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Giants work out Dominic Rhodes

Posted by Chris Brown on September 16, 2009 – 1:45 pm

Free agent RB Dominic Rhodes, who was clipped by the Bills in final roster cuts worked out for the Giants Tuesday.

That’s according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. The Giants are shorthanded at RB with Danny Ware out with a dislocated elbow possibly until Week 4 and New York has a big game with Dallas on Sunday. They’ll need a third back behind Jacobs and Bradshaw. T.J. Duckett also worked out for the Giants.

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Jauron on Rhodes release

Posted by Chris Brown on September 6, 2009 – 11:11 pm

Speaking for the first time since final cuts were made on Saturday, Dick Jauron briefly commented on the release of Dominic Rhodes.

“There is no move that we made that was an easy move (Saturday), and that wasn’t an easy move,” said Jauron. “But we believe in the guys we kept, obviously, and that’s why we kept them. Again, we’ll move forward from here. We wish Dominic the best. He’s a good player.”

When asked if he’s worried about his running back depth with just Fred Jackson and Xavier Omon, along with FB Corey McIntyre on the roster right now (Lynch on reserve/suspended) Jauron offered the following.

“I wish we had five. Wish we could take seven in (to a game) and 80 players, but we can’t,” he said. “I like the guys we kept and we’re get them ready and we’ll go.”

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Fan Friday 9-4

Posted by Chris Brown on September 4, 2009 – 8:42 pm

Well some big stuff going down at One Bills Drive today. Here are some of your questions.

1. Hi Chris:

Lifelong Bills fan from Long Island here. Just got the news about Schonert.
Tough break….but something needed to be done.

Any thoughts from the organization in bringing Kelly in as a consultant or on the staff since he is SO familiar with the no huddle?

Good luck and GO BILLS!!!!!!!!!!
Ed Norris

CB: Jim Kelly has stated time and again that he does not have an interest in coaching. A consultant however, is interesting. That being said, Alex Van Pelt was a reserve QB behind Kelly when the K-Gun was being run here. So Van Pelt knows it just as well as Kelly does.

We’ll see how he approaches the use of the no huddle, which Dick Jauron said will continue despite the firing of Turk Schonert. I’m both happy for Van Pelt and concerned for him.

Yes, it’s a good opportunity, but how many of you would want to be handed a play calling job with 10 days to prepare and you’re facing Belichick? I think Van Pelt is more than capable, but I think he’d prefer to have more than 10 days to prepare, especially since he hasn’t called plays in a game since 2005.

It’s a tough spot. If he comes through he’ll be a hero. He’s got my support, I just wish the circumstances were different for him.
2. Dear, Chris
How is Dominic Rhodes handling 3rd team offence, because with his track record of being a solid # 2 back, with about 8 carries and 7 catches a game throughout his career, but now with buffalo he might get that the first 3 games but after that, he might be inactive with our deep Wr and Db corps. The bills ran w/ 2 Rb’s active last year they’ll probably do it again. Is he banking on Special Teams, im not sure why he wanted to go to the bills, i understand why the bills pick him up. How many years is his contract?
~  Will-O

CB: Rhodes has a 2-year deal with Buffalo. I think they’ll use him for the first three games in the same way they’ve used Fred Jackson when Marshawn was the feature back. Of course with Alex Van Pelt now the play caller that could change.

Rhodes is a proven back and for a smaller guy he runs tough between the tackles. He’s a proven receiver out of the backfield. I think there are several ways Van Pelt and Eric Studesville can make use of him even when Lynch is back with the team.
3. Hey Chris,
 I am completely obsessed with the battle for the NB position. Who do you think will end up getting it since we have so much depth? I think Florence will get it though Corner deserves it. Plus I wish Corner would get the chance because he is starting to really prove himself and make plays. Watching him play on TV, there is something about him that says potential starter and I think getting the younger guy in there will give them a chance to train him to be a starter one day. Plus, though I love Youboty (being an OSU fan and all) but he cant really stay healthy?

Thanks and keep up the great work!
Jim (Ohio)

CB: Thanks for the kind words Jim. As for the nickel back role it’s going to be interesting to see what transpires there. Florence had a stranglehold on the job before he suffered the sprained knee in the Chicago game. He’s expected to begin practicing with the team again the middle of this coming week.

But Corner has really been excellent filling the void. I think the coaching staff prefers Florence only because he’s stronger than Corner physically. And that’s important especially in 3rd and short to 3rd and medium situations. The reason why is if it’s 3rd-and-3 teams usually pass, but if they see a smaller nickel corner sitting in the slot, they’ll try to run right at him to get the first down.

