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Da’Rick anxious to face Cordarrelle

Posted by Chris Brown on August 15, 2013 – 9:42 am

When Da’Rick Rogers takes the field Friday, he’ll get a chance to play against an old friend. Rogers and Vikings first-round draft pick Cordarrelle Patterson were never teammates together at Tennessee, but they’ve traveled in a lot of the same circles in football.

Rogers is excited to play against Patterson. The two of them did a lot of work together in preparation for the NFL Combine and NFL draft. Rogers is hopeful the two can share time on the field.

“I’m one of the gunners and I’m on kickoff,” Rogers told’s Nate West. “So I’ve been looking on punt return and kick return, watching him go to work. I’m excited to see him play and get out there and make a tackle on him.”

Rogers described Patterson as electrifying, saying he has never seen a receiver his size change direction the way Patterson does. He expects Patterson to use his speed to make plays.

Although Rogers and Patterson don’t play together anymore, the two have similar personalities. Rogers said if he gets the chance, he’ll talk some trash.

“He’s a talker too, so I know we’ll be out there jaw-jacking at each other,” Rogers said.

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Fan Friday 4-19

Posted by Chris Brown on April 19, 2013 – 2:05 pm

Alright Bills fans this is the last Fan Friday before the NFL draft. The “hay is in the barn” as the scouts say, just got to wait and see how the board falls next week. Be sure to check out my 8th annual mock draft next Wednesday. It’ll be entertaining. Here now are your latest questions from and on Twitter @ChrisBrownBills.

1 – dcap22803 Apr 17, 11:27am

@ChrisBrownBills Would #bills be willing to trade down with #falcons and take Nassib at 30

CB: It’s my contention that the Bills would be very interested in trading down. As I covered in my story this week, after asking GM Buddy Nix about trading down, there could be some players for the eighth overall pick if prospects like Oklahoma OT Lane Johnson or West Virginia WR Tavon Austin are both still on the board.

I don’t get the sense that they like the value there at eight for positions they’d like to address early (QB, WR) so I believe if they can move back to an area where they like the value better (late teens or 20’s) and add a draft choice they would do it.

2 – JackJablonski Apr 16, 1:04pm

@ChrisBrownBills Williams to Safety. Does this open up the possibility of CB at pick 8? Dee Milliner, if he falls, or Xavier Rhodes??

CB: I think with Aaron Williams moving to safety it raises the level of importance for addressing cornerback in the draft. Outside of Stephon Gilmore the Bills lack size at corner, so a tough, physical corner is needed out there. If Milliner falls to eight I wouldn’t rule out him being a consideration. At the same time I believe moving back and adding another draft choice could trump it.

But with Williams moving to safety I believe it has made adding a cornerback a necessity at some point in this draft.

3 – Chris,
With our needs at SS, ILB, OLB, WR and QB most likely to be addressed thru the draft, I find it really strange that there has been very little noise about bringing in some quality free agent guards for visits.  It seems like a glaring hole (let’s not forget Rinehart is gone as well).  Have you heard anything on Mr. Nix’s plans for this position?  I would like to see our RBs continue to run hard and whoever are QB may end up being it would be nice for him to be in one piece after a few games.

Go Bills!

CB: I’ll give you Mr. Nix’s exact thoughts about the team’s status at the guard spot. Here is a direct quote from the draft luncheon when he was asked if losing Andy Levitre and Chad Rinehart in free agency had altered their approach in the draft at all?

“Not at all,” said Nix. “Not at all, now having said that I know people have said we’re taking one of those top two guards. Our roster in house is better than I think we get credit for especially offensive line. We’re pretty deep there. We’ve got six guards and we think a couple of them can play. Now having said all that before you write that we’re not going to take a guard at number eight, it’s hard to pass up two players like the old boy at Alabama (Chance Warmack) and the kid at North Carolina (Jonathan Cooper). Both of those are great players so you have to give that a lot of thought when they come up.”

When asked as a follow up if he had enough confidence in the six guards on the roster to the point where if they did not draft a guard would he be fine, he said he would be.

To be clear the players they believe offer them ability at guard are starter Kraig Urbik and Colin Brown and Sam Young. Brown and Young rotated in with the starting unit at left guard. If there are no other additions at the position those two are likely to battle it out for the starting role.

Zebrie Sanders, who Doug Marrone views as a tackle first and guard second, could potentially be a part of that competition down the road when he’s healthy.

4 –  Chris,
So I’ve been hearing that Tyler Bray has some of the best upside in the QB class I was wondering what you thought of him and if you think he’s worthy of our second pick. Also if you think that going after Patterson in the first round, Bray in the 2nd or 3rd to have some instantaneous chemistry on offense would be a good idea. Or do you see a prospect at QB worth it at eight and maybe go after the other Tennessee kid, Hunter in the second? I’d live to get some feedback on these thoughts.

