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Injury update

Posted by Chris Brown on October 30, 2009 – 1:47 pm

The Bills will be without the services of six players on Sunday. Here’s the injury report rundown.

Out for Sunday
QB Trent Edwards (concussion)
FB Corey McIntyre (knee)
TE Shawn Nelson (migraines)
OT Jonathan Scott (ankle)
S Donte Whitner (ankle)
DT Kyle Williams (knee)

SS Bryan Scott (ankle)

DE Chris Kelsay (back)
CB Terrence McGee (knee)

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Practice update

Posted by Chris Brown on October 30, 2009 – 11:07 am

Here are the non-participants at practice Friday.

S Donte Whitner
OT Jonathan Scott
WR Terrell Owens
TE Shawn Nelson
DT Kyle Williams
FB Corey McIntyre

DE Chris Kelsay appeared to be participating in practice during the portion open to the media, but it was difficult to determine the extent of his work. We’ll get an update from Dick Jauron after practice. He did not practice at all on Thursday due to back spasms.

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Thurs. practice update

Posted by Chris Brown on October 29, 2009 – 1:55 pm

Here’s the rundown of non and partial participants in practice Thursday.

Not practicing
FB Corey McIntyre (knee)
TE Shawn Nelson (migraines)
OT Jonathan Scott (ankle)
S Donte Whitner (ankle)
DT Kyle Williams (knee)
DE Chris Kelsay (back)

Limited in practice
QB Trent Edwards (head)
CB Terrence McGee (knee)
SS Bryan Scott (ankle)

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Injury update

Posted by Chris Brown on October 28, 2009 – 3:54 pm

Here’s Buffalo’s official rundown of non and partial participants in practice Wednesday.

Not practicing
S Donte Whitner (ankle)
DT Kyle Williams (knee)
FB Corey McIntyre (knee)
TE Shawn Nelson (illness)
OT Jonathan Scott (ankle)

Limited in practice
QB Trent Edwards (head)
SS Bryan Scott (ankle)
CB Terrence McGee (knee)

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Practice update

Posted by Chris Brown on October 28, 2009 – 12:40 pm

A few players were absent from practice on Wednesday.

DT Kyle Williams (knee), TE Shawn Nelson (illness) and FB Corey McIntyre (ankle) were not in attendance during the portion of practice open to the media.

OT Jonathan Scott (ankle) was not practicing, but was in the weight room getting a workout in.

S Donte Whitner (ankle) was not practicing, but was watching on the sidelines.

Back at practice was SS Bryan Scott.

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Kyle Williams update

Posted by Chris Brown on October 26, 2009 – 11:32 am

Bills DT Kyle Williams suffered a knee injury Sunday. Dick Jauron provided an update Monday.

Sort of. Williams and FB Corey McIntyre were both being re-evaluated as Jauron addressed the media so he had no additional information on their injuries at the time.

Williams has been one of Buffalo’s most valuable defenders thus far this season. If he’s out for any length of time it will stretch Buffalo’s interior run defense thin with just three healthy DTs on the roster.

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Edwards, Evans and Whitner on site

Posted by Chris Brown on July 24, 2009 – 10:40 pm

Trent Edwards, Lee Evans and Donte Whitner have made it to campus at St. John Fisher.

Chris Kelsay and Corey McIntyre as well. Close to three quarters of roster here now.

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McIntyre addresses dropped charges

Posted by Chris Brown on June 10, 2009 – 4:32 pm

Bills fullback Corey McIntyre made a brief statement at the close of practice at Tuesday’s minicamp concerning the dropped charges against him in the misdemeanor exposure case.

“I just want to say that I’m happy my name has been cleared today,” said McIntyre. “I’ve maintained my innocence all through this process and I’m glad it’s out of the way. I’m sorry for the embarrassment to my family and to the Bills and now my focus is on training camp.”

If you look at the police report online as I did a few weeks ago, this case smelled fishy from the start. McIntyre was not wearing the clothes that fit the description of the suspect when he was apprehended, but because he had dreadlocks the alleged victim was sure it was him.

McIntyre has a bike route he takes every day as part of his training that happens to run by the alleged victim’s house. So it looks as though it was a clear case of mistaken identity and a case of McIntyre being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The authorities have since picked up the man who they believe could be the real offender and looking at his mug shot he is of a considerably different build than the stocky McIntyre.

Kind of a shame McIntyre’s family had to go through all that on a very bad mistake.

