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Combine interview list to be in this week

Posted by Chris Brown on February 5, 2013 – 9:49 am

The NFL Combine in Indianapolis is still more than two weeks away, but Buffalo’s scouting staff is already putting their preliminary draft board together. The Bills and 31 other NFL clubs also must have their list of prospect interview requests in to the league by the end of the week.

“On February 8th we have to send in our request list of 60 candidates to come in for a formal interview with our coach and staff,” said Bills Director of Scouting Chuck Cook.

With 32 NFL clubs and prospects only available for interviews on two specific evenings one would think that a heavily requested player might not be able to meet with every team, but Cook said they’ve never been denied an interview with anyone on their list.

“It is amazing. There are a lot of duplicate guys and some prospects are full for the whole time, but they make it work,” Cook told “We have those two days to get them done, so the teams that request the same player get spread out. So whoever does the schedule is great.” 

Cook believes one guy will have at least 30 interviews. Though he wouldn’t divulge who he thought that would be, it’s quite likely that it’s former LSU DB Tyronn Mathieu, who had more than his share of off the field troubles, but is immensely talented. will have wall-to-wall coverage of the Combine from Indianapolis beginning on Feb. 21st.

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Salute to military Bills fans

Posted by Chris Brown on June 29, 2011 – 11:46 am

The Buffalo Bills are represented worldwide, and that includes the military. Wherever Bills fans in the service are stationed they often bring their team colors with them. If you’re one of those Bills fans we at have an opportunity for you.

With our upcoming Independence Day holiday on Monday we plan to publish on the team website some of the best photos of Bills fans in the military.

Just submit photos in jpg format and no larger than 5 MB  from where you’ve been stationed around the world defending our freedom. If you’re equipped with your Bills gear, that’s even better. Feel free to identify all Bills fan subjects in the photos (name and rank) as well as service branch and general station location.

Also tell us by what means you follow the Bills when deployed overseas. All submissions should be sent to and will compile a photo gallery salute to our servicemen and women on July 4th.

Thank you for your service!

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Fan Friday 8-13

Posted by Chris Brown on August 13, 2010 – 12:57 pm

Fn Friday

My apologies for the two week hiatus on Fan Friday, but the demands of training camp made keeping up with your questions difficult. I hopefully answered a lot of your queries in my 90-minute live chat which can be found here. We hope to have another live chat before training camp concludes. As always you can send questions to me at

1 – Hey Chris – 

As important as Maybin’s development is to the function of the defense this year, I was wondering how he looked in summer workouts so far.  How is he adapting to OLB?  Does he appear more comfortable in his second year?


David from Fairport
CB: Maybin’s speed rush has been very impressive. He’s bent the corner well and shown a good ability to dip his shoulder to get underneath opposing offensive tackles to put pressure on the quarterback. Where he needs to develop now is with a counter move that can keep opponents honest. A bull rush or a spin move are the kinds of counters that can work for a pass rusher his size. I’ve talked to him about developing those counters and he feels he’s on the right track.

2 – Chris,

One published report said that Chad Jackson ‘may have had the best off season’ of the skill positions.  From your reports, it seemed like several wide receivers looked just as good in the work outs.  And that doesn’t include Spiller, or Lynch or Jackson or any TE.  I realize we won’t know much about the rotation until the preseason games, but based on all reports, from you and other beat reporters,  other than the one saying Jackson was the “star” of the work outs, I have Jackson as the 6th WR if at all, behind Evans, Hardy, Johnson, Parrish, and Easley, at LEAST. At the moment I think a few of the Rookies, Roosavelt and Nelson for example, will be practice squad guys but MIGHT actually grab that 6th spot away from Jackson.  Do you agree? 


Steve in Corning 

CB: Unfortunately when a reporter attends one or two practices and a receiver performs well it comes across like one guy is a superstar, when he may have just had a couple of good days. Head coach Chan Gailey has made no secret that a player has to put together several quality practice days together to impact the depth chart in addition to performance in the preseason.

Jackson has had some good days at training camp. Consistency and carrying that into the preseason games will be the key for him. Other receivers have been every bit as consistent as him if not more so.

Right now I would say Jackson is the fifth WR with Evans, Johnson, Parrish and rookie David Nelson ahead of him. And pushing him hard are rookies Donald Jones and Naaman Roosevelt. This thing is a long way from over though.

3 – I loved hearing Chan Gailey Mic’d. I am not the only one the whole Buffalo Bills Message board loved it. So I think you should have Gailey Mic’d up like once a week and put on I would love it and others would as well. I love hearing what Gailey brings to the table. He has a lot of intesity something Jauron never had and I am sure other want to hear more from Gailey also

Thanks for considering this idea.


