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Moats ok if Favre can’t play

Posted by Chris Brown on December 13, 2010 – 11:31 am

With Brett Favre’s status very much in doubt for Minnesota’s re-scheduled game tonight against the Giants in Detroit, Moats offered the following on his hit that could potentially end the 297-game start streak.

“Honestly if he doesn’t play and I break the streak then great,” said Moats. “If he does play, I’m glad he’s healthy and everything. But either way, that play was last week so I’m over that.” 

With the NFL media providing constant updates on the status of Brett Favre with respect to tonight’s re-scheduled game, ESPN’s Adam Schefter, who corresponded with Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier via text, posted the following on his twitter account.

AdamSchefter Asked for Brett Favre’s status in a text this am, Vikings HC Leslie Frazier responded: “Doubtful but sometimes you never know with him.”

Favre apparently texted reporters Sunday that if the game did go on as scheduled at the Metrodome he would not have played.

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Packer fans glued to Favre saga

Posted by Chris Brown on August 22, 2009 – 3:03 pm

I was at a local establishment last night here in Appleton (half hour from Green Bay) to get a feel for the Packer fans especially knowing Favre was making his debut for Minnesota. Here are a few of the reactions I witnessed.

First, Packer fans were ticked that the preseason game between the Vikings and Chiefs was not carried nationally. FOX decided to carry Cowboys-Titans instead. Place I was at didn’t have NFL Network.

But at halftime when they showed Favre highlights the group of fans near me stopped in their tracks. They watched the highlights, saw that he was 1-4 passing and exulted.

“We’re going to kill him,” shouted one Packers fan.

“He’s washed up,” said another.

There was one rational fan that said, “What did you expect from him after two and a half days of practice?”

But when it comes to Favre now playing for the enemy there isn’t going to be a lot of rational thinking amongst Packer fans, especially come Nov. 1 when Favre returns to Green Bay.

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Collins or Anderson as Jets doesn’t scare me

Posted by Chris Brown on February 12, 2009 – 3:33 pm

With Favre now retired and rampant speculation that the Jets will be pursuing Kerry Collins or Derek Anderson (via trade), neither would really strike fear in me as opponents for the Bills.

Granted both have big arms, which will be important in the swirling winds of the Meadowlands, but neither are big time difference makers. Don’t get me wrong, both are capable quarterbacks, but they’re not the type of signal callers that are going to shift the balance of power in the AFC East.

Collins or Anderson would make them better than they are now at QB, but I don’t know that they’d give the Jets much more than Favre did last season.

Personally I’d rather see them trade for Anderson because that means they’re probably giving up draft picks to do it.

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Enormous draft pressure on Jets with Favre retirement

Posted by Chris Brown on February 11, 2009 – 3:50 pm

With Brett Favre reportedly retiring (for now), the Jets will be facing an awful lot of pressure come draft time if they choose not to sign a veteran QB in free agency. Knowing they’ll be moving into a new stadium in 2010 and the need for a marquee name the pressure to draft a QB will be huge.

At pick 17 they may be lucky and have Sanchez fall to them, but that’s unlikely. If they’re desperate enough to land one of the top two QBs they may be compelled to trade up and would have to give up a lot to do it.

They may elect to try to grab a QB later in the draft, like the Dolphins did when they passed on Matt Ryan and took Chad Henne in round two, but in New York where the Jets are often second best to the Giants, they need to make a splash. Be interesting to see what they do.

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If Favre & Jets part, NY will be in AFC East basement

Posted by Chris Brown on January 27, 2009 – 3:56 pm

If what’s Peter King suspects is true concerning Brett Favre and the Jets parting ways if he’s forced to attend offseason workouts (something he’s never done), then the Jets have to go right in the basement of the division.

Sure there’s talent on that roster, but more than ever the NFL is a quarterback driven league, and if you don’t have one, you don’t have a chance, especially in this division.

Unless the Jets can land a Sanchez or Stafford in the draft (and even they might not be ready to step in a play right away) or pry a Kerry Collins away from Tennessee in free agency, Kellen Clemens and Brett Ratliff are not getting it done.

And for those that don’t believe the impact a quarterback has on a team’s fortunes, just talk to the Dolphins about Chad Pennington.