Thanks, Will

CB: There’s no debating that Bray can throw the heck out of the ball. He is the only junior eligible in this QB class and is a bit unpolished. I’m a bit concerned about his capability of coming in and being a leader for your football team. He has the physical skills, but there are maturity issues that NFL clubs have been busy investigating.

I respect your thought of instantaneous chemistry, but it would be anything but instantaneous. Patterson is very green and might not be a big time contributor until his third NFL season. Likewise Bray is also not NFL ready right now. So while those two might have chemistry, I’m not sure you’d see it right away on an NFL field against NFL competition.

I do subscribe to your latter suggestion. In fact that’s what I believe will happen in this draft. I believe Buffalo goes quarterback in the first and receiver in the second. Now they may trade back in round one before taking the QB, but I believe there’s a good chance they do that and Hunter is a viable value in round two.

I’m also a fan of E.J. Manuel despite the naysayers.

5 – Chris,

With the Bills being deficient last year at WR (and getting rid of what little depth that they have by releasing Nelson and Jones) on top of not signing ANY free agent WRs this offseason, doesn’t it seem like there’s a VERY good chance they draft Cordarrelle Patterson with their 8th pick? I’m not even saying I want that, but what choice do they have? That position is looking thinner and thinner this offseason. This is assuming they can’t get their franchise QB in the first round…

PS- Go Bills

CB: I think your point is well taken. The Bills need to add an instant contributor at receiver. I believe this will happen in round two. There’s good value between rounds two and four where you can get a player that can help you sooner rather than later. The value at WR is not good in round one until the very end.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the Bills took two receivers in the draft despite the fact that they have just six picks.

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Fan Friday 3-22

Posted by Chris Brown on March 22, 2013 – 12:02 pm

Here’s the latest edition of Fan Friday questions and answers from and @ChrisBrownBills. Just over a month until the draft.

1 – Hi Chris……

Why is it that teams are so afraid to trade a first round pick, or pay the first round tender for a star player?

An example that comes to mind is Victor Cruz. Word is that the Giants are going to place a first round tender on him if any team sign him. Is a player of that caliber not worth a first rounder? There are so many first round picks that don’t pan out, especially in Buffalo, I would think that trading for a proven producer would make sense, especially for a position of need that would be addressed in the draft.

L. Briggs

CB: The Giants front office did say that they actually anticipated there might be an offer sheet from a team or two for Cruz. Obviously teams with lower first-round picks might be more apt to do so than a team with a pick in the top half of round one.

His production is proven, but if you’re a team with a lot of needs at other positions, or you’re a team that doesn’t have a quarterback the caliber of Eli Manning you won’t get the same production out of Cruz thereby decreasing his value.

2 – Hey Chris,

The 3 spots that we expect to see the Bills targeting are LB WR and QB with that being said is there any way that the Bills could try to knock out either 1 or 2 of the needs in the FA period? If they could do that, that would allow them to go with the best player available approach and could wait to get a QB till round 2 or 3. 

Thanks Chris,
Josh, Syracuse NY

CB: They’ve addressed OLB with Manny Lawson as everyone knows, but an ILB is still an option along with WR and QB. Buddy Nix has said he thinks the WR position in the draft is deep, which leads me to believe that a WR won’t be added until the draft. Tight end is another position to be addressed so that too has to be targeted. The pickings have gotten slimmer in free agency. I think there is still good value at LB in free agency so I’d anticipate an ILB to be pursued and possibly a TE prior to the draft.


3 – Chris,

Much like you, I strongly believe that teams need to win games upfront on both side of the ball.   With that in mind I am throwing out this prediction as Nix seems to be somewhat predictable:

He will draft Tennessee WR Cordarrelle Patterson at 8, then trade up and take a QB (Tyler Wilson?)

Just wondering your thoughts….

I prefer taking the meat and potatoes players because you can win with less than stellar QB play that way.    It seems like the Bills over the years are too worried about their skill position players (drafting a lot of 1st round RB’s, reaching for Graham, signing TO, etc)

CB: I would be surprised if they go with Patterson at 8. I think with the depth at wide receiver in this draft and the best value at that position being in rounds 2-4 Nix won’t go with a one-year wonder in round one. He typically prefers players with more of a college resume.

I see the Bills going for a receiver somewhere between rounds 2-4. Quarterback will be round 1 or 2. Trading down from eight I think is a realistic possibility to get better value at QB and there are teams I believe that will want to get up in the top 10 to take one of the top end offensive or defensive linemen there.

Trading back into the bottom of round one I believe is a harder ask because Buffalo wants to hold onto their picks only having six right now not parting with picks to move up.


4 – Chris,

What about some of our lesser talked about free agents like Kyle Moore? What’s the likelihood he gets signed to a longer deal with the Bills in the next couple of weeks? I feel like he’s a younger, raw type of athlete that can refine his game to be a decent contributor to the Defense… or at least a replacement for Kelsay. The Bills already have some veteran proven pass rushers on the defense, but I feel they could use a young guy with some upside… for the right price.   