I’m not saying the Corner is not good in run support. I’m just saying that Florence is a little better and would be a little more of a deterrent to teams thinking about running on a 3rd-and-3 if he’s in there. That being said Corner has proven to be more opportunistic in defending the pass. He led the team in INTs this preseason with 3, including one that he returned for TD.

It’s going to be a very tough call, and likely will depend a lot on how Florence looks on the practice field this week.
4. Hey Chris,

 Ive was wondering what your opinion was of the bills offense this year. According to the coaching staff our line is better. Now I have a hard time believing that just becuase of the lack of production. The only good drive the 1st team had going was at the Hall of Fame game when they were driving on the Titans. That ended in a pick becuase of O-line getting pushed back and not being able to create a good pocket. I guess my biggest concern is everyone says this is a make or break yr for Edwards. If the O-line doesn’t get it together I would hate to see Edwards be the fall guy for poor offensive production. I believe he has alot of upside to him and I think if given time to throw he could be a very good franchise QB. What is your opinion on how the Offense will perform from what you have seen in the practices?
Thank you,

Garrett from PA

CB: I think the offense will have its ups and downs this season because of the wholesale changes up front. That degree of change doesn’t just mesh together in a couple of months. I think it could take half a season. Now that doesn’t mean that the line isn’t talented. I think there’s a lot of quality talent up front with this group. Jelling together is what takes time.

I believe this is an O-line that can be better than the one last year. I just don’t know how quickly we’ll see signs of that.
5. Hey Chris,

James Hardy has not practiced yet, right? When do they expect him to be ready? Can he contribute this year?


CB: No, he has not been cleared to practice. The problem is the stamina in his knee isn’t sufficient to get through practice day after day. I expect him to be placed on Reserve/PUP which would give him until the end of Week 6 to build up the endurance in that knee to the point where he can practice with the team again.

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Fitzpatrick to start tonight

Posted by Chris Brown on September 3, 2009 – 9:31 pm

Ryan Fitzpatrick will start at QB for the Bills tonight.

Also starting on offense are Steve Johnson, Dominic Rhodes and Roscoe Parrish.

On defense the entire second unit will start so it looks like most of the starters with the exception of the Bills O-line won’t play.

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Fan Friday 8-21

Posted by Chris Brown on August 22, 2009 – 12:59 am

Another training camp is in the books, but preseason continues, and Aaron Maybin is in. Here’s some of your latest and greatest questions. Keep them coming.

1. Chris;
Every time I see Trent get ready to throw the ball, he keeps looking right at the receiver. Don’t you think,as I do,that the opponents see that and know exactly where to go? Shouldn’t he try to bluff a little?
Sonny, LF.

CB:  While I agree that looking off safeties before delivering the ball to the primary or secondary target is important, I do not agree that Trent does that every time he throws the ball. In fact I think he’s improved in this area a lot over this past offseason.

I’m not saying he’s perfected looking safeties off down in and down out, but I think he’s made significant strides in that area of his game. The only time I’ve seen him stare down a receiver so far this summer is on his interception in the Hall of Fame game. He did look at Lee for a bit on that play. Other than that he’s been much better.

2. Chris: With Marshawn Lynch sitting out the first three games of the year, do you think Fred Jackson and Dominic Rhodes can shoulder the load? Will teams respect the Bills’ running game, given that their primary weapon is not there?
With the changing of the offensive line, do you think the Bills’ will successfully protect Trent Edwards?
Tony Falzone, Daytona Beach, Fl

CB: I think the Bills running game won’t drop off much with Jackson and Rhodes, and one team that respects Jackson more than anyone is New England after he ran for over 100 against them in the season finale last year. With that ridiculous wind they knew he was going to run and they still could not stop him. I think Rhodes and Jackson are more than capable for three games.

As for the line protecting Trent I think it will be a work in progress. Even coach Jauron is expecting some growing pains. It’s a lot to pull together in one offseason, but if this no huddle can work effectively at top speed it could help mask some of those growing pains up front.
3. Hi Chris,
I was wondering, with all the talent at the WR position this season, how many WR’s do you see the Bills keeping and who do you think that it will be?

