maybe I can change my tempo and make some adjustments myself to do a better job, but we definitely stalled out in the third quarter the last couple of weeks. But we feel like four drops (last week) didn’t help, and execution could be a little bit better. But I feel like I can put us in a better position to make plays too.”

Third down conversions are one area where the execution has been lacking. In the last three games, Buffalo was converting at a rate of 50 percent in the first half (10-for-20). In the second half it has dropped to 25 percent (5-for-20).

When I asked coach Lynn if those numbers motivate him to stay a step ahead with counter moves to his opposing defensive coordinator, Buffalo’s OC answered in the affirmative.

“Well, that’s my job so absolutely,” he said. “I try to stay ahead of the play-caller on the other side of the field and sometimes–he’s a pro too–sometimes he’s ahead of me, and that’s what I’m figuring out.”

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Lynn: For Bills offense it’s about 1st downs

Posted by Chris Brown on October 2, 2016 – 11:05 am

Bills offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn is coming off a successful debut last week against Arizona. He knows they’ll be stepping up in class Sunday in New England. Knowing that the Patriots rarely beat themselves, he believes Buffalo’s offense has to take a similar approach.

As successful as the offense was last week, Lynn wants more time of possession and more plays on offense after tallying 61 last week. For Lynn successful NFL offenses is about getting first downs instead of going for broke in the hopes of getting a touchdown.

“Last week we had the ball for only 26 minutes. We weren’t on the field very long for different situations,” Lynn said. “The defense went back on the field after the touchdown on special teams. We still have to stay on the field and take what the defense gives us to sustain drives. Last year we went down the field a lot in certain situations and we had success throwing it down the field, but you also have to take the gimmes to stay on the field. Get the first down and not make the big play because over the long haul that makes a big difference.”

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Offensive comparison 2014 to 2015

Posted by Chris Brown on January 11, 2016 – 9:55 am

As we covered on today the Bills offense made a number of positive strides in 2015. Considering it was year one in a new system with a first-year starter at quarterback the results hold a lot of promise for 2016. Below we take a look at how the numbers put up by the offense in 2015 compare to that of a season ago under the previous regime.

Buffalo’s offense under Greg Roman was better in almost every single category in 2015 compared to 2014. Here’s a look at some of the most recognized statistical categories.

Offensive categories 2014 season 2015 season
Total offense (yds/gm) 26th (318.5) 13th (361)
Yards per play 28th (5.0) 8th (5.7)
Rushing yds/game 25th (92.6) 1st (152)
Avg. yds/carry 26th (3.7) 1st (4.8)
Passing yds/game 18th (226) 28th (209)
Sacks/play 19th (39 total) 27th (42 total)
First downs 28th (273) 28th (297)
3rd down conv. Pct. 26th (36.7%) 21st (38%)
Points per game 18th (21.4) 12th (23.7)
Red zone TD pct. 29th (43%) 24th (50%)

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Fan Friday 12-11

Posted by Chris Brown on December 11, 2015 – 1:27 pm

Another ‘backs against the wall game’ for the Bills in Philly Sunday. Here are your latest questions from email at and on Twitter at @ChrisBrownBills.

1 – Chris,

How are the Bills not able to get Sammy Watkins, Robert Woods and Charles Clay more involved in their offensive attack?  Also, why is FB – Felton on the roster, although he can be an outstanding blocker, the Bills rarely have him on the field?  It seems this Coaching staff is NOT effectively using their Offensive or Defensive players.  Any insight as to why?  The Bills should be getting 3x the production out of their defense than they actual are.

RC from DC
CB: First and foremost the Bills have been getting Sammy Watkins more involved in passing attack. In the first three games he was healthy for this season Watkins was targeted a little over four times a game. In the last five games he’s been targeted seven times a game.

Clay has been targeted an average of six times in the last four games. Woods has been targeted 7.5 times per game over the last four. I think what you’re seeing is a steady maturation of an offense that was brand new to everyone on offense except Boobie Dixon, who ran it in San Francisco.

There were a lot of new pieces that had to blend together in a new system. Even the starting QB was new to it. Getting it all humming together simply takes time. I believe we’re now starting to see it approach critical mass with Taylor playing some of his best football this season right now.

Felton is a role player in the offense. It’s not as big as perhaps some expected, but I will say that the Bills make use of 21 and 22 personnel more than most clubs.

