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Fan Friday 4-22

Posted by Chris Brown on April 22, 2011 – 12:30 pm

The 2011 NFL draft is so close you can taste it. Let’s get to your last set of questions before the Bills are on the clock from !

1 – Hi Chris,

I know the Bills wanted to have a special fan event presentation to announce the new uniforms and that it might not be for awhile.
But, what uniform would the first round pick of the Bills hold up after he’s drafted?  Will it be the old navy/home uniform or the new one that we haven’t seen yet?


Brenda from Colorado

CB: The jersey held up by the Bills top draft choice is a league operation. From what I have been told the draft is NOT when the new jersey will be unveiled despite a lot of speculation to the contrary. The unveiling of the 2011 uniforms will be later in the offseason.

So the league will use the current jersey when the Bills first draft choice is introduced, provided he’s in New York at the draft.

2 – Hi Chris,

Do you know if the players have talked about any plans for the off season regarding the lockout? Can Coaches and players put together plans or not? If you were the head coach, what would you do? We might get in trouble for doing this but I would send out my playbook for this coming season to my signal callers and have them practice. Is this illegal and what are the possible ramifications?

Stephen A. Naetzker

CB: There are a handful of players from different teams organizing practice sessions amongst themselves. Arizona WR Larry Fitzgerald is one of the more recent examples that has been reported. I did catch a radio interview with Stevie Johnson recently and he did say that a few of Buffalo’s receivers planned to work with Ryan Fitzpatrick in his native Arizona.

This is all conducted by the players on their own behalf. Coaches cannot have any contact with the players under the NFL rules with the lockout. And yes your playbook idea is illegal.

3 – Hey Chris, do you think the Bills will have a chance at drafting Patrick Peterson, Cameron Heyward and Kelvin Sheppard with their first three picks? 


Alexander Toronto
CB: I do believe Peterson will be there at third overall. He’s a dynamic player, but I think the front seven is where Buffalo’s defense needs the most help heading into the draft. Cameron Heyward could still be on the board in round two. Kelvin Sheppard is a tough one to call in round three. If there’s one team in round two that loves him they’ll scoop him up.

4 – How many opening day (2011) starters do you think Buffalo can draft with 9 picks?

Care to guess the offensive/defensive split of those 9 picks?

I think it is a 7-2 split on the picks (7 defense, 2 offense).
Jim Wickens

CB: Chan Gailey himself has said he expects them to use more of their picks on the defensive side of the ball. Predicting the split is next to impossible because come the later rounds it’s more about the value there than which side of the ball. So I’ll account for one value pick and say six defense and three offense.

As for opening day starters most NFL GMs believe that picks in the first three round should eventually become starters. At third overall the guy should start from day one. Buffalo’s second pick, which is practically a late first rounder should be starting caliber as a rookie as well. Third round pick should be a starter in a year or so. Of course what could trump the number of starters would be a quarterback prospect that might sit for a year. So I’ll conservatively say two.

5 – Hi Chris,
Thanks for your great work and keeping us Bills fans in the know. But my question is about Aaron Maybin. Why is he still a Buffalo Bill? Just seems to me that if coach Gailey and Buddy Nix didn’t think there was something there, they would’ve waived him a long time ago. That just leads me to think that they feel strongly that there is alot of untaped potential there that can be developed. I know he’s still really young. What have you heard and/or what are your thoughts on that situation?
Thanks again,
Jerry (Bills fan in FL)

CB: I’m going to defer to a recent comment by Coach Gailey on this.

“Aaron is under contract and we’ll see if he can learn what to do and be a player for us,” said Gailey. “He has great speed, he understands about rushing the passer, not everything. He has some work to do there. He has to play the run a little bit better. He’s got a chance. The ball is in his court. He’s got to go make it happen. Potential only lasts so long. He’s run out of that potential time and he needs to now go and make it happen.”

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Heyward pro day numbers

Posted by Chris Brown on March 30, 2011 – 11:25 am

The pro day workout is not complete, but Cameron Heyward has put out the following numbers for his pro day thus far.

According to DraftInsiders, Heyward has run a 4.95 40 time and had a 35-inch vertical leap. More to come later.

Heyward is seen as a late first or early second round pick.

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Pro day for DL Heyward

Posted by Chris Brown on March 30, 2011 – 11:20 am

Ohio State DL Cameron Heyward has his much anticipated pro day today. Coming off of elbow surgery for an injury sustained in his last college game (Sugar Bowl) Heyward could not perform at the NFL combine or at Ohio State’s pro day.

There’s a good chance that Heyward (6’5″ 294) will not bench today (Wednesday), but he’s expected to do just about everything else. Heyward, the son of the late Craig “Ironhead” Heyward, is seen as a versatile defensive line option. He played mostly end for the Buckeyes, but could also play inside in a 4-3 system and is capable of playing end in a 3-4.

“It doesn’t matter because going to Ohio State I’ve been in a 4-3 system where I’ve played end and tackle,” he said. “And then we also went to a 3-4 on third downs and I played the end so it’s only benefited me.”

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DE Heyward on his rehab

Posted by Chris Brown on February 26, 2011 – 12:49 pm

Ohio State DE Cameron Heyward won’t be working out here at the NFL combine following surgery to repair a UCL (ulnar collateral ligament) in his elbow. He gave an update on his rehab schedule moving forward.

“It’s getting better,” said Heyward of his elbow. “I’ve got full motion back in it already. I’m a little disappointed that I don’t get to work out here. My pro day is March 30th and I’m getting better every day. I recently had UCL reconstruction and I’ll be back in three months. They won’t have me benching, but I’m already starting to lift. I just got cleared to run last week.”

Heyward weighed in at 294 pounds and is forecast as a late first-round pick.

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