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Schouman waived from I-R

Posted by Chris Brown on September 8, 2010 – 10:50 am

The Bills announced that Derek Schouman has been waived from injured reserve.

Schouman will have the option to sign with another team when healthy.

He also could return to the Bills, but he would not be able to come back to the Bills, until a specific period of time has elapsed since his date of termination with Buffalo.

That period of time is six regular season games longer than the number of regular season games indicated in his injury settlement. A bye week does count as a game.

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Schouman on I-R

Posted by Chris Brown on September 6, 2010 – 3:47 pm

TE Derek Schouman, who was placed on the waived/injured list over the weekend has cleared waivers.

As a result, he automatically goes to Buffalo’s injured reserve list for 2010 ending his season before it began. It’s been a difficult four-year career for Schouman as he has landed on injured reserve three times during that span.

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Tight end could be added soon

Posted by Chris Brown on August 21, 2010 – 6:24 pm

With Shawn Nelson and Derek Schouman both injured, Buffalo has just two healthy tight ends on the roster in Jonathan Stupar and Michael Matthews. Head coach Chan Gailey indicated they’re probably going to add a tight end to the roster sooner rather than later.

“Yeah, we’re checking out everything,” said Gailey. “Buddy [Nix] is looking for everybody that’s out there and available, and we’re going to try to make a good decision about who to come in here and be a part of this thing.”

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Schouman, Torbor to miss time

Posted by Chris Brown on August 21, 2010 – 5:11 pm

Derek Schouman and Reggie Torbor are both going to miss an appreciable amount of time after both suffered injuries in Thursday’s preseason game.
“Schouman is going to be out for a while,” said head coach Chan Gailey. “I don’t know how long, but it’s going to be a while. Guy can’t catch a break. It’s going to be anywhere from 3-6 weeks.”

“Torbor is out a while. I don’t know the prognosis exactly,” said Gailey. “They’re doing the tests today. I know he’s out for three weeks probably.”

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Schouman injured

Posted by Chris Brown on August 20, 2010 – 1:26 am

Bills TE Derek Schouman left the game Thursday night with another injury. Head coach Chan Gailey was uncertain after the game how long he’d be sidelined.

“Derek Schouman has a knee injury and I don’t know how much we’ll miss him,” said Gailey.

Schouman has been plagued by injuries the majority of his career. The tight end had a long offseason rehabilitation this year after suffering a severe knee injury in Week 2 last season. He had been paced slowly through the spring, and had to miss a few days of camp last week as he dealth with an undisclosed nagging injury.

Now another knee injury. It’s a tough series of circumstances for the tight end.

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3 vets back

Posted by Chris Brown on August 16, 2010 – 9:37 am

Three Bills vets are back practicing here Monday morning at camp.

Cornell Green, Spencer Johnson and Derek Schouman are all participating.

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3 other vets declared out

Posted by Chris Brown on August 13, 2010 – 5:15 pm

It was believed that TE Derek Schouman would not play and that will be the case tonight in the preseason opener. Two defensive veterans will also not play tonight.

DE Spencer Johnson and LB Keith Ellison, who were both considered doubtful will not play tonight against the Redskins. OLB Chris Kelsay will also not play tonight. Though he returned to practice late last week from a shoulder injury it’s believed this is a precautionary measure for the veteran.

With Kelsay out, Chris Ellis will be afforded a big opportunity to see extensive playing time.

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Wed. return for Schouman?

Posted by Chris Brown on August 10, 2010 – 5:53 pm

Bills TE Derek Schouman has been out with an undisclosed injury that Chan Gailey had said had been nagging him, but the head coach said he’s very close to returning to practice.

“I think he’s going to try to go tomorrow,” said Gailey after practice Tuesday.

Gailey was seen conversing with Schouman for a few minutes early in Tuesday’s practice session. Schouman has missed the last four days of practice.

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New non-participants

Posted by Chris Brown on August 5, 2010 – 2:14 pm

Training camp has a few more spectators from the roster and all of them are on the offensive side of the ball.

WR David Nelson is watching after he appeared to tweak something last night and was held out of the second half of practice.

TE Derek Schouman and RT Cornell Green are both sitting out, but it could be veteran rest days for them.

We’ll get an update from Chan Gailey after practice.

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Byrd back

Posted by Chris Brown on June 24, 2010 – 3:21 pm

After not participating this morning FS Jairus Byrd is back on the practice field this afternoon.

Byrd is one of a handful of players who is having their reps scaled back.