The defense is a bigger enigma. We’ve explained before how Rex admitted he erred in trying to blend some concepts from last year’s system in with his. He’s since scrapped the old system and gone exclusively with his own. I know the fans have criticized him for not taking advantage of what his defensive linemen do best, which is rush the passer. It’s a valid point, but let’s see how the season plays out and make our assessments at that point.

2 – Chris,

Why not make Easley a 2nd wide receiver on the opposite side of the field from Watkins to extend the field.  He is a tall, fast, and excellent receiver.  Remember the long touchdown pass he caught earlier in the year.

CB: I think the main reason Easley is not used more on offense is because they see Sammy Watkins as the player who stretches the field for them. Most offenses don’t have two receivers serving the same purpose. Quarterbacks need outlets to throw the ball to on shorter, quicker routes. This is where Robert Woods and Chris Hogan work best. They’re good at gaining separation quickly and serve the offense more effectively for that purpose.

Easley is fast, but he has build-up speed, not sudden burst speed. So filling a role on shorter, intermediate routes is not his greatest strength. He doesn’t get separation as quickly as Woods or Hogan.



3 – Hi Chris,

Thank you for all the Bills coverage throughout the year. I have two questions for you. Before Marcus Easley against the Texans who was the last Bills offensive player to have an interception?  Also, which Bills players deserve Pro Bowl consideration?  I think Darby, Gilmore, Graham, Wood, Incognito, McCoy,  Taylor, Schmidt and Easley all deserve to be considered. Which of those deserve to make it, and am I’m forgetting anyone else that should be considered?

Thank you,
London, ON

CB: Easley is the first Bills player whose primary position is on offense to post an interception. As for Pro Bowl consideration I think Richie Incognito should be on that list. With the drop-off in play that Nick Mangold has had I’d like to think that opens the door for Eric Wood. I like the season that Stephon Gilmore has put together. Corey Graham might get some support, but I don’t know if there will be enough to put him through. Darby has played great, but rookies rarely get the votes, especially at DB unless they have nine or 10 INTs, like Jairus Byrd did back in 2009. LeSean McCoy is definitely in the mix. I think Colton Schmidt is in a tough spot because only one punter goes.



4 – @ChrisBrownBills If something happens to Darby or Leodis, who is back up CB? Graham with D. Williams in at safety? Butler?


CB: It would be Mario Butler who steps in on the boundary if Darby or Leodis are injured. If there’s a second injury I could see your scenario potentially happening with Graham out to corner and then a sub at safety.

When McKelvin was still on the Non-Football Injury list, Butler served as the first corner off the bench behind Darby and Gilmore. So I would anticipate that to be his role again now with Gilmore down this week.

5 – @ChrisBrownBills Is Rob Ryan just visiting as a family member or is he providing any type of insight into our NFC opponents?


CB: Rex Ryan’s brother Rob was here for a visit, something he and his brother don’t get to do very often during football season. The two share a birthday on Sunday, so they’ve presumably had a pre-celebration together. Rex said his brother is heading out of town Saturday before Rex and the Bills leave for Philadelphia.

As for preparing for NFC opponents, I’m sure if Rex asked about Philadelphia this week or Washington and Dallas in the coming weeks he had no problem offering up some details. I remember Rex as coach of the Jets admitting to me on a conference call that he called his brother Rob to give him the update on the Bills when Buffalo played the Saints in 2013.

So that kind of talk between brothers is very plausible.

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Roman: Offense still making up for lost time

Posted by Chris Brown on November 5, 2015 – 6:05 pm

Bills offensive coordinator Greg Roman will never make excuses for the performance of his offense, but he isn’t afraid to state the facts as they are. And as far as he’s concerned his offense is still playing catch up with where they wanted to be at this point of the season in terms of performance.

One of the main reasons they’re behind with their rhythm and consistency with execution is due to the rash of injuries they’ve suffered. And the injured players have been pretty integral pieces to Buffalo’s offensive plans. From LeSean McCoy to Sammy Watkins to Percy Harvin to Karlos Williams to Seantrel Henderson they’ve all missed time for one injury or another. And when you’re trying to implement a new system having missing parts only lengthens the time needed to get it all working right.

“I think everything with us is a bit of work in progress. Guys in and out of the lineup. This guy’s in, this guy’s out. He missed training camp, etc. It’s been…I think we’re behind,” said Roman. “To characterize it any other way would be me sitting up here and blowing smoke. We’ve got to every day understand how important each day is that we have these guys together at practice and maximize those days to make up really for lost time.