CB: Glad you enjoyed it. We feel it helped paint a picture as to just what type of coach the Bills have. We hope to bring you more access like this. We’re fortunate that coach Gailey has been very accommodating in helping us provide special access to our fans at We hope to do more of that, but in the regular season I believe things will be a bit tighter, which I think we can all understand, knowing games are on the line.

We’ll do what we can.

4 – Jairus started out great last year.  He kind of died off at the end 
of season, I guess  that is typical of rookies. Do we expect him to make a bigger impact this season?  How does he appear to be doing in Chan Gailey’s defense ?

Shawn Sieracki
Dallas Texas

CB: First, you’re being hard on Byrd in my opinion. The guy made just 11 starts and tied for the league lead in INTs with 9. The reason his play tailed off at the end of the season was because he was playing with a torn labrum in his hip which required offseason surgery and a five month rehabilitation.

By the looks of it he’s improving in the new defensive scheme. He’s blessed with natural instincts, now he’s working on blending those with the nuances of the new defensive system, which include more disguised coverages and interchangeable safeties.

5 – Hey Chris
 I just wanted to know what if you think that Aaron Schobel is the second best pass rusher in Bills history behind Bruce Smith and do you think the he has a shot on getting the Bills Wall of Fame?
Thanks for the time,
Josh Syracuse NY

CB: I think Schobel is the second best pass rusher in team history. He was blessed athletically, but simply played during arguably the worst decade in the team’s history as well. He rarely had comparable talent on the other side of the formation to draw attention away from him. He was the team’s pass rush for the last nine seasons and more often than not came through.

Factor in the fact that the Bills were often playing from behind and opponents were not forced to pass and his stats are even more respectable. As for the Wall of Fame I don’t know if he’s a slam dunk, but if I were voting, I would put him on the Wall of Fame.

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Live chat Wed. at 12:30

Posted by Chris Brown on August 10, 2010 – 6:13 pm

Just letting everyone know that I’ll be hosting a live training camp chat here on on Wednesday at 12:30 pm. Have your camp questions ready.

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Exclusive OTA coverage

Posted by Chris Brown on May 24, 2010 – 1:42 pm

Organized team activities (OTAs) for the Buffalo Bills are set to get underway Tuesday and will have exclusive coverage as OTAs and minicamps run through the month of June.

Daily video reports in Bills Roundup, including exclusive highlights of the day’s action. 

Daily written reports including player developments and the top performers.

And player interviews as well as comment from head coach Chan Gailey.

Here’s the rundown of the OTA and minicamp schedule for this week along with a note as to when coach Gailey will be available. Here’s the full spring practice schedule which runs through late June. 

Voluntary OTAs
Tues. May 25 –  Practice 12:05 – 1:35 pm (Coach Gailey avail.)
Wed. May 26 – Practice 12:05 – 1:35 pm
Thurs. May 27 – Practice 12:05 – 1:35 pm

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1 hour until live draft chat

Posted by Chris Brown on April 22, 2010 – 6:00 pm

The live draft chat begins an hour from now. Be sure to join the draft day chatter starting at 7 pm and running through the top 10 picks, perhaps longer if the Bills move out of the ninth overall selection.

In addition to the chat commentary we’ll also be running all of our draft content from the media lounge at on our chat page, so it’s more than just a chat, but video to get you procastinators up to speed on the talent in the draft and just who the Bills might be looking at for the ninth overall pick.

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Live draft chat at 7 pm

Posted by Chris Brown on April 22, 2010 – 11:11 am

As part of’s coverage of the 2010 NFL draft, we’ll be unveiling a new feature for Bills fans tonight.

We’ll be conducting a live chat for fans to take part beginning at 7pm. You can go to the home page of for the link to the chat with me to discuss the draft as things unfold. While we’re talking draft, will also have almost an hour of draft content for you to watch and listen to on one side of the web page, while the other side will contain our chat content.

It’s just a sampling of what we’ll be offering Bills fans tonight in addition to live coverage of the post pick press conference with Buddy Nix and Tom Modrak after the ninth overall selection. We’ll also have a one-on-one interview with head coach Chan Gailey for you later this afternoon just a couple of hours before the draft commences.

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Press conference carried live

Posted by Chris Brown on January 19, 2010 – 11:29 am

The Buffalo Bills are holding a press conference today at 2pm. will be carrying that press conference live.

At that time the club is expected to announce their new head coach. will have wall-to-wall coverage.