Kawika Mitchell, who participated in the morning practice is watching this afternoon. Marcus Stroud is also not on the field for the afternoon practice following his morning participation.

Derek Schouman however, has been a spectator for all of Thursday as has Jamon Meredith and Ashton Youboty.

New to the non-participant list this afternoon is LB Reggie Torbor.

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Bills that are still rehabbing

Posted by Chris Brown on May 25, 2010 – 10:57 am

There is a bunch of Bills players still unable to participate in voluntary OTAs, which begin today (Tues.) due to surgeries performed toward the end of last season for injuries or postseason surgeries. Here’s the rundown of players.

Will not participate because still rehabbing
OT Demetrius  Bell
LB Nic Harris
TE Derek Schouman 
OL Eric Wood

Limited because still rehabbing
FS Jairus Byrd
CB Terrence McGee 
LB Kawika Mitchell 
C Geoff Hangartner 
WR Roscoe Parrish 
DT Marcus Stroud

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Schouman coming along well

Posted by Chris Brown on October 7, 2009 – 6:34 pm

Derek Schouman is still on crutches after his season-ending knee injury suffered in Week 2 against Tampa Bay, but he’s doing well all things considered.

Schouman actually did not suffer any ligament damage in his right knee as initially feared. All Schouman sustained was a torn meniscus.

“I’ll be on crutches for six more weeks and we’ll see after that,” said Schouman.

It’s expected that the Bills tight end will be able to participate fully in all offseason workouts come 2010.

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Butler, Schouman going for tests

Posted by Chris Brown on September 21, 2009 – 12:43 am

Bills head coach Dick Jauron did not give a timetable on the knee injuries suffered by RT Brad Butler and TE Derek Schouman, but both were to undergo further testing and examination tonight to ascertain the severity of the injuries.

Presumably both will undergo MRIs to see whether they suffered any structural damage to their knees. Butler was able to hobble to the sideline with assistance from the trainers. Schouman’s appeared the most serious as he was carted from the field.

Leodis McKelvin suffered an ankle injury and Shawn Nelson injured a shoulder. Buffalo has just one healthy tight end on the roster in Derek Fine.

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Fan Friday 7-17

Posted by Chris Brown on July 17, 2009 – 4:15 pm

The last few days before training camp. Can hardly wait to get things rolling at St. John Fisher. All through camp you can send your questions to Let’s get to your questions for this week.

1.  Hey Chris,

I was wondering what are your thoughts on perhaps moving Bryan Scott to OLB in place of Ellison.  He’s already 220, is great at run support, and is fantastic at covering TEs (ex Gates).  I know the coaching staff really likes him at SS but if Bryd pans out what the use of having him on the bench???

Bill, New Rochelle

CB: I understand your affinity for Scott’s game. He really showed us something with his coverage abilities last season as you mentioned. As far as Scott playing linebacker, he did see reps there from time to time in the practice setting last season when injuries struck the linebacking corps hard.

He was considered an emergency option there in 2008, but with Alvin Bowen, Nic Harris, Marcus Buggs and Ashlee Palmer in the mix now at LB, I’m not so sure they’ll need Scott to be ready if a couple of guys go down at that position.

In all likelihood, he’ll be the starting SS at the start of the year with Whitner at FS, and then if Byrd really progresses, they’ll try to transition him into the lineup moving Whitner to SS, and then Scott might have to take on a reserve role.

2. Hi Chris,

The Bills had an extremely poor pass rush last season as compared to other teams. So when the reports from the OTA’s came out about how much pressure our defensive line is getting in practice, you take that as good news and I take it as horrible news. Who is right? I think we need to sign 2 more veteran offensive lineman – Levi Jones for a tackle spot and then a guard or center. Also why do we keep taking other teams back up linemen and making them starters on our unit? Melvin Fowler in the past and now Geoff Hangartner.

CB: While I understand your concern, I will tell you that in the spring and typically through the first couple of weeks of camp the defense is usually ahead of the offense in terms of execution. That’s because the offensive line has to work in unison at all times to be effective and that’s a process, especially with five new guys in all five positions up front.

In fact I think it may take longer than usual in light of the degree of change. I’m hopeful they can pull it all together by the opener and with an extra preseason game that can only help. But the truth is the Bills need a successful and consistent pass rush this season as much as they need good line play on offense to get where they want to get this season.

Is anyone going up on the Wall this year?