“And I like where it’s going. I really like where it’s going. I can see some things on the practice field where things are looking like they should look. Quite frankly throughout the first four, five, six weeks and a period of training camp where we started getting guys back a little bit. You know it didn’t quite look like it was supposed to look yet. So it’s getting there.”

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Woods likes when offense moves fast

Posted by Chris Brown on September 22, 2015 – 12:27 pm

No one knows if it will be recipe moving forward for Buffalo’s offense, but WR Robert Woods was encouraged by what they were able to execute in the fourth quarter of last Sunday’s game.

Buffalo staged three straight touchdown drives when they were down 24 points entering the fourth quarter to make it a game late against New England. Granted the Patriots were willing to trade yards for time off the clock and played a bit more conservatively on defense. Still, Woods believes they’d fare well as an offense if they subscribed more to a fast tempo.

“I think just the urgency of the offense when we were able to move the ball well, run the ball well, move fast, keep the defense on the edge and keep the blitz away, I think that’s when we move the ball best,” said Woods, who had a 32-yard touchdown catch to cap the first of three successful touchdown drives in the fourth quarter last Sunday.

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Roman: Offense is right on schedule

Posted by Chris Brown on August 12, 2015 – 10:45 pm

The Bills offense hasn’t always looked great in training camp, but part of that due to the fact that it’s new for just about everyone on that side of the ball and part of it is due to Roman purposely making life difficult for the unit with a bad play call here and there.

In an effort to force the offense to find solutions or push through adversity Roman might give the offense a crummy play call on purpose.

“If you’re always getting the perfect defense for the perfect play and you’re always getting great angles and you’re always getting favorable numbers, I think that’s what you want to do on game day,” said Roman. “But leading up to game day, you want to put yourself in tough positions and learn from those why this particular technique is not applicable and is not going to work or this play needs to be changed or, you know, I made a horrible call here, you know, help me out, here’s why. All learning opportunities, and that’s how you get better. Training camp’s a grind and in order to get better I think you’ve got to put yourself through all those situations.”

So even though it hasn’t always looked pretty, Roman believes the progress of the offense is on track.

“I’m happy with where we’re at right now,” he said. “I thought we started off a little slow. I thought the first couple days, our passing game was a little out of sync. But around the fourth day, we started to get going and guys are starting to really get it. We’ve been throwing a lot at them and I think we’re right on schedule. I think it’s all about where we go from this point forward.”

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Bills ‘O’ already being touted as most improved

Posted by Chris Brown on April 2, 2015 – 2:48 pm

They’ve only added the talent on paper so far this offseason, but the NFL prognosticators are already putting the label on Buffalo’s offense as the most improved. listed the top five most improved offenses based on pieces that teams have added. With LeSean McCoy, Percy Harvin and Charles Clay headlining the offensive additions over the past month or so, they listed the Bills as number one. Here’s what they wrote.

1. Buffalo Bills

Additions: LeSean McCoy, Percy Harvin, Charles Clay, Matt Cassel, Richie Incognito, Jerome Felton and Tyrod Taylor

NFL Media analyst Bucky Brooks has outlined the reasons to expect new coordinator Greg Roman’s offense to spark a legitimate playoff run this season. Minus a reliable quarterback, Roman will orchestrate a run-centric offense with McCoy, bruising lead blocker Felton and savvy veteran Fred Jackson. The 49ers ranked eighth, fourth, third and fourth in the past four years under Roman.

In Harvin and Sammy Watkins, Roman has the benefit of two explosive weapons to draw up creative misdirection runs and gadget plays that will frustrate defensive coordinators. Throw in tight end Charles Clay and possession receiver Robert Woods, and the Bills might have more weapons than any offense in the league.

This collection of playmakers can stretch the field horizontally like few we’ve ever seen. The question is whether they can beat defenses vertically.

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No problem with Bills ‘O’ on 1st down

Posted by Chris Brown on September 28, 2014 – 11:22 pm

First down is often a tone setting down for an offensive possession. Get off to a good start with a solid positive gain and you stand a good chance of having your possession last more than three plays. With Houston giving up an average of 5.9 yards on first down the odds were good the Bills would experience some success on first down and they did.

Buffalo averaged an impressive 6.9 yards on first down against Houston and did it with a great run-pass mix. On their 29 first down plays they gained 201 yards and scored both their touchdowns.  On their 13 runs they gained a healthy 5.46 a carry (not counting EJ’s 3-yard scramble) and on passes averaged 8.4 yards per play. There were no plays for negative yardage and only two that yielded no gain.