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No T.O. at practice

Posted by Chris Brown on June 5, 2009 – 2:59 pm

Terrell Owens is not in attendance for Friday’s OTA practice. It’s the first voluntary workout he’s missed this spring.

Also not in attendance are Roscoe Parrish, Josh Reed, Aaron Schobel, Corey McIntyre and Shawn Nelson.

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McIntyre in; Stroud back

Posted by Chris Brown on May 26, 2009 – 7:14 pm

Corey McIntyre is in for his first day of OTAs after not participating in last week’s voluntary workouts.

Marcus Stroud is back at OTAs this afternoon. He was not at last Thursday’s voluntary workout.

Not in attendance are Aaron Schobel and Roscoe Parrish.

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Stroud, McIntyre not present

Posted by Chris Brown on May 20, 2009 – 3:07 pm

After participating on a limited basis Tuesday Marcus Stroud was not present Wednesday for the voluntary workout. Corey McIntyre was not on hand as he deals with his legal situation.

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Parrish, Whitner, McIntyre absent

Posted by Chris Brown on May 19, 2009 – 3:18 pm

Not in attendance here on Tuesday at OTAs are Roscoe Parrish, Donte Whitner, who is in Cleveland for a court appearance and Corey McIntyre. Rookies Jairus Byrd and Danny Urrego are also not allowed to be on hand due to final exam schedules.

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Rhodes, McIntyre not in attendance

Posted by Chris Brown on May 18, 2009 – 5:19 pm

Not in attendance at the first day of OTAs were only four players on the entire roster were not in attendance.

The rookies who must miss due to their final exam schedule, Jairus Byrd and undrafted kicker Danny Urrego as well as veterans Dominic Rhodes and Corey McIntyre.

No word on the reason for the absence of the veteran players for the voluntary practice.

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Fan Friday 1-9

Posted by Chris Brown on January 9, 2009 – 4:19 pm

As always you can send your questions to me at and I’ll get back to you either personally or here on Fan Friday. Here we go.

1. Hey Chris,
I started to see draft talk on some sites this week. I know this is a bit premature, but how do you see the Bills going this year? Could this be a year were trading for a player may make more sense than making a first round pick?

CB: I doubt that the Bills are going to cough up their first round pick in a trade this year. I’m hoping the Bills take a defensive end with their top pick, provided the depth of talent is still there. I wanted to Buffalo to take a defensive tackle in 2003, but by the time the Bills were on the clock they were all gone and they took McGahee. But that would be my preference this spring.


2. Chris-
Is it too early to call James Hardy a bust and do you think the front office will add another receiver this off-season in case he is not able to contribute immediately next season?

CB: I think that is a possibility, but more so because James Hardy has a torn ACL to rehab from. He’s not a bust. Eric Moulds didn’t have a breakout season until his third year. The ACL is the issue. It’s usually 7-9 months before a player can come back. He tore it on Dec. 14, so he may not be full go for training camp. Missing all those spring practices and OTAs will hurt his development so I think they do need to add another receiver even if it’s just for a one or two-year deal.


3. Dear Chris,
Who do you think the Bills might pick up in this year’s free agency market?  There are some very high profile defensive ends (Suggs, Peppers), and some solid centers (Birk, Brown, Saturday, Meester) up for grabs.   The Bills have attempted to solve their biggest problems in the free agency market over the past two seasons.    Do you think they will try to make a splash at either of these positions?

CB: I think Birk and Brown are realistic. Saturday and Meester are more at the end of the line. As for DE Suggs and Peppers they will cost too much and Peppers has already been negotiating with Carolina to re-sign.

I believe the Bills get their pass rusher at the top of the draft this spring.


4. Hey Chris,
Were any Bills named pro bowl alternates?

CB: Yes, I blogged this a while back. Marshawn Lynch and Marcus Stroud were Pro Bowl alternates. We’ll see if someone pulls out of the game with an injury.


5. Chris,
What is the contract status with regards to free agents, both restricted and un- restricted.
Thank you for your help,

Mike Czerwonka

CB: Unrestricted – Kirk Chambers, Angelo Crowell, Melvin Fowler, Jabari Greer, Teddy Lehman, J.P. Losman, Corey McIntyre, Duke Preston, Jason Whittle.

Restricted – John DiGiorgio, Keith Ellison, Dustin Fox, Gibran Hamdan, Justin Jenkins, George Wilson.