I mean Evans, T.O. and probably Reed are the obvious choices, but after that? What are the chances for Parrish, Hardy, Steve Johnson and the other WR’s currently on the roster.
Thanks for taking you time to answer the questions of the non-US fans and go Bills!
Niels Wester, Denmark

CB:It’s certainly going to be a tough set of decisions for that position. You’re right the top five right now are Evans, Owens, Reed, Parrish and Johnson. In two out of the three previous seasons under Jauron they’ve kept six receivers on the 53-man roster. In all likelihood the sixth receiver will be James Hardy.

Justin Jenkins I believe deserves an awful lot of consideration. He’s improved his route running a great deal and is one of the two best gunners on the special teams top ranked punt team.

Logicall it’s hard to see how a coaching staff as much as they would like, can keep seven receivers. They’d be pulling away from some other position. However, there is one way I could see them keeping seven receivers and that’s with the extra roster spot they’d have at their disposal due to the suspension of Marshawn Lynch.

Effective Sept. 5, the Bills could and probably will put Lynch on the reserve/suspended list and he would not count toward a roster spot when the roster is reduced to 53. With that extra spot at their disposal they could choose to use it on a seventh receiver.

Three weeks later when the Lynch’s suspension is over they’ll have to make a decision again to make room for Lynch on the roster. But who knows, there could be an injury at the receiver position over those first three weeks and suddenly they’re down to six receivers.

I know it’s probably unlikely, but with the Lynch suspension they’ll have an extra roster spot to play with. Maybe just maybe they keep seven WRs.
4. Hi Chris,

How is Alvin Bowen coming along? I know he had a good training camp last year but went down due to injury. Does he have any chance at starting over Ellison?


CB: Bowen is doing well. Since Ashlee Palmer suffered an ankle injury in the HOF game Bowen has moved up to the second unit at weak side LB behind Kawika Mitchell. However, I do not think he displaces Ellison as the starter. The most likely candidate to do that is rookie Nic Harris, who is having a solid preseason.

5. Hey Chris,
I’m reading an article from Pat Kirwan of and it says that the Bills plan to implement some 3-4 defense this year. I was wondering if you had any idea how often that will happen, and what the line-up would be in such a formation?
I assume Stroud in the middle is a given, and on the outside Schobel and Kelsay? Or would they potentially mix in Spencer Johnson, for more of a typically large 3-4 DE?
What about the linebackers? Who becomes the second ILB with Poz? Would Maybin get some opportunities as a pass-rushing OLB?
Thanks Chris!

CB: No information as to how often we might see it this season, and I haven’t seen it in the camp practices at all under the live team work setting. I think the main reason for considering it is Aaron Maybin. Much like you do I do foresee them sometimes using Maybin as a rush linebacker in a 3-4 kind of look. That would obviously only be in obvious passing situations, so that’s when I’d be on the lookout for it.

Since it would be a passing situation I’d also expect to see Schobel and possibly Chris Ellis at the ends.

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No huddle takes on quicker pace

Posted by Chris Brown on August 16, 2009 – 4:09 am

The biggest story to come out of Buffalo’s second preseason game wasn’t the five takeaways by the defense. It was the noticeably increased tempo of Buffalo’s no huddle.

There were times where I looked down to jot down the play that just happened and by the time I looked up Edwards was snapping the next play. There were instances where there were just 10 seconds of real time between plays. It was decidedly faster than it was in the Hall of Fame game and coach Jauron admitted as much.

Turk Schonert has talked about changing the tempo and wearing opponents out. Dominic Rhodes saw evidence of that in the game.

“It was good. I saw those guys getting tired,” said Rhodes. “We were able to exploit some of the times when they weren’t ready or they weren’t lined up good. That’s what the no-huddle brings. It gets you the opportunity to catch guys when they’re tired and on their knees and they can’t really get up and get lined up and get their defenses in, and you can exploit people like that.”

In the press box I spoke to an AFC scout who was in attendance and he said he has not seen an NFL team run the no huddle that fast, “in a while.” It’s going to really be interesting to see where this no huddle attack goes from this point forward.

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Rhodes feels fight could help

Posted by Chris Brown on August 12, 2009 – 8:00 pm

Dominic Rhodes, who was one of the principle players in the fight at practice Wednesday didn’t mind that some tempers flared feeling it might develop some mental toughness and confidence that they’ll stick up for each other.

“We hadn’t had a fight yet, it was about time, every training camp,” said Rhodes. “Maybe that’s going to start us into what we really want to be and that’s Super Bowl champs.”

As to whether the coaches like it or not, Rhodes thinks they like it.