CB: No, there was no former player or coach that got enough votes to be named to the Wall of Fame this year. But fans will probably see a much better display at the home opener anyway when the 50th All-Time team is introduced.

4. My question concerns OL Demetrius Bell. I just wonder how is strength is now. I know one reason he dropped in the 2008 NFL Draft was because of his strength, being able to only do 10 reps of 225 lbs. at his pro day. This worries me more for an OG than an OT, where you can have quick feet to counteract a potential lack in upper body strength. So has the Bills Conditioning Staff improved his upper body strength?


CB: Bell has come a long way this offseason, to the point where I believe he has a legitimate chance to be the team’s swing tackle this season, with Kirk Chambers focused more on the guard position this year. Bell has great feet for playing on the edge and his  strength has improved a lot. Oftentimes coming from a small college program players don’t get the best strength training out there. Not a knock on Northwestern St., just kind of the way it is.

But Bell has worked hard to improve in that area and all indications from the coaches are that he has made very good strides there. He’ll be an interesting player to watch this preseason.

5. Hello Chris,

I have always been interested in what players have made the most drastic body compositional changes.  I am an amateur bodybuilder and love you’re previous mentions of how Fred Jackson and others significantly altered their bodies in order to earn more playing time.  When a players dedication is rewarded via a contract extension it justifies all the hard work they put in the weight room which most people don’t see.  I was just wondering who has impressed you most this off season in terms of improving their frame? 

Derek Tangredi
London Ontario Canada

CB: Derek Schouman, Steve Johnson and Reggie Corner are three guys that come to mind right away. That’s not to say that there aren’t a host of other guys that have dramatically improved, but those guys have sculpted themselves. Schouman maybe more than anyone else. His upper body is much broader and thicker and it’s likely due to the fact that he knows he’ll probably be playing more up on the line at TE this year.

Johnson just benefitted from being in an NFL setting this offseason as did Corner. Both have come a long way in improving their overall strength.

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Wilson and Schouman already grinding

Posted by Chris Brown on July 16, 2009 – 5:23 pm

George Wilson and Derek Schouman aren’t waiting until report day for camp next week. They’re already grinding at One Bills Drive in the weight room now. In fact I crossed paths with them working out in the parking lot on my way to the Bills Store, and was invited to join them.

Wilson was shotputting a 50 lb. medicine ball across the width of more than two parking spaces, five times with each arm for a set of 10.

He invited me to give it a go, so I was getting about half his distance and I only went two times on each side. Good explosion and core training though.

George joked with me to go get a Pedialyte to rehydrate, but I barely broke a sweat. Three sets of 10 though in the middle of a workout would not be easy. You feel it in your legs and triceps the most.

As for Schouman he’s been here almost the entire offseason. He’s got the full blown gun show going. I’ve never seen his arms that big before. Looks like he’s ready to see some time in line next to the tackle this season.

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Fan Friday 6-19

Posted by Chris Brown on June 19, 2009 – 7:25 pm

We’re in the doldrums before training camp, but there are still some issues to discuss concerning the team. You can always submit questions to
1. Hi Chris-
Any truth to the reports that the K-Gun is returning to the Buffalo offense?
If so…what are your thoughts.
-Jeremy Reiner
CB: I think it’s safe to assume that some elements of the K-Gun offense are being incorporated into Buffalo’s offensive scheme with their no huddle package. But the K-Gun in its entirety I think is unrealistic.

I like that the Bills are turning to the no huddle more to make it more difficult for defenses to substitute and get set pre-snap. Of course the Bills offense has to prove it can sustain drives with consistency as well because if they can’t it puts a lot more pressure on the defense to stop people.

Knowing coach Jauron comes from a defensive background, I’m not sure you should expect to see an overwhelming amount of no huddle. I believe it will be used more, but if you’re looking for more than half a game of no huddle week in and week out I think you’re getting your hopes up.


2. Would it be a bad idea if Mr. Nelson got reps as fullback, not only to improve his blocking skills, but to add a fullback weapon ala ‘that guy from Lewiston.’

CB: I’m assuming you’re talking about Shawn Nelson. At 6’5” putting Nelson at fullback even on the move is a bad idea as I see it. First, blocking as a fullback is different than as a tight end. Linebackers are often coming at you with a head of steam as opposed to a defensive end butting heads with you at the line.

Second, the coaching staff has already made a point of keeping the information flow to Nelson at a manageable level as they have him focused primarily on route running within the offensive scheme, knowing that’s where he can help them the most as a rookie. The blocking will come later since they have two other tight ends to handle it.