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Puzzling why Jets not interested in Gruden

Posted by Chris Brown on January 18, 2009 – 12:38 am

According to Newsday, recently fired Bucs head coach Jon Gruden is apparently not of interest to the Jets as a head coaching possibility. Gruden, who was on Mike Holmgren’s staff in Green Bay when Brett Favre was there has run the offense that Favre has known for all but one of his 17 years in the NFL.

I guess the Jets aren’t concerned about the Favre factor. I was a bit surprised. In light of all that GM Mike Tannenbaum did to land Favre last season, and the likelihood of not having a major marquee name as head coach, they need a drawing card moving into their new stadium in a year.

Suffice to say there might be a bigger rebuilding effort in New York than some may have anticipated.

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Answers for quick passing game

Posted by Chris Brown on October 30, 2008 – 1:48 pm

As mentioned earlier this week the completion percentage against the Bills defense has been extraordinarily high the past three games (76.2%) by opposing quarterbacks. The quick passing game has been a reason for it.

With Kurt Warner, Philip Rivers and Chad Pennington all good at executing that type of passing attack, the Bills have had trouble neutralizing it, and this will be no different with Brett Favre, who knows how to execute a quick passing, timing offense from all his years in the west coast at Green Bay.

So I asked a few players in Buffalo’s locker room what they have to do in their different position groups to neutralize the effectiveness of the quick passing game, after being relatively unsuccessful the past three weeks. Here are the answers.

Terrence McGee addressed what cornerbacks can do

“The best thing you can do is get in a receiver’s face and knock down a ball or just get in their face and disrupt the route,” McGee said. “That’s the only way you’re going to stop it. If you’re playing off you’re basically just saying throw it and I’m going to tackle you.” 

Paul Posluszny on a linebacker’s role in neutralizing the quick passing game

“I think for us we just have to be really solid on our pass drops,” said Posluszny. “We’ve got to get to our spots quickly, look for receivers, tip balls, make big hits, anything to discourage the receivers from running those types of routes and making them a little hesitant, that’s always a good thing. That’s definitely what we’ve really got to focus on.”

And finally Spencer Johnson on what the men up front need to do to thwart a quick rhythm passing attack.

“The quick pass is something that is about timing so it depends on our film study and knowing formations, and getting our hands up,” Johnson said. “We can’t get to him if he’s throwing the ball really quick, so just getting our hands up and making plays and knocking the ball down or hopefully making interceptions.”

A lot of fans have e-mailed me complaining about the lack of pressure, but if the ball is coming out that fast, getting pressure is a pipe dream.

So in summation, guys up front have to get their hands in passing lanes, the backers have to drop quickly into their zones and get physical with wideouts inside five yards and the corners have to play more press to re-route or ruin the receiver’s timing with the QB to keep the QB from going to his first read so quickly, to give the guys up front time to pressure.

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Jets offensive play calling called into question

Posted by Chris Brown on October 29, 2008 – 2:29 pm

When you’re playing the Kansas City Chiefs and your feature running back just had 159 rushing yards the week before, odds are you’re best to running against one of the lesser run fronts in the league.

Instead Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer chose to throw on 17 of 26 first half plays and according to the New York Post players in New York’s locker room are starting to wonder about the decisions being made on game day.

The story also mentions how Favre entered the game with a sore throwing shoulder.

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Favre not exactly lighting it up

Posted by Chris Brown on October 28, 2008 – 5:34 pm

With Brett Favre coming in this Sunday with the Jets to play the Bills, yes he’s Brett Favre, but here at midseason he’s still not lighting it up.

Don’t get me wrong, the guy can still lead a two-minute drive with the best of them as he proved last week. But his decision making has been suspect. That’s happened in the past with him, but last year he was pretty solid. Right now it looks like he’s trying to do too much on offense.

He’s got 3 touchdown passes and 7 interceptions in his last three games. It’s not like their running game is struggling. Thomas Jones is averaging almost 4 and a half yards per carry this season. Leon Washington is a good change of pace guy. And their defense has been pretty good against the run.

The Jets have given up three return touchdowns this season. Two have come off Favre INTs (Chargers-Cromartie, Chiefs-Flowers). The other came on a fumble return when Favre was sacked in the pocket (Bengals-Ndukwe).

Favre was getting booed last week until he pulled things out, thanks to great awareness by Laveranues Coles to squeak past the one win Chiefs.

I’m kind of hoping the Bills see the same reckless passing Favre the Jets’ last three opponents have seen because it would make for a nice division victory for the Bills.

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