The problem with the Bills offense was what happened on second down in the game, which contributed to a lack of execution on third down Sunday.

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2nd down proved tough for offense

Posted by Chris Brown on September 28, 2014 – 10:01 pm

While a lot is often made of an offense’s third down performance in a game, second down was one to keep an eye on in Sunday’s game against the Texans. The reason why was despite the fact that Houston was the number one third down defense going into the game, they were also the league’s worst second down defense.

Giving up an average of 6.84 yards a play on second down, the Texans were sitting at the bottom of the league when it came to defending on second down. The Bills needed to take advantage on this down in their series to avoid any bad down and distance situations on third down when Houston was more effective.

Buffalo unfortunately did not have a lot of success on second down. Not counting the EJ Manuel spike to stop the clock on second down just before the half, the Bills had 23 plays on second down in the game and gained 73 yards for an average of 3.17 yards per play. That unfortunately is less than half of what they had given up on second down in the first three weeks.

The Bills had six conversions on second down out of those 23 plays, but they also had seven incompletions and five other plays that resulted in no gain or negative yardage. It’s part of the reason why third down proved so difficult, particularly in the second half.

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Bills offense runs another high play total

Posted by Chris Brown on August 17, 2013 – 2:55 pm

The tempo of Buffalo’s offense caters to them running more plays than the average NFL club on a game to game basis. After running 85 in Week 1 of the preseason, they came close to matching that total Friday night.

Again Minnesota, Buffalo ran a total of 78 offensive plays on 13 possessions. Last season Buffalo averaged 61.5 plays a game. So far in two preseason games the Bills are averaging 81.5.

Think about averaging 20 more offensive plays a game and what that means in terms of touches for C.J. Spiller, Stevie Johnson, Fred Jackson, etc.

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Bills near top in offensive plays

Posted by Chris Brown on August 12, 2013 – 1:49 pm

Granted it was just one week of preseason games, but with all 32 teams now with a game under their belt, Buffalo’s new up tempo offense is leading to a sharp uptick in number of plays per game.

Last season the Bills averaged just 61.5 plays per game, good for 28th in the league. Problems with third down conversions naturally contributed to the issue, but Buffalo also rarely went no huddle with a defensive unit that had trouble stopping people. The league leader in offensive plays per game last year was New England at 74.8 plays per game. This year the Patriots will have company.

With Chip Kelly running the offense in Philadelphia and Nathaniel Hackett in Buffalo, the Eagles and Bills will likely eclipse New England’s league-leading average of a season ago. Their initial outings this past week serve as indication of that.

Philadelphia and Buffalo were first and second in the league this past week in number of plays run in their preseason games. The Eagles ran 86 plays in a loss to New England, while the Bills ran 85 plays in their win at Indianapolis. Below is a list of the top 10 offensive play totals from NFL clubs this past week.

1 – Philadelphia – 86
2 – Buffalo – 85
3 – New Orleans – 83
4 – Houston – 74
T5 – New England – 72
T5 – Cincinnati – 72
7 – Washington – 71
8 – Baltimore – 70
9 – Jacksonville – 69
10 – Detroit – 68

Not to defend Miami, but in the Hall of Fame game they did run 76 plays. This past week they ran just 64 plays.

In 2012 Kelly’s Oregon team ran 84 plays per game while Marrone and Hackett’s offense at Syracuse ran 79 plays per game.

On Sunday Buffalo ran 20 more offensive plays than Indianapolis in the victory.

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Why Hackett prefers to be in coaching booth

Posted by Chris Brown on August 12, 2013 – 10:23 am

Some Bills fans are asking if offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett will be in the coaching booth calling plays from above all season. The answer is yes and here’s why.

With Buffalo’s offense predicated on calling plays quickly (every 5-10 seconds when operating at top speed), it’s essential that Hackett know the opponent’s personnel grouping and if it is changing. It is far easier to see if the opponent is making a personnel change from above than down on the sideline.

In many cases when Buffalo’s offense is running plays quickly the opposing defense doesn’t have time to change their personnel anyway, but if for some reason they’re able to do so, being up in the coach’s booth affords Hackett a vantage point where he can identify the defense’s personnel a few precious seconds quicker.

That allows him to get his own play down to offensive quality control coach Jason Vrable sooner, and then Vrable can relay it into Buffalo’s quarterback through the walkie talkie.

