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Defending the read-option

Posted by johnmurphyshow on February 8, 2013 – 8:15 pm

Whether the read-option offensive attack is here to stay in the NFL is up for debate. But the Buffalo Bills new coaching staff already is formulating ideas to deal with the new wave of offensive football.

Bills new Linebackers Coach Chuck Driesbach talked about defending the read-option, during an appearance Friday night on The John Murphy Show.

After spending the last 36-years coaching college football, Driesbach says the read-option is nothing new.

“A lot of the college game is creeping into the NFL, with these athletic quarterbacks and the zone reads,” Driesbach told host John Murphy.

“I guess it’s revolutionary in the NFL. Unfortunately, we played RGIII three times when I was at Rice. That was a little tough. He was a great, great player, and you can imagine our Rice players trying to stop that guy—the NFL struggles with it now.”

Driesbach says the most succesful read-option attacks will be the ones with a a threat of the quarterback throwing, as well as running. “To have these athletic quarterbacks who can throw, that’s really a challenge now,” he says.

And the Bills LB coach says he watched Super Bowl XLVII, and came away wondering why the Forty Niners didn’t use Colin Kaepernick and the read option more, especially in the red zone.

“I’m surprised the 49ers didn’t do more of it in the Super Bowl. They had a lot of three-back and a lot of handoffs, but not really the spread-you-out zone read option.”

The entire interview with Bills LBs Coach Chuck Driesbach will be available Friday night at\johnmurphyshow.

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Bills LBs Coach goes way back with Pettine

Posted by johnmurphyshow on February 8, 2013 – 7:40 pm

The new Bills coaching staff wrapped up another week of personnel evaluation as they continue to settle in at One Bills Drive. But Linebackers Coach Chuck Driesbach is already pretty familiar with his new boss.

In an appearance Friday night on The John Murphy Show, Driesbach said he goes way back with Defensive Coordinator Mike Pettine and his family. In fact, Driesbach played high school football in Eastern Pennsylvania at Central Bucks West High School, where Pettine’s father was the Head Coach.

Driesbach told host John Murphy he still uses many of the football and coaching lessons he learned from Mike Pettine, Sr.

“He’s a legendary coach,” Driesbach said. “I still find myself coaching like his dad—very fundamentally sound, making sure that what you expect out of these players is what they do. You don’t let them get away with anything, and it goes a long way. It was a great foundation for me.”

Driesbach is a coaching lifer, with 36-years in the business. And almost all of that time has been spent in college football. The Bills job is his first foray into the NFL.

“It wasn’t anything I set out to pursue. I just love coaching. I’ve been in the SEC, the Big Ten, the Big East. I’ve even been in the Ivy League. I got just as nervous before the Ivy League games as I did before the SEC games. I just love to coach, and when this opportunity presented itself, I was fired up.”

Driesbach was out of coaching last year, taking a one year sabbatical. But he did spend some time with the New York Jets and Mike Pettine, Jr. and that gradually led to his job with the Bills.

“This past year, I was not coaching at Rice. I went up and spent a week with the Jets at training camp, got a chance to sit in the meetings with the coaches and players,” he said.

“I did a little work for Mike in terms of film study, not for money, but he was doing it as a favor for me to keep me in football. And, he respected what I might be able to tell him, to help. It was a good re-connect, because when this job came open, he thought of me. So I’m real excited that happened.”

The entire interview with Bills LB Coach Chuck Driesbach will be available Friday night at\johnmurphyshow.

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Fred Jackson talks about the new coaching staff

Posted by johnmurphyshow on February 8, 2013 – 5:43 pm

It’s been almost six weeks since the end of the Bills season, and Running Back Fred Jackson is already looking ahead.

The veteran Bills RB will be a guest tonight on The John Murphy Show broadcast from One Bills Drive. Jackson was in the Healthy Zone Fieldhouse Friday afternoon, meeting fans and signing autographs at the Buffalo Mega RV Show. And he’ll be back for more of the same Sunday from 11am-1pm.

Jackson says he’s had a chance to meet most of the new coaching staff, including new RBs Coach Tyrone Wheatley. And he also talks about his rehab from a season-ending knee injury last year. Jackson says he’s got an appointment with the doctor next Tuesday and he’s expecting the go-ahead to pick up the pace on his workout schedule.

We’ll air the interview with Fred Jackson tonight at 820pm on The John Murphy Show. Also tonight, new Bills LBs Coach Chuck Driesbach joins us in studio at 720pm, to talk about his background and his approach to defense. And we’ll get a preview of the NFL Scouting Combine with Jeff Foster, the President of the National Invitational Camp. They’re the group that runs the annual combine in Indianapolis.

The John Murphy Show airs tonight from 7pm-9pm on the flagship station of the Bills, WGR Sports Radio 550.

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