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Tired of this stuff

Posted by Chris Brown on January 14, 2009 – 8:25 pm

As is always the case when big playoff or championship games are upcoming on the schedule some politician has to make a splash for political gain or recognition.

Mic and cue Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, who decided he would change his name to Steelerstahl to show support to his hometown Steelers instead of the visiting Ravens in the AFC Championship game this weekend.

The guy even went so far as to file civil court papers to legally change his name, but it will not be processed because he didn’t pay the required $108.

This is necessary? Really?

I know football is the end all, be all in Pittsburgh, but when politicians do this kind of thing it sticks in my craw.  You can root for the home town team without pulling a publicity stunt like this.

I guess if the Bills and Browns meet in the playoffs Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown will have to change his last name to Bill or Bills, heck maybe I should do it too! What a joke.

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