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Fan Friday 12-19

Posted by Chris Brown on December 19, 2008 – 6:31 pm

Well only a couple of more games to go. We’ll continue Fan Friday in the offseason of course so keep those questions coming at Merry Christmas everybody and happy holidays.

1. Hi Chris,
I just had two quick questions for you. The first is why can’t Trent Edwards get more opportunities to create plays outside the pocket. He showed that he had the skills and quickness to do so against KC. Also, are there plans to upgrade the offensive line in the draft at all?

CB: I think the staff sees Trent as more of a pocket passer. He does have the ability to make plays on the run, but I see the offensive staff only making use of that when the time and score and down and distance make it prudent to do so. I don’t believe it will ever be a featured part of Trent’s game.

As for the offensive line, I would anticipate the Bills will look to strengthen the center position and draft prospects to improve the depth.

2. What do you think of this idea? This year in the offseason we sign Haynesworth, Suggs, and Matt Birk and switch to a 3-4.

CB: I like your idea a lot. Do you have $150M to offer in contract money? The Bills will not be able to compete for Haynesworth or Suggs on the open market. Plus there are more glaring needs than DT right now.

I like the idea of Birk. I’d sign him for two years to get a veteran to settle things on the interior. Then I’d draft a guard/center type in the draft that you can groom to succeed Birk.

3. Who are they keeping among their own FAs? I think Jabari Greer, Kirk Chambers, Corey McIntyre and Preston(at the right price).
Steve in Rochester

CB: I think Chambers and Preston are the most likely to be re-signed. I don’t know that there’s an urgency to re-sign McIntyre. The only thing that could affect Chambers is if the staff believes that Demetrius Bell is ready to handle his swing tackle role next season. Bell is very athletic and has come along quickly.

Greer I fear will cost too much to keep. After the Corey Webster deal (5-$43.5M $20M guaranteed) with the Giants, who has very comparable numbers to Greer, I think Greer stands a good chance of commanding $8M a year.

With all the money invested in Leodis McKelvin and Terrence McGee’s contract set to expire after the 2009 season, I don’t know if the Bills can afford to invest big money into another cornerback. It’s unfortunate in light of how the Bills groomed Greer into a solid starter, and in a league that’s passing more and more every year it’s advantageous to have three proven cornerbacks. I’m just not convinced he’ll be back. Ashton Youboty is also up after the 2009 season, so it will be interesting to see the choices the Bills make at that position over the next two seasons.

4. Hi Chris,
Can you provide a better understanding of how the Bills spend their week practicing for cold weather games?  The fact that we practice indoors has really bothered me since the Browns game last year as I really don’t think we have that big of an advantage anymore when it comes to cold weather football in Buffalo.  Guys like Trent, Roscoe, Leodis and Marshawn have very little experience in cold weather games and I believe the weather in games such as when the Pats come to town in week 17 will actually favor the visitors.  Thanks for clarifying.

CB: Up until this past Thursday the Bills had not practiced outside for a month. Dick Jauron when asked about it said it’s not worth it to practice outside unless you can effectively match the conditions to what they’re supposed to be on game day. Thursday this week was similar to what it’s supposed to be like on Sunday in Denver, so they practiced outside.

I personally feel there’s a psychological edge practicing outside in it all the time especially when you play seven of your home games in those very same elements. Why they didn’t practice outside prior to the San Francisco game I don’t know.

But they don’t practice outside much once the weather turns, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the elements present as much a problem to some of their warmer weather players as their opponents when they come to Buffalo.

The elements are part of the game especially here, so you might as well get accustomed to playing in them all the time with almost half of your games here. Just my two cents.

5. Chris,
It seems that we aren’t hearing Poz’s name much during the telecasts.  Is he playing hurt?  If not, it seems his play has dropped off significantly.  Your thoughts.
Ed White

CB: I think Poz has been pretty consistent. More often than not Kawika Mitchell’s number is called for blitzes, so getting to the quarterback is not something Poz will be seen doing a whole lot. I feel he’s been pretty sound with his run reads and is in the top 10 in the league in tackles among linebackers.

He’s capable of the big play as evidenced by his heads up INT against the Jets. I think ‘solid’ is a fair way to describe his play this season.

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Lynch has a sore shoulder

Posted by Chris Brown on December 17, 2008 – 8:02 pm

Bills head coach Dick Jauron stated that a sore shoulder is the reason for Marshawn Lynch’s non-participation at practice Wednesday.

