Fitz off and running with QBs coach Lee

Posted by Chris Brown on May 23, 2012 – 4:26 pm

Be sure to check the home page Thursday morning at as we talk with QB Ryan Fitzpatrick about the throwing mechanics he’s already working on with QB coach David Lee. Here’s an idea of what Fitz was expecting as he began work with Lee, who is known as a master at fixing flaws in passing mechanics.

“I was expecting that,” Fitzpatrick told “I knew that he was a technician and a hard worker. Everybody told me about his work ethic and how passionate he is about football so I was excited for it.

“He’s a big proponent of just being able to throw with your lower body. Sometimes when you get closed off as a thrower with your front foot in terms of where it’s pointed where you can’t get your hip through and use your legs it becomes a throw with all arm and you lose a lot of power.”

Read how Lee has already helped improve Fitz’s consistency in terms of throwing power and accuracy Thursday morning on the home page of

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VY not aware of Wildcat plans

Posted by Chris Brown on May 15, 2012 – 12:39 pm

Vince Young, who was introduced to the Buffalo media on Tuesday was asked about whether there might be any plans for him as a Wildcat option in the Bills offense.

“Not that I know of,” said Young. “Right now I’m just learning the new terminology and just trying to get a lot of work in with Coach (David) Lee. The most that I can under the new rules that we have, that’s the biggest thing just trying to learn as much as I can right now.”

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Belief in Young lies in QB tutors

Posted by Chris Brown on May 12, 2012 – 6:45 am

There might be some NFL clubs out there that don’t harbor the same faith that the Bills do in Vince Young. There’s a good reason why.

A good number of NFL clubs don’t have the quarterback tutors that Buffalo possesses. The Bills have head coach Chan Gailey and QBs coach David Lee, two of the more renowned molders of quarterbacks. Both have a long track record of maximizing the talents of quarterbacks, and Young has an awful lot of talent.

GM Buddy Nix sounded convinced that their abilities as coaches will bring out the best, and minimize any flaws in Vince Young’s game.

“We’ve got two of the best quarterback coaches in the business, starting with Coach Gailey and then David Lee,” said Nix. “Those guys are good teachers. I remember I saw Vince practice as a freshman at Texas. It goes way back. I’ve always admired his ability and the things he can do. I think our guys will get him more accurate and help him as far as not turning the ball over.”

Gailey has maximized the quarterback talents of players like Kordell Stewart and Jay Fiedler, and Ryan Fitzpatrick has been more successful under Gailey than any other coach in the NFL. Lee revived Chad Pennington’s career in Miami and has maximized the talent of a countless number of college quarterbacks. With that kind of tutelage guiding him, Young should be at his best in Buffalo.

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Fitz developing a drawl

Posted by Chris Brown on April 23, 2012 – 10:21 am

Ryan Fitzpatrick hopes his mechanics are even sharper under new quarterbacks coach and strict technician David Lee this season. What he is trying to avoid however, is the development of a southern drawl being surrounded by a host of coaches and players in his position room with southern accents.

“I don’t have any sort of accent,” said the Arizona native. “Being around Buddy (Nix) and Chan (Gailey) and now Coach Lee… they’re all so southern. And Tyler (Thigpen) even I just find myself slipping into a drawl every now and then. I’m telling you it happens. I’ll say some phrase that I’ve never said before.”

Nix is an Alabama native, Gailey hails from Georgia and Thigpen is from South Carolina. David Lee however, is a Missouri native, but he’s likely picked up a bit more of a southern dialect having spent most of his coaching career in the SEC.

No word if ‘y’all’ has been uttered by Fitz as of yet, but he does admit that certain words are coming out of his mouth with a bit more of a southern dialect.

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Lee spoke with Fitz

Posted by Chris Brown on February 8, 2012 – 1:11 pm

Bills new QBs coach David Lee did speak with Ryan Fitzpatrick by phone after being hired and enjoyed the conversation. But before Lee can help make Fitzpatrick a more effective quarterback he’s got to master Chan Gailey’s offense.

“I had a real good visit with him,” said Lee. “Don’t know when I’ll get to see him you know we got these new rules and they get to stay away from us for a long time but I’m not ready to see him yet anyway.  I don’t enough about him or the offense to help him out right now.”

As we profiled in our home page story, Lee is known as a master technician when it comes to quarterbacks.

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How Gailey’s getting Lee up to speed

Posted by Chris Brown on February 1, 2012 – 5:01 pm

There’s always an intense period of study when a player is given the task of learning a new offensive system, but coaches go through it just as often knowing how transient their profession can be. So just how is Bills new QBs coach David Lee getting up to speed on Chan Gailey’s system having never worked with him before?

Simply put he’s meeting with Buffalo’s head coach on a daily basis.