“They were coming up and backing me up,” said Rhodes. “In football you’re fighting every play. They know if you’ll step in there and get into it with your own teammate, they know you’ll get into it with a guy you don’t know.”

Head coach Dick Jauron indicated otherwise.

“I don’t think it shows much of anything except a lack of discipline,” he said. “We know these guys are very competitive and they’re a lot more competitive than most people. And sometimes it gets the best of them. If it happens on game day it really costs you. That’s what you try to preach to them. They know the difference between practice and game day. Sometimes it happens.”

Jauron is no doubt recalling the shoving match Duke Preston had at the end of the first half in the season finale last year, when the time he took to engage in a wrestling match with a Patriots’ player kept Buffalo from attempting a field goal before the clock ran out at the end of the first half.

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Owens, several others not practicing

Posted by Chris Brown on August 12, 2009 – 5:44 pm

Terrell Owens is not on the practice field again today due to his sprained toe. He was joined as a non-participant by a handful of his teammates.

Ashton Youboty, Steve Johnson, Felton Huggins, Xavier Omon, Ashlee Palmer and Copeland Bryan are not practicing.

Dominic Rhodes appears limited with his sore knee.

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Rhodes has sore knee

Posted by Chris Brown on August 10, 2009 – 4:09 am

Dominic Rhodes did not play because of a sore knee. Dick Jauron provided details.

“We thought he would play,” said Jauron. “He was certainly going to play on offense and he was scheduled to return our kicks and our punts early in the game. We ran him before the game and it was just sore. So it didn’t make sense to put him out there.”

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Jauron names Jackson starter for 1st three games

Posted by Chris Brown on August 3, 2009 – 9:46 pm

With Marshawn Lynch’s suspension upheld Dick Jauron named Fred Jackson the starting running back for the first three games.

“Going into the season unless something happens it would be Freddy,” said Jauron. “Freddy would be the starter. But both (Jackson and Rhodes) will be playing a lot.”

This comes as no surprise. Jackson has a better handle on Buffalo’s offensive system and though Rhodes is a proven veteran back, Jackson has proven himself capable in the times he’s had to start in place of an injured Lynch the past two seasons.

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Bills fans getting props from new players

Posted by Chris Brown on July 25, 2009 – 11:37 pm

You’ve already heard Terrell Owens express his thanks for the support given to him by Bills fans. But one other newly signed player believes the turnout and enthusiasm by Bills’ fans at training camp is unmatched.

Dominic Rhodes has played for Indy and Oakland in his career, and after witnessing the fan turnout and vocal capabilities he admits it’s the most impressive he’s ever seen.

“The fans come out. This is probably the first place I’ve been, other than the late-night practices, where the fans are just here and it’s packed every day, so it’s definitely a great atmosphere,” Rhodes said. “They make you want to come out here and work hard and give them something to cheer about.

“I’ve heard about the fans here and it’s nice. I played in Oakland where the Raider Nation is crazy, but they didn’t come out to camp like this, but it wasn’t an open camp either. This is good. I like it. Definitely more people. In Indy, the people didn’t come out like this.”

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Jackson and Rhodes should reduce wear and tear on Lynch

Posted by Chris Brown on July 16, 2009 – 2:26 pm

Having Fred Jackson and Dominic Rhodes in the fold, not only covers the Bills for those first three games when Lynch is out, but I think will make Lynch a better back in November and December. And that’s a scary thought if you look at his career numbers late in the season.

In our story on the home page asking whether Lynch will be fresher down the stretch, we point out that his career yards per carry avg. in the first half of the season is 3.64 compared to his averager in the second half of the season which is 4.5 over the past two years.

Knowing he’s going to be fresher with Jackson and Rhodes shouldering some of the run game load, it’s hard not to get pumped up about what Lynch would be capable of with fewer hits on him come the last four weeks of the regular season when the Bills are hopefully making a playoff push.

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Don’t agree with all of Bowen’s assessments

Posted by Chris Brown on July 8, 2009 – 1:37 pm

National Football Post columnist and former Bills safety Matt Bowen (though a leg injury cost him his only season in Buffalo) put together his five ways that the Bills can make the playoffs this year.

While I share his enthusiasm, I don’t completely agree with some of his assessments.

First, regarding his stance that Buffalo has to play more man-to-man defense on the back end. I’ll be the first to say I’d like to see more press coverage, than painfully watch talents like Terrence McGee and Leodis McKelvin giving WRs a 10-yard cushion.

Even McGee himself felt they should be playing more press coverage. But I think the reason Perry Fewell had his guys play off so much was because his four man pass rush couldn’t get home, and 24 sacks last season serves as proof.