I asked him if it was just an extra day of rest type deal and if he anticipates Marshawn practicing Thursday. Here was coach Jauron’s answer.

“We do (anticipate him practicing Thursday). We do,” he said. “We’ll just have to see where that one goes.”

Also not practicing was Teddy Lehman and Corey McIntyre was absent for personal reasons.

Jabari Greer (knee), Dustin Fox (groin), Trent Edwards (groin) and Jason Peters (sore knee) were all limited Wednesday.

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Edwards practicing, Lynch not

Posted by Chris Brown on December 17, 2008 – 4:54 pm

Trent Edwards is practicing for the first time in 3 weeks here on Wednesday. He’s taking snaps in individual position drills.

We’ll see if that continues in team workn but he appears to be moving pretty well laterally and in his dropbacks and is effectively driving his hips into his throws.

Meanwhile Marshawn Lynch is not practicing. No word on what his affliction might be. He was bothered by back spasms two weeks ago.

Jason Peters appears limited as Kirk Chambers is getting snaps at left tackle with the first unit. Jabari Greer also appears limited with Leodis McKelvin still getting first team reps at right cornerback.

Corey McIntyre is not in attendance.

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Fan Friday 11-28

Posted by Chris Brown on November 28, 2008 – 7:35 pm

Fan Friday 11-28

Here’s the latest edition. If you have a question you’d like answered just e-mail me at

1. Why haven’t we been utilizing James Hardy in the red zone, more specifically inside the five? 


CB: That’s a good question. While it’s been no secret that Hardy is still working on grasping the playbook, having him run a fade pattern in the end zone doesn’t appear to be something that requires a lot of playbook retention. I saw Hardy on the field in the red zone on one occasion last week at KC, but he did not run a route into the end zone.

I understand that he might be coming along slowly in terms of the entire offense, but there’s no denying he’s a physical mismatch in the red zone and would create coverage dilemmas for an opposing secondary.

2. What do you think the chances of Teddy Lehman eventually stepping in for Ellison to provide more strength are?

CB: I think they’re remote unless Ellison is injured and Lehman is healthy. Right now Ellison is nursing a lingering ankle injury and will be a game time decision for Sunday. Unfortunately for Lehman he’s not healthy to fill the void if called upon because he has a hamstring injury of his own. Right now Bryan Scott would be the next guy to step in at linebacker.

Ellison is a heady player with a bit more athleticism than Lehman and it appears that is what the coaching staff covets at that position especially with stouter linebackers alongside Ellison already in Poz and Mitchell.

3. Dear Chris,
The offensive line appears to have regressed significantly this season.  It seems to me the biggest change has been Coach Jim McNally’s retirement; your thoughts?
Dick Sheehy

CB: There’s no question the offensive line has had its share of problems this season. However, I don’t think coach McNally’s retirement is the only change. Peters was a holdout curbing his development into an elite tackle, Butler was out for three games and they got so thin inside at one point that Kirk Chambers had to play guard. Now I’m not completely excusing the offensive line of criticism because of injuries, but they do play a factor.

With all due respect to coach McNally, the run game and effectiveness in short yardage were issues for this line last year. Marshawn Lynch only has four 100-yard rushing games in his career counting his day against the Browns. So it’s not like they were ripping yards off in huge chunks last year either. And on 3rd-and-1 last season Buffalo was one of the last teams in terms of conversion percentage in the league.

I actually think they have some of the same problems from last year to be honest.

4. Chris,
I was wondering if you had a complete and up-to-date list of Buffalo’s free agents for 2009. I did some research and here’s what I’ve got so far:

CB: Here you go
Unrestricted free agents – Angelo Crowell, Kirk Chambers, Melvin Fowler, Jabari Greer, J.P. Losman, Teddy Lehman, Corey McIntyre, Duke Preston, Jason Whittle.

Restricted free agents – John DiGiorgio, Keith Ellison, Dustin Fox, Gibran Hamdan, Justin Jenkins, George Wilson

5. Hey Chris, i was wondering, from everything that i’ve read so far, tolbert is saying that steve has a better grasp of the bill’s offense and that he’s better at adjusting to the defense he’s seeing, if that’s the case, why has it taken so long to get him involved in the offense? i’m not saying replacing reed (when healthy), but being in there in place of hardy earlier in the season.