“We meet every day just about going over certain aspects of it and once he sits in the breakdown meetings, in which we go through all 1,100 plays (from last season he’ll have it down),” said Gailey. “We go through every play and evaluate every play and every player here for the next month and a half or so. By the time we get to the end of that he’ll know it as well as the rest of us.”

Lee knows he’ll have to be able to coach it on the field by the time OTAs roll around in May, but he believes it’s more than enough time for him to master it.

“I’ve been studying and I’ve actually tested myself, run off some tests,” Lee told “I’m just that kind of learner. I’ve got to study it, pound it and grind it in there. That’s what I’m doing right now and Chan has been wonderful in teaching me along the way in how we read this and how we read that. I’ve got to hear a word and know a concept and where all three guys are going. That takes some time on my part with some hard-headed study.”

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Lee sees double threat in Smith

Posted by Chris Brown on January 30, 2012 – 2:48 pm

Bills QBs coach David Lee was largely credited with introducing the Wildcat scheme to the NFL back in 2008 when he was quarterbacks coach with the Miami Dolphins. Now with the Bills, Lee sees an even more dangerous ball handling weapon in Brad Smith than he ever had in Miami in an exclusive one-on-one interview with

“I’m really glad he’s here,” said Lee of Smith. “I think the biggest thing is in Miami we ran it with Ronnie Brown, who wasn’t a really good passer at all. Brad is just such a good passer and I remember watching him with the Jets. So he could keep the opposing coverage back meaning they can’t run 10 of them all down on the line of scrimmage, which is something we ran into in Miami when they realized that Brown wasn’t a threat to throw the football.

“Brad gives us more dimensions. We have some things that we have in mind and that’s yet to be finalized as to what we’ll do. But there are some things that we’ve done that may suit Brad Smith.”

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QB mechanics a focus with Lee

Posted by Chris Brown on January 30, 2012 – 2:44 pm

Bills news quarterbacks coach David Lee, a former college QB himself, is a stickler for quarterback mechanics. He knows their importance with accuracy in a passing attack and in studying Buffalo’s QBs on tape will recommend any adjustments he sees fit for his trio of signal callers.

“Accuracy is the number one critical factor at the quarterback position,” Lee told “It does come down to your fundamentals. It’s like a golf swing. If you have poor fundamentals you could hit 1,500 balls and can’t be more accurate and keep the ball in the fairway. At the same time at the quarterback position if a guy’s fundamentals are good and he has a systematic approach to how he wants his mechanics to be when he throws the ball. What’s happening between his upper body and lower body at the same time. Getting those two in sync increases accuracy and velocity.”

Even though a player like Ryan Fitzpatrick will be entering his eighth season in the NFL next fall, Lee said a quarterback is never too experienced to make an adjustment for the better in his throwing mechanics. 

“Talking to a guy I had recently in Chad Pennington, he said that at age 32 he never thought he would change a couple of things, but he did with me,” said Lee. “It was with his lower body, his left foot was blocking his right hip. Those things, if a quarterback at this level knows you can get him better and he buys in, once he buys in that you’re going to help he’s sold and you’ve got him. That’s something we want to work with Tyler (Thigpen), (Ryan) Fitzpatrick and Brad (Smith).”

Check out’s exclusive one-on-one interview with David Lee later this afternoon in the media center at

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New QBs coach sees team on rise

Posted by Chris Brown on January 13, 2012 – 4:04 pm

It’s not often that a veteran assistant coach like David Lee willingly takes a vacant assistant position after an NFL team has had a couple of sub-.500 seasons, but Buffalo’s new quarterbacks coach believes the Bills are poised to take the next step in 2012.

“Chan Gailey has been a successful head coach everywhere he’s been,” said Lee. “His teams have always moved the football really well.  Being able to coach under him was the difference in my decision to come to Buffalo.  I believe the Bills are a team on the rise and will continue to improve.  I’ve known Buddy Nix for a long time since our coaching days in the SEC where he was a fantastic defensive coach.  Everyone on the coaching staff believes in Chan and Buddy. That was very evident on my visit to Buffalo, and I’m excited and proud to be the Bills’ quarterbacks coach.”

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Report: Lee will be Bills QBs coach

Posted by Chris Brown on January 12, 2012 – 1:52 pm

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen is reporting that Ole Miss offensive coordinator David Lee will be the next Bills QBs coach.

Mortensen’s ESPN colleague tweeted the news.

AdamSchefter Ole Miss OC and former Dolphins QB coach David Lee has accepted the QB coaching job with the Buffalo Bills, Chris Mortensen reports.
Lee’s coaching career has been primarily at the collegiate level, but he has seven years of NFL coaching experience, most recently as quarterbacks coach for Miami (2008-2010).
He’s also the Dolphins assistant credited with introducing the ‘Wildcat offense’ to the NFL. 

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