And that guy from Lewiston, Moose Johnston and Nelson are two completely different players.

3. Has there been any thought given to asking Bruce Smith in to some of the camps to work with Maybin???  Given his skill set, Bruce has a lot to tech a guy with Maybin’s raw physical talents

Steve Ward
Miamisburg, OH

CB: That’s not a bad idea, but I just don’t see Bruce interested in coaching. I know Steve Tasker has volunteered his time to help Bobby April on occasion with special teams skills, but Bruce was such a great player. As Phil Hansen once explained to me, Bruce could contort his body in a way that no one else could in terms of bending the corner. He’d run upfield straight, while his upper torso was turned 90 degrees and hand fighting the offensive tackle.

Marcellus Wiley once told me he tried to do what Bruce did and just kept falling down. So what Bruce knows how to do I’m not sure can be effectively applied to most players on Buffalo’s roster today.

4. Chris,
Why isn’t Tom Modrak given more credit for the outstanding job he does on day two of the draft (ex. McGee, Ellison, Williams and Butler)?  By the way, this year’s 4th (TE-Nelson) is a home-run.
Guy Devitt

CB: I think the reason is pretty simple. The team hasn’t been successful in terms of winning records and playoff appearances. So as a result those associated with the team aren’t recognized outside of the walls of One Bills Drive for the good work that they do.

I think Modrak’s record as a talent evaluator speaks for itself, well beyond just what he’s done with the Bills. Everyone forgets how much heat he took as GM in Philadelphia when he took Donovan McNabb instead of Ricky Williams with the fifth overall pick. I think that has to be one of his best calls and for it to come with a top five pick was big.

5. Chris,

Who from last year’s draft class will have an impact this season?  I know everyone is counting on McKelvin and Hardy but I’m very interested in how Alvin Bowen and Chris Ellis will do coming off of injuries.

CB: I think that Derek Fine has a chance to make an impact with the starting tight end job up for grabs after the release of Robert Royal. I anticipate he and Derek Schouman to battle it out for the top job. But Fine has looked good in the passing game and has a good chemistry with Trent Edwards. Not that Schouman doesn’t, but I think Fine’s got a shot.

Ellis is flying under the radar with all the hype surrounding top pick Aaron Maybin. I’m really interested to see what Ellis can bring to the table in camp when the pads go on. I think Bowen is also capable of pushing veteran Keith Ellison for the starting outside linebacker job. So you’re on the mark with some guys to keep an eye on.

Reggie Corner could land the nickel job as well and Demetrius Bell could be the swing tackle behind Butler and Walker. Not a bad draft class huh? (See Modrak question 4).

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Youngsters who impressed most at spring camps

Posted by Chris Brown on June 15, 2009 – 8:07 pm

When football is played in helmets and shorts it really lacks the physical element, which is probably the signature element of football. So keeping that in mind and knowing more of the skill position players had a greater opportunity to shine, here are the top young performers from Buffalo’s spring workouts that could do a lot more for the club come the 2009 season.

Stevie Johnson – The second-year wideout made the most of his reps, which at times were more frequent than they’ll likely be at training camp with veterans ahead of him on the depth chart. But his route running was sharper than as a rookie and his hands were consistent. Johnson will have a role on this team in the fall despite the depth at the position.

Derek Fine/Derek Schouman – The reason I list them together is because they worked off each other throughout the spring workouts. Fine looked really good through the first half of the spring schedule while Schouman was on the shelf and then when he returned Schouman was the main target at the tight end position. It should be one of the more interesting position battles come training camp with one being the starter.

Reggie Corner – The second-year cornerback may have had the best spring of any player on the roster. Turning in plays day in and day out, Corner is in the midst of making that big leap in improvement from year one to year two that coaches look for in a player. Based on spring performance he’d be the favorite for the nickel corner role heading into camp.

Ellis Lankster – The consistency isn’t there yet in his game, but what rookie with all of 18 NFL practices under his belt in a new scheme is a consistent player? Lankster made plays on the ball often enough to open some eyes. If that continues in camp he could have a legit chance at the 53-man roster.

Aaron Maybin – Most of his reps came against the second team offense, but Maybin’s ability to bend the corner was apparent even in a non-contact setting as he flushed quarterbacks from the pocket several times during OTAs and minicamp.

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McKelvin, Schouman sitting; McGee absent

Posted by Chris Brown on May 28, 2009 – 2:57 pm

Leodis McKelvin and Derek Schouman are not participating in practice here on Thursday.