In essence quicker identification leads to quicker play calling and speed and tempo is what Doug Marrone and Nathaniel Hackett want on offense.

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Fan Friday 7-19

Posted by Chris Brown on July 19, 2013 – 11:55 am

Alright Bills fans we’re down to the final week before training camp. Players are expected to report next Friday afternoon. Your wait is almost over. Remember during training camp to keep those questions coming at on email and on Twitter @ChrisBrownBills.

1 – Chris,

I like the idea of an “up tempo” offense. It will be exciting to see more plays by the Bills in less time. Hopefully, it will keep opponents guessing and on their heels and wear down the defense. Just wondering……besides having the players to run this, won’t the Bills need to have better stamina than their opponent on both sides of the ball? Better Strength and Conditioning than opponent?

Brian Butch Williamson · Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania

CB: You’re right their conditioning will have to be superior and that’s why the offseason program changed noticeably in terms of the training. Practice tempo is also significantly accelerated to what it used to be under the previous regime. The coaching staff knows to run an offense that way they need to have players properly conditioned for it. They’ll be ready.

2 – Chris,

I’m concerned that the up tempo offense planned this season could also backfire.  Too many 3 and outs, puts a lot of pressure on our D.

Mark Francese · Canandaigua

CB: I actually had the same concern until I looked at what Hackett did at Syracuse. No huddle or up tempo offenses that fall victim to going three and out too often are typically going pass, pass, pass and then they’re off the field. Hackett doesn’t take that approach. He tries to strike a 50-50 run-pass balance.

As an example, last season at Syracuse in their up tempo offense, the Orange averaged 41.5 run plays per game and 37.5 pass plays per game. Hackett ran the ball 52.5% of the time. Syracuse converted almost 50% of their third downs (49.3%). Granted the college game isn’t as competitive, but that conversion percentage would’ve led the NFL last season. New England was the best third down conversion team in the league in 2012 with a success rate of 48.7%.


3 – Chris,

Thanks for the continued great work.  As a west coast Bills fan, your work helps us stay connected to the team and community.

I had a comment on the QB situation, and the Tarvaris Jackson move.  I think you addressed a related question last week about Jeff Tuel last week.  A fan said, “He hasn’t been mentioned in press conferences…

I beg to differ.  In almost all the national interviews I’ve seen or heard with Doug Whaley or Doug Marrone, it almost seems like they go out of their way to mention Tuel.  Interviewers mentioned the competition at QB, and would reference Kolb, Manuel and Jackson (before he was cut), and BOTH Marrone and Whaley would actually go out of their way to throw Tuel in the QB competition mix.  This happened repeatedly in national interviews.  Locally, perhaps it’s not something anyone wishes to discuss, with the focus being so much on Manuel.  But I noticed this effort to reference Tuel a few weeks ago, and commented on it among fellow Bills fans.  I even speculated that Tuel was a potential dark horse.  So when Jackson was cut, my “take” was that it had less to do with Manuel, and perhaps more to do with Tuel.  And his performance, however limited, was sufficient to make them comfortable enough to go with just one veteran into training camp.

I’m not suggesting Tuel will necessarily win the job.  Given the investment in Manuel, the Bills’ brass will obviously do all it can to allow E.J. to win the job.  But I think the job is probably Kolb’s to lose, and my opinion is that cutting Jackson wasn’t so much about Manuel, but more about Tuel.  His physical skills, while not freakish like Manuel, are certainly sufficient and even elite in some areas.  Do you see any scenario, however remote, that Tuel could actually win the starting job?  Or maybe even win the backup job over Manuel (or perhaps if Manuel wins the starting job, the Bills cut Kolb).  I know it seems ludicrous on the surface, but the extra effort made by Whaley and Marrone in the interviews I’ve seen with those two makes me think they’re much higher on Tuel than perhaps most people realize.  What do you think?

Jeffrey Suchocki

CB: While I do believe the Bills offensive staff feels Tuel is a quarterback they can develop, the decision to release Jackson was made purely with the aim of making sure the remaining candidates for the starting job (Kolb, Manuel) get enough snaps so the staff can make an accurate evaluation. Splitting QB reps three ways makes it too hard for any of the candidates to separate themselves from the competition because they’re not getting enough time on the field.