Nate in Rochester
PS- Go Bills

CB: It’s difficult to say exactly how the front office feels about Moore. I’m not sure he’s a fit for a multiple front defense because he’s primarily a 4-3 end in terms of his fit. He’s not an OLB in a 3-4 and I don’t know that he has the bulk to line up as a five technique in a 3-4.

Bills GM Buddy Nix did speak to the Toronto Sun about Moore and he said the following.

“We have things we have to do, and things we have to plan to do to keep our own guys, which we will have some, that in the summer we’ll try to get done before the season, or early in the season. And we have to keep those things in mind.”

I don’t know what you take from that comment, but it doesn’t sound to me like the draft is the main focus right now along with filling other positional holes. I’d be surprised if something with Moore happened before then.

5 – Chris,
I am hearing at the combine many head coaches say that they reach out to the players college coaches as part of the evaluation process. Is coach Marrone and OC Hackett being interviewed about former Syracuse players? What if Nassib or another SU player is on the Bills radar? As the former college coach, is Marrone obligated to take the call?
Kevin from Cheektowaga

CB: I did a story on that very predicament that coach Marrone found himself in because he was getting peppered with questions about his Syracuse players by the friends he had in the NFL coaching ranks. Here’s the story on that very subject and how coach Marrone chose to handle it.

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WR Patterson visits Lions

Posted by Chris Brown on March 8, 2013 – 3:24 pm

A day after hosting Tennessee WR Justin Hunter for a pre-draft visit, the Detroit Lions are reportedly hosting his former college teammate.

According to the team’s website, the Lions are hosting Tennessee WR Cordarrelle Patterson for a pre-draft visit. Patterson and Hunter as widely ranked as two of the top five receivers in the draft class. Patterson ran a 4.42 at the NFL Combine to Hunter’s 4.44.

Bills GM Buddy Nix has listed wide receiver as one of the team’s top positional needs this offseason.

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WR Allen will miss Cal pro day

Posted by Chris Brown on March 7, 2013 – 4:49 pm

Considered a mid-first round pick and the number two wide receiver prospect in the draft, Cal’s Keenan Allen will be sitting out Cal’s pro day next week.

That according to’s Gil Brandt, who said Allen’s knee injury, which kept him from participating at the NFL Combine, will also force him to sit next week in Berkeley.


Allen is widely forecast to come off the board soon after Tennessee WR Cordarrelle Patterson in round one come late April.

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Vols WR talent on display at combine

Posted by johnmurphyshow on February 24, 2013 – 2:45 pm

It’s an embarassment of riches at the wide receiver spot when it comes to University of Tennessee products. The Vols have both Justin Hunter and Cordarrelle Patterson on the field Sunday for the wide receiver workouts. And they both could wind up in the first round of the draft.

Patterson was in the second group of QB-WR workouts on the field at Lucas Oil Stadium. And watching from the stands, he seemed a little off-kilter. He looked awkward running some routes, but did make a great adjustment on a deep pass thrown by FSU’s E.J. Manuel, and made a great catch. Patterson’s combination of size and speed make him an attractive first round target for teams in need of a WR.

It was his Tennessee teammate, Justin Hunter, who impressed most of all. In the morning session on the field, Hunter ran smooth, decisive routes with quick cuts. He’s got great size (6-4, 197 pounds) and long, smooth strides. He suffered a serious knee injury in 2011, but rebounded strongly last year with 73 catches, nine of them for touchdowns. Hunter also seemed to do a nice job catching the ball with his hands, not his body.

With David Nelson and Donald Jones knocked off the Bills roster, you’d have to think WR moves up high, maybe to the top, of their draft needs in the next two months.

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Casserly gives Bills WR in mock

Posted by Chris Brown on February 23, 2013 – 11:14 pm draft analyst Charley Casserly has just put a top 10 mock together and he’s got a wide receiver going to Buffalo.

Casserly picks Tennessee WR Cordarrelle Patterson for Buffalo with the eighth overall pick. Here was his commentary on the pick.

“The Buffalo Bills, Patterson is your number one receiver in Buffalo. Move Stevie Johnson into the slot and all of a sudden you’ve got a passing game, but you need a quarterback.”

Here is his entire top 10.

1 – KC – OT Luke Joeckel – Texas A&M
2 – Jax – DE Bjoern Werner – Florida St.
3 – Oak – DT Sharrif Floyd – Florida
4 – Phil – DT Star Lotulelei – Utah
5 – Det – CB Dee Milliner – Alabama
6 – Clev – OLB Jarvis Jones – Georgia
7 – Ariz – OT Eric Fisher – Central Michigan
8 – Buf – WR Cordarrelle Patterson – Tennessee
9 – NYJ – OLB Damontre Moore – Texas A&M
10 – Ten – OLB Barkevious Mingo – LSU

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