McKelvin has a right hand injury as he’s watching practice with an ace bandage wrapped around it.

Terrence McGee is not in attendance after suffering a shoulder injury Wednesday.

OT Jonathan Scott is also not participating after getting nicked up in practice Wedenesday.

Bruce Hall is the onlý other new non-participant.

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Fan Friday 3-20

Posted by Chris Brown on March 20, 2009 – 5:53 pm

The draft is only about a month away, but there are still some free agent questions out there from you the fan. In addition to answering some of the more popular questions here, I’ve also been responding (as much as possible) personally to your emails as well. I’m a bit behind on them, but plowing through them as best I can.

Remember you can always email me at on anything Bills. Here we go.

1. Hello Mr.Brown,
I would like to know what you think about the Julius Peppers situation in Carolina! Do you think the Bills would be bold enough to sign him, if he is available? Also I was watching NFL network and Mayock said that the TE’s in this draft class are mostly good receiving TE’s not so much blocking classic TE’s, wouldn’t it be more advantageous to pick the best available Offensive Lineman? To help the run and also keeping Trent upright. Since Fine and Schouman, I feel performed okay when given the chance.
Paul K.
Montreal,Q.C. Canada

CB: First, the Julius Peppers situation. I don’t see the Bills as a serious player because Peppers is likely to get upwards of $13-14 million dollars a year in a new contract. That’s too steep for a lot of teams including Buffalo.

I believe the Bills will address their pass rush in the draft.

As for the tight end position in the draft, Mayock is right, there are a lot more pass catchers than blockers at the tight end position. I think that’s not necessarily a bad thing for the Bills, who have rarely if ever had a dynamic pass catching threat at the position.

I think Schouman and Fine are both good all-around tight ends, but I think the team would like to add a game breaking threat in the passing game there. Of course the staff considered Royal their best blocking tight end last year, which is why he retained the starting role in 2008. So even if they take a pass catching threat at the position, they will likely still be looking for a true in-line blocking TE too.

I think that’s why so many mock drafters have Pettigrew going to the Bills because he fills both of those roles better than anyone else in the draft for Buffalo. But if Buffalo stays at 11, I’m not sure the value is right to take him there.

2. Chris,
My question to you is: What if the Bills are on the clock at 11 and Maybin, Brown and Orakpo along with Defensive Tackle B.J.Raji are gone and one of the top Left Tackles, Jason Smith out of Baylor for example, is available; could you see the Bills drafting him and trading Jason Peters for a 1st round draft pick to a team that may need one like Detroit (20th) and Philadelphia (21st or 28th)?  There is no doubt that Peters is a gifted athlete but with another off season of potential hold outs by him and his agent, do you think it would be beneficial to the team to stop these distractions and get down to business?


CB: That’s a tricky scenario. Jason Smith and Eugene Monroe won’t be there, but I understand your point. Michael Oher and Andre Smith should be there at 11, and with the way things are going regarding an extension for Jason Peters, what you’re proposing is more realistic than some might think.

If the Jason Peters situation is still unresolved come draft weekend, I can see the team moving him for a first and middle round pick, maybe more, maybe less. Acquiring an additional first round pick should give the Bills the luxury of taking one of the top four offensive tackles in the draft at 11.

I’d prefer Michael Oher to Smith because Oher is arguably the most athletic tackle in the draft. His instincts still need to be developed, but his athleticism makes up for a lot of those shortcomings that should get better in time. Oher could play on the left side, Smith cannot at this level as I see it.

Now keep in mind that they could address another position at 11 like linebacker in this scenario and get one of the bet of the bunch, whoever they determine that to be and if they’re down in the early 20’s with their other first round pick as you suggest, they could grab Arizona State OT Eben Britton, but he is more of a right tackle at the NFL level according to most scouts.

Things could certainly get very interesting for the Bills on draft weekend.

3.  Hey Chris,
I have seen all your blogs and answers to Fan Friday Questions on Brown, Orakpo and Maybin. Just wondering what your thoughts were on 3 other pretty good prospects: Michael Johnson, Paul Kruger and Tyson Jackson. Are they all stretches at #11, or is it conceivable that one of them may still be available in Rd 2?
If they were, it is possible to go after Raji at #11, a DE in Rd2 and maybe trade up to get one of the top 3 TE’s, Coffman maybe? Talk about hypothetical!