CB: I think it’s due primarily to the fact that the grasp of the offense only started to happen for Johnson these past couple of weeks. Only in the past couple of weeks did the light bulb really go on for Johnson is how I understood Tyke.

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Fan Friday Q&A

Posted by Chris Brown on October 10, 2008 – 6:57 pm

Don’t forget if you have a question just e-mail me at and I’ll do my best to get all your questions answered.

Let’s get to it.

1. I know each opponent is different and handle things differently. It seems over the last couple games the Bills are not blitzing as much. Is that because they think just rushing four is getting the job done?
Adam Janik

CB: The Bills did blitz Arizona early, but according to the coaching staff they were just outexecuted by a very sharp Kurt Warner. The quick passing game is the popular offensive answer to defeating an effective pass rush and it’s worked at times against the Bills. It’s not anything that the Bills front four aren’t doing so much as it is what the opponent is doing.

That being said I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more press coverage to keep opposing quarterbacks from going so quickly to their first reads. With signal callers like Phillip Rivers, Chad Pennington and Brett Favre coming up who know how to execute short passing games and make quick decisions, more bump and run may be in order to help the pass rushers up front.

2. Chris,
The thought crossed my mind that we have a lot of potential offensive weapons sitting on the sidelines most games.  Has there been or will there ever be talk about using McKelvin like the Bears used Hester on offense? What about trying a few of the circus tricks like bring Morman in as a Receiver or put Losman out wide (with a non-green dot helmet) like Atlanta would do with Mike Vick at times.  Based on the success Ronnie Brown had against the Patriots I can’t help but think a lot of teams are going to entertain the idea of using gadget plays to throw opposing defenses off or, at the very least, force them to burn a timeout.  Any of this possible?
Eric in Maryland

CB: While the Bills are not opposed to pulling the occasional surprise (see: special teams) Dick Jauron as a matter of philosophy is not a big fan of trick plays. He believes you do what you do best and challenge the opponent to try to stop it.

Now don’t think that Jauron is narrow-minded. Quite the contrary. Jauron just doesn’t believe you win consistently by using trickery, and I think he’s right. That being said Jauron is open to an unexpected play at the right time (e.g. Denney’s TD catch vs. Seattle), but putting McKelvin on offense would be putting too much on the rookie’s plate and Losman at receiver is a bit far-fetched as I see it.

3. Through the last three games, how has Ellison graded out at LB? Also, why does he play the strong side backer, when as I recall, he played the weak side for much of his earlier time in Buffalo?
Dick from Florida

CB: You are right. Ellison did play on the weak side last season, but this past offseason he was moved to the strong side to serve as Angelo Crowell’s backup. Ellison has been steady as far as I see it and he only has a couple of missed tackles by my count on the year. He’s good in coverage and a smart player. I know he’s not the biggest linebacker around, but playing alongside Posluszny and Mitchell and with a player like Stroud up on the line his size is not an issue.

4. Hi Chris,
What’s up with the letters “GU” on the players’ jerseys?  Thanks.  Gerry, West Virginia

CB: That patch is to honor Hall of Fame offensive lineman and former Executive Director of the NFL Players Association Gene Upshaw who died right before the regular season from pancreatic cancer. On opening week you may have noticed that each NFL home field had a giant GU symbol painted onto the field. Now for the rest of the season every NFL player jersey will have that patch on the shoulder.

5. Sorry to see Roscoe go down as he was off to a productive season and look forward to his return. With Parrish sidelined any chance of the Bills going with Evans and Reed as the wideouts and having Steve Johnson take that slot position? I think this kid has great hands and can run some nice routes. What do you think?
Randy C

CB: I’ve liked what I’ve seen from Steve Johnson since OTAs in the spring. He’s got a pro body already and is only going to get stronger in an NFL strength and conditioning program. I agree his hands are good. He doesn’t drop much of anything. While I certainly think he’s capable of playing the slot, at his size I’d anticipate seeing him outside a bit more. At 6’2”, 202 he’s a nice target out wide.

All that being said getting playing time is going to be tough for him. You don’t want to have too many inexperienced players on the field at once. So knowing they’re trying to get Hardy more involved each week, Johnson is probably not going to be on the field at the same time. Both rookie wideouts have made progress, but having them play important roles right away is probably not going to happen unless there’s another injury at the position.

6. Hi Chris-
I always like to look ahead to the draft, and I was wondering if you had thoughts on the Bills’ biggest needs.  Perhaps you could shed some light on the impending free agents, etc.