The second part of that is as important as it is for Coach Marrone and his offensive staff to make an accurate call on the starter, whoever it is, they also need to get both candidates ready to play. That also could not happen with a three-way battle. Whether it’s Kolb or Manuel starting come September, both have to have enough work on the practice field executing plays so they’re ready to run the offense efficiently and effectively to help the team win games. In fact that’s probably the most important goal.

In this new offense the staff needs to have one of them ready to play come September 8th.

4 – @ChrisBrownBills

What schemes are taking shape of Defense? How often are they blitzing?


CB: The best way to explain the defense under Mike Pettine is it’s a multiple scheme with varied fronts and versatile personnel. There is no true identity to the defense, which is what makes it so effective. They might have base sets in their scheme, but the personnel and varied looks keeps them unpredictable.

As for blitzing they were doing it a ton in the practice setting this spring. I think you can plan on Buffalo’s defense to be aggressive without being reckless. How often they blitz however, will only be determined by the opponent each week as well as time and score.


5 – @ChrisBrownBills

Do you expect a No1 Quarterback to be decided before the start of the season? #bills


CB: I’m expecting that decision to be made somewhere after the second preseason game. At the latest after the third preseason game. That’s kind of the tipping point to give the majority of the first team reps to someone so they’re fully prepared to run the offense at the start of the regular season.


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Points per game home vs. road

Posted by Chris Brown on November 25, 2012 – 10:15 am

When it comes to points scored and points allowed by the Bills thus far this season there are some disparities between home and the road.

Heading into today’s game Buffalo has averaged 10 more points per game at home (29) than on the road (19).

Flipping it over to defense it’s almost identical. Buffalo has given up an average of 29.5 points per game at home. On the road that figure is slightly higher at 30.2.

The sample size for the road is larger (6 games) than for home (4 games), but a 10 point difference in offense is pretty significant.

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Some other lofty September numbers

Posted by Chris Brown on September 26, 2012 – 9:37 am

As we profiled on the home page of this morning, the Bills offense is at the top of the league in several key categories in the month of September (2011-2012). Here are a few other categories where the Bills are among the league leaders including a defensive category that might surprise you.

Buffalo is one of six teams to average over 400 yards per game in September since 2011. Their 401.0 total yards per game is sixth-most behind New England, Detroit, Philadelphia, New Orleans and Baltimore.

C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson rank first and tied for third respectively in rushing, with an average of 9.1 and 6.0 yards per game in September since 2011.

Buffalo’s defense is also second with 10 interceptions in September (2011-2012) with only Atlanta logging more (11).

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Bills rank #1 in NFL in a few categories

Posted by Chris Brown on September 17, 2012 – 1:59 pm

The exploits of C.J. Spiller have Buffalo atop the league after two weeks in a couple of rushing categories, but there’s an even more important category where the Bills rank tops in the NFL after two games.

Buffalo ranks first in rushing yards per game with an average of 198. They also lead the league in average yards per carry with a mark of 6.4.

But the Bills are also tops in the NFL in red zone touchdown percentage. The Bills are a perfect five for five on red zone possessions putting the ball in the end zone every single time. No other NFL club is perfect through two weeks. We’ll see how long the Bills can keep it up.

Buffalo is also number one in the league in punt return average thanks mainly to Leodis McKelvin’s 88-yard punt return for a touchdown.

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A look at yards per pass play

Posted by Chris Brown on November 14, 2011 – 12:39 pm

A lot of fans on the live blog on Sunday were critical of the offense’s lack of downfield pass attempts. Sunday the Bills did produce their lowest yards gained per pass play, but downfield pass attempts haven’t been the bread and butter of Buffalo’s offense to begin with.

Here’s a look at Buffalo’s average yards gained per pass play game by game this season.

Week 1 at KC – 7.4 yards per pass play
Week 2 vs. Oak – 5.7 yards per pass play
Week 3 vs. N.E. – 9.2 yards per pass play
Week 4 at Cin. – 5.4 yards per pass play
Week 5 vs. Phil. – 6.7 yards per pass play
Week 6 at NYG – 6.6 yards per pass play
Week 8 vs. Wash – 8.7 yards per pass play
Week 9 vs. NYJ – 6.2 yards per pass play
Week 10 at Dal – 4.3 yards per pass play

Buffalo’s four losses do represent four of the five lowest yards gained per pass play averages this season, but that’s to be expected. You usually don’t move the ball as effectively in losses or you’re lacking big plays. The Bills had just six plays of 15 yards or more in the loss to Dallas with the longest covering just 21 yards.

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