CB: I think that Johnson and Kruger will both be available in round 2, but Jackson will be gone before the Bills pick at 42. Jackson is more of a 3-4 end anyway.

Johnson has freakish physical ability, but is raw and inconsistent. As a result I don’t know if he’ll be able to handle a full time role as a rookie, so that keeps him out of the first round.

Kruger’s upside is a bit limited as I see it. He’s got great straight line speed, but I’m not certain that he’s strong enough right now to hold the point against the run in the NFL. He’s also not that elite explosive type end (ran a 4.79 and 4.83) so he is probably a late 2nd to early 3rd round prospect.

A guy I’d consider in the round two is Cincinnati’s Connor Barwin. He’s more of the quick-twitch athlete you’re looking for to boost a pass rush. I think he could come in right away and help on passing downs, which is what Buffalo needs.

4. Chris,

What are your thoughts on the restructuring of Jason Peters’ contract?  I believe that his holding out at the beginning of the year impacted the team in a negative way.  It seemed that it ruined the whole chemistry of the O-line.  As we all know, it wasn’t until the Monday night game when the run game started to get going.  I wasn’t impressed all season with the protection of Trent Edwards.  Honestly, I don’t know how Peters was elected to the Pro-Bowl.  Do you foresee a possible trade, renegotiation, no action, or something else? Thanks for your time. 
-Joe Maciag

CB: From what I understand the two sides have yet to close the gap on a new contract. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Bills still work to come to a resolution until the NFL draft, and if there is no progress my feeling is they may look into trading him prior to draft weekend. It’ll be unfortunate if it comes to that, but it takes two parties to make an agreement work and if the Bills can’t get some kind of compromise from the Peters camp it doesn’t leave them with too many other alternatives. And I don’t believe they’d be interested in dragging a contract renegotiation through another season.

5. Chris

I know DE is the considered the most pressing need but you and others
have mentioned how the top guys in the draft may not be able to stand
up to the run or are straight ahead rushers, etc.  I’m just another
hopeless Bills fan, but if BJ Raji is available at 11, I’d take him. 
(Full disclosure:  I’m a BC grad but that’s pure coincidence in this
case.) Raji looks like a safer bet and more of a sure-fire thing.  If
Stroud and Raji are pushing in, it might free up the current DE’s. 
I’ve gotten a little sensitive to how the Bills have used some earlier

Kelley Yost

CB: I’ve got no problem with taking Raji at 11 if he’s there and a couple of the top speed rushers are already gone. In fact I think he’s the best secondary option to Everette Brown, though Aaron Maybin is tempting.

Your point about Raji and Stroud is valid, but I still think you could add talent at end in the second round with a Connor Barwin, for example if you took Raji at 11. So I’m not opposed to that approach at all. Heck I wanted Haloti Ngata back in 2006 (no offense Donte). I just believe in getting your big men early.

6. Chris,
Does JP Losman have any suitors or teams expressing interest?  I mean I always supported JP and was actually excited when he got a shot to play this past year but he did so awful.  Is it a possibility we might see JP in the CFL???

CB: From what I’ve heard the Denver Broncos were interested in J.P. as a backup, but Chris Simms signed with them before Losman’s agent could enter into any hard core negotiations with Denver. Other than that I’ve heard very little as to interest in him by other teams.

I think his physical ability will convince some team to bring him in as a backup.

You are right that his play last year didn’t do much to help his cause so I’m not confident he could be part of a competition somewhere for a starter’s job. I think he’s got to take a backup role somewhere and hope he gets a chance to step on the field to prove he’s capable.

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Royal subtraction raises TE position need

Posted by Chris Brown on February 26, 2009 – 10:06 pm

With the release of veteran TE Robert Royal, Buffalo now has three tight ends on their roster (Fine, Schouman and Stupar) who combined have a total of 18 NFL starts. All of those belong to Schouman (13) and Fine (5).

And while I certainly have faith that Fine and Schouman in expanded roles can provide more production than they have thus far, it’s clear the Bills want to add more playmaking talent to the position.

Offensive coordinator Turk Schonert said he wanted to have four or five in training camp this summer. At least one of those two remaining tight end spots has to be filled by an in line blocker and the other a playmaker. Preferably one guy answers both needs, but good luck finding that in free agency.

Oklahoma St. TE Brandon Pettigrew looks like he has the potential to be both. And now taking him with the 11th pick is a far greater possibility, whether he’s considered a solid value there or not. He’s the only two-way TE in the draft that you could start next to a tackle as a rookie.

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