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Chad Kelly not going to Combine after all

Posted by Chris Brown on February 28, 2017 – 10:43 am

Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly was initially on an NFL invite list for the NFL Combine, then he was disinvited as his misdemeanor convictions for disorderly conduct fell under the NFL’s policy allowing the league to prohibit prospects with convictions involving violence or a weapon from attending according to Commissioner Roger Goodell. Kelly’s agents considered sending their client to Indianapolis anyway to independently interview with NFL clubs, but it appears they have decided not to do that.


That according to the Kelly’s agents appealed the league’s decision to disinvite their client, but according to them it went unanswered.

Kelly does plan to work out and speak with NFL scouts at the Ole Miss pro day on April 3rd. He is still currently rehabbing from the second torn ACL of his playing career, suffered last fall.

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Mayock on the environment needed for Chad Kelly

Posted by Chris Brown on February 27, 2017 – 5:15 pm

Ole Miss QB prospect Chad Kelly has had a bit of a star-crossed college career full of highs and lows. A big-armed QB with some impressive wins on resume is counter balanced by a pair of ACL knee surgeries and some off the field character concerns. He was dis-invited to the NFL combine a couple of weeks ago due to the league’s recent policy allowing them to restrict players with convictions to violent crimes. Whether Kelly’s guilty plea to disorderly conduct applies has been up for debate. Either way NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock says teams better figure out who Kelly is as a person and have a plan in place to keep him on the right path if they draft him.

“I’ve said several times that if he didn’t have medical (two ACL surgeries) and if he didn’t have off the field character concerns he’d be in the conversation with the top five quarterbacks,” said Mayock of Kelly. “I think worst case talent-wise he’s a second-round guy. He might even sneak into the first round in some drafts, if we didn’t factor in the medical or the off the field concerns.

“Teams have to figure the kid out. I haven’t met him. All I know is there is a bunch of stuff about him off the field. You better figure the kid out and you better have an infrastructure in place with the coordinator and the quarterback coach and the quarterback room that’s going to take care of this kid and make sure he makes the right decisions.

“He had 22 starts. I think he was 14-8. He’s a 64 percent (completion) guy. What I liked, he beat Alabama at Alabama and that tape was good. He beat LSU. In 2015 his tape against LSU was really good. He can push the ball down the field. He’s got a big arm. He’s a tough guy. My one on the field criticism is like a lot of big arm quarterbacks he likes to wait and see the route come open rather than have the anticipation to put it out there early. But I think that’s something that big arm guys learn later.”

There were reports last week that Kelly may choose to travel to Indianapolis to meet with teams on his own accord to sell himself to NFL clubs.


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Chad Kelly, Joe Mixon among non-Combine invites

Posted by Chris Brown on February 15, 2017 – 12:45 pm

With the NFL Combine player invite list released Wednesday there are a host of different ways to break the list down. After sifting through the position numbers and colleges most heavily represented, those prospects who were not invited are looked for next. One very recognizable name to Bills fans was not invited to Indianapolis.

Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly was not one of the quarterbacks invited to the NFL Combine. He along with Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon were among the more notable prospects left off the list, and it appears the league’s new policy implemented last year was the reason why.

Last year the league instituted a conduct policy barring players from the combine based on criminal cases involving violence or sexual offenses.

Kelly plead guilty to disorderly conduct after being involved in a nightclub brawl. Meanwhile, Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon was also not invited after he punched a female student at Oklahoma in the face in 2014. A video of the incident surfaced two years ago. Even though Mixon wasn’t convicted in the case the league reserves the right to bar any prospect from the Combine based on circumstances involving the player.

In Kelly’s two seasons at Ole Miss he threw for 6,800 yards and 50 touchdowns, but his 2016 season was ended prematurely by an ACL knee injury. Kelly was at the Senior Bowl to interview with NFL teams, but did not participate due to his knee rehabilitation.

Kelly’s Ole Miss teammate WR Damore’ea Stringfellow was also left off the invite list. He plead guilty to an assault charge while playing at the University of Washington in 2014 and was also involved in the nightclub fight with Kelly.

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Kelly’s nephew works w/Bills

Posted by Chris Brown on June 20, 2011 – 1:56 pm

Bills Hall of Fame QB Jim Kelly’s nephew Chad, who just committed to Clemson this past week, got a workout in with some Bills players Monday.

That according to his own twitter account where he thanked David Nelson and Naaman Roosevelt.

chad_Kelly_12 Great workout the the bills squad everyone better realize bills are back
chad_Kelly_12 Good job today brahh thanks for having me @DavidNelson86 @nyce18
Roosevelt like Kelly also played his high school football at St. Joe’s.

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