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Perry Fewell press conf. carried live

Posted by Chris Brown on December 21, 2009 – 11:25 am

Interim head coach Perry Fewell will be holding his game wrap up press conference at approximately 12:15 pm here on Monday. will carry that press conference live.

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Heading out to Combine

Posted by Chris Brown on February 18, 2009 – 4:23 pm

Just wanted to remind everybody that our NFL combine coverage will begin from Indy starting Thursday. So be sure to check out, the rest of the week including Saturday and Sunday for our coverage on the home page, Bills video for daily Roundup reports and of course here on the blog.

Catch up with you from Lucas Oil Stadium tomorrow morning.

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Fan Friday

Posted by Chris Brown on October 24, 2008 – 7:28 pm

Here’s the latest installment. As always if you have a question e-mail me at and I’ll do my best to answer everyone. Just remember you can always check here for answers.

1. Allowing most of the sacks on the line, and the production value being so positive for Kirk Chambers, would a consideration of benching Jason Peters be an option? Also, I find it hard to believe that with such a productive college transition and very good pre-season, that Steve Johnson doesn’t get a lot of playing time at the Wide Receiver position. What are your thoughts? Thank You.
Nolan Cool

CB: I asked Dick Jauron just last week for a progress report on Jason Peters and he told me that while he has missed on a couple of plays that, “he has dominated the opposition far more than he’s been dominated.” He also told me that he has no worries with Peters on the left side. I don’t see the Bills changing anything up front.

As for Johnson I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more of him myself. But there are veterans like Evans, Reed and Parrish entrenched at receiver and even Justin Jenkins has more time on the field than Johnson. The staff is trying so hard to get Hardy up to speed that Johnson is kind of lost in the shuffle.


2. Dear Chris,

I’m thrilled regarding the Lee Evans contract extension.  But one Lee Evans-related issue that is bothersome is how under-utilized Lee is. Lee at the time I’m sending this ranks 35th in the NFL in terms of number of targets to a player. Yes, Lee is great at the long ball, but why don’t the Bills involve Lee more in the short passing gaming (e.g., slants)?

Andy Evens

CB: I think the coaching staff would like to do more of that. That’s why Turk Schonert has been open to moving Lee around in the formations to get different matchups and work different parts of the field. Ultimately however, Lee is the team’s best threat at stretching the field and now that he’s burned a couple of teams he puts genuine fear in teams (see Chargers). As a result I think you’ll see Lee factoring in more heavily to the underneath part of the passing game since teams will be very worried about getting toasted.


3. We have spent a lot of money on the line and I consistently hear good things about the individual abilities of our cast. I’m just wondering why the holes are not opening up? Is it because we are too big and slow? Is there a lack of effort? Problems with the scheme? Poor RB vision? I was just wondering if your observations have focused in on a flaw and I am interested in your response.
Thanks Chris, I enjoy updates
Alex Barnard

CB: Coaches always say that running the ball is an attitude. There’s no doubt Marshawn Lynch has that attitude. There’s no question the men up front have to come off the ball stronger.

From what I see they can’t consistently win that battle at the line of scrimmage. There are glimpses of it improving, but it hasn’t been consistent. The linemen know that and OL coach Sean Kugler knows that. They’re working on it. Hopefully it busts loose soon because with the bad weather on the way they’ll need to run it more.


4. What do you do during the Bills game and do you attend every one? I see that you blog 8 or 10 times during a game. What do you do for the other 2 and a half hours?
Wheatfield, NY

CB: During the game I’m writing the game story for the home page of So as it’s happening I’m writing a story. I’m writing down plays on a steno pad for reference for the story and I’m conversing with my co-workers at Bills Digest and on potential sidebar stories and secondary angles.

I have to file the game story right after the final gun before going down to the locker room, and it’s easier said than done, especially when it’s a close game that could go either way.

I’m also writing a script for our video wrap up package that appears in the media lounge of as part of our post game coverage. And blogging of course.


5. Wondering if we have considered using the Wildcat offense? Especially against the Dolphins. It might throw them off a bit. It would also give our defense some practice against it. Didn’t Freddie do some quarterbacking? Just another suggestion for Turk I guess.


CB: I don’t see Dick Jauron resorting to that. The team is averaging 25 points per game doing what they’re doing. The Dolphins don’t have much firepower at wide receiver so they need something different to increase their production like a scheme of this nature. Not knocking it. It’s worked for them.

However, if the Bills were to run it I think J.P. Losman would be perfect for it. He has the legs to run out of it and obviously would afford an offense much more versatility from a passing perspective out of that set.

Brown is not the best passer, though his TD throw to Fasano was pretty good against the Pats. We’ll see just what kind of a copycat league this is by how many teams adopt this formation.

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