Bethlehem, PA

CB: I don’t like discussing draft needs during the season because one major injury could change the whole draft picture for the Bills (e.g. Kevin Everett). So I’d prefer to wait until the end of the season on that.

As for impending free agents, the unrestricted ones are as follows, Kirk Chambers, Angelo Crowell, Melvin Fowler, Jabari Greer, J.P. Losman, Duke Preston and Jason Whittle. As for restricted free agents on first glance I have John DiGiorgio, Keith Ellison, Corey McIntyre and George Wilson.

7. Dear Chris,
During the game against St. Louis I was thinking they might put Omon in to finish off the clock (no sense in letting Lynch or Freddy get hurt), however I noticed he was inactive.  With Barnes also out for the game who would carry the ball if Lynch or Jackson went down?  Only 2 RB’s on game day seems a little risky.  Thanks again for all your hard work.
Travis Van De Water
CB: I don’t know this for sure, but the most likely candidate in my opinion would be Josh Reed. He was recruited by LSU as a running back before being transitioned to receiver. So I would be willing to bet he would be the emergency running back option if both of the top two backs succumbed to injury in a game.

8. Hey Chris,
Have you heard any talk of a possible trade with KC for Tony Gonzalez?  I hear chatter on the message boards, but don’t know if there it trully any legit talk going on.  I believe he has 3-4 good years left, and would be an outstanding addition to our offense.  Your thoughts?
“Bills fan in Kansas”

CB: The trade rumors have surfaced due to an NFL Network blog on Gonzalez from a few weeks ago. Could he be traded? Sure, for the right price. What that price is would likely be a high draft pick and probably another as the Chiefs are looking to rebuild. I don’t know if you can get one of the highest-paid tight ends in the game for anything less than a 2nd and a 4th round pick.

Jeremy Shockey, who came with behavioral baggage and an injury history, got the Giants a 2nd and 5th round pick from the Saints.

Gonzalez is one of the most durable tight ends in the game, so I think it would take at least that much compensation and probably more. Despite the price it would cost to land him, his base salary is pretty palatable. He’s only slated to make $1M in base salary this season before it jumps up to $4M in 2009, $4.5M in 2010 and $5.75M in 2011. Now $17 million of his salary was guaranteed when he signed a five-year extension in Jan. of 2007, so some of that base salary might be guaranteed.

If I’m the Chiefs I’d consider it knowing how much help they need at several positions, but Gonzalez is still very productive and the biggest help in taking attention off the Chiefs’ run game.

As for whether the Bills are interested, I think any team would be interested in adding Tony Gonzalez to their roster. I just think the cost to land him would scare a lot of teams off along with his age 32. Teams often fear paying a big price for a player that could be close to hitting the wall and not getting the proper return on their investment.

Buffalo’s most likely answer for that position could be in the draft with Missouri’s Chase Coffman. At 6’6”, 245 the guy is a mismatch in the passing game. He’s also got good bloodlines with his dad a former NFL tight end for the Green Bay Packers. Waiting to address that position further would be worth it if they can land this guy in late April.

9. I am curious about the release of Darian Barnes, as are many others.  How badly was his foot injured and how long until he would be 100%?
McIntyre looks to be a hard nosed guy that would work well with April and the ST forces, based a couple interviews I read when he was a Falcon.
Any other reason than injury to move away from Darian???
Bryan Vince

CB: I didn’t get the feeling from Darian when I asked him about his foot that it was going to be a lingering problem. I doubt his foot was why he was released. I just think they were looking for a more versatile special teams fullback. Yes, Barnes spent time on the kick return unit, but I think Barnes was a fullback first and a special teamer second. McIntyre from what I understand is equally good in both areas. He made his bones on special teams and can play on all four units. This was a way to upgrade special teams and not really lose anything at the fullback position. I don’t think injury played a role at all in that move.

10. It seems to me that for the last two weeks our offense is “cold” in the first half. They struggle to find a rhythm. Have the coaches considered going with the no huddle for the first series of a game?  Especially in a game like the Chargers. It might get Trent in the zone and throw off the defense.
I’d call Dick personally and suggest this but I misplaced his number.

CB: Good one John. I think what you’ve suggested is a great idea. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if we see it sooner rather than later. It wouldn’t shock me if the Bills are waiting to use that for some of their more important AFC Conference games. I don’t know that, but I wouldn’t mind seeing that myself in light of the slow starts we’ve seen at times this season.

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