As good as McGee and McKelvin are asking them to cover man-to-man for more than four seconds is unrealistic. I think until Fewell sees that Schobel and Maybin can consistently make the four man front work, you won’t see a whole lot more man coverage calls.

I agree wholeheartedly with his second point about getting T.O. involved, but that’s kind of a no brainer. He’s right about the coverages though (lots of cover-2 and 2-man). I just hope that Trent doesn’t just settle for working underneath with Josh Reed and Roscoe Parrish when he sees that. Reed and Parrish are great weapons in the middle of the field, but Trent has to throw some passes into the teeth of the defense because he has proven playmakers in Owens and Evans who can work the deep middle and both fight for the ball.

Bowen’s right about Jackson and Rhodes. I think together they can hold the fort while Lynch serves his suspension.

He’s dead on with his pass rush point, and Fewell knows how to be creative with his blitzes and creeper LB packages. He’s been forced to use it the past two seasons, so he’ll be ready if he has to go into his bag of tricks again.

The home field advantage point is a tricky one. The Super Bowl era Bills of the early 90’s reveled in the winter weather they had at home and used it to their advantage. I know there are a lot of fans that would like to see the current Bills make better use of that advantage.

The only problem is the only teams on the schedule slated to come to the Ralph when the weather begins to affect games and might not be accustomed to it are Miami (Nov. 29) and Indy (Jan. 3). The only other home games on the back end of the slate are two northeast based teams in the Jets and Patriots and Buffalo is playing New York in Toronto on Dec. 3.  

So while I respect Bowen’s opinion in most cases, points one and five have some caveats.

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Rhodes talking football on ESPN today

Posted by Chris Brown on July 7, 2009 – 6:03 pm

Bills RB Dominic Rhodes will be appearing on NFL Live at 4pm today (Tuesday) on ESPN where he’ll be talking about the upcoming season in Buffalo. Check it out if you can.

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Rhodes spearheading shoe bailout

Posted by Chris Brown on July 7, 2009 – 1:20 pm

Bills RB Dominic Rhodes is doing what he can to take the burden off those less fortunate families preparing already to outfit their kids for the upcoming school year.

His ‘Rhodes to Success’ Foundation is beginning the Great Shoe Bailout initiative on July 10th where Rhodes will be giving away 600 Champs Sports gift cards to kids for the purchase of new shoes for school.

“My own childhood story as a kid in a single family home where my mom could not afford new shoes for me and my siblings to go back to school left an undeniable impression upon me,” states Rhodes. “Now that I am in a position to be a ‘Giver’, I believe it is my duty to bless other children. In some small way, I hope I am assisting families during these tough economic times helping to take one less purchase off of their shoulders. I look forward to having other companies, community leaders and pro athletes to partner with me in Dallas and Buffalo with the hopes of adding more cities in 2010.”

This Friday Rhodes will be giving away 200 gift cards in Hampton, VA with other stops planned for his native Dallas and Buffalo over the next few months. For more information on the initiative you can go to Dominic’s website.

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Radio appearances

Posted by Chris Brown on June 1, 2009 – 6:48 pm

Keith Ellison and Dominic Rhodes will both be on the air in Canada Tuesday.

Ellison will appear on the TEAM 1040AM in Vancouver, BC some time between 9-noon ET. You can listen live here

Dominic Rhodes will be a guest on The Fan 590AM in Toronto at 8:05 am (Tuesday).  Audio will be available at their online site.

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Several players absent

Posted by Chris Brown on May 29, 2009 – 3:04 pm

A number of veteran players are absent for Friday’s voluntary workout.

Players not in attendance are Roscoe Parrish, Dominic Rhodes, Langston Walker, Lee Evans, Chris Kelsay and Aaron Schobel.

Also not on hand are Leodis McKelvin and James Hardy, but neither had been participating.

Josh Reed is back.

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Fan Friday 5-22

Posted by Chris Brown on May 22, 2009 – 11:00 am

OTAs are underway and fans are checking up on their favorites. Enjoy the holiday weekend everybody. I’ll catch up with you on Tuesday… unless something happens between now and then.

1. Hey Chris,
With OTAs underway, everyone’s really excited to see what’s going on with T.O. I’m more interested in how my boy Marshawn Lynch is looking. How has he fared so far in the OTA sessions? Has he seen less carries to make way for Fred and Dominic?

Macon, Ga.

CB: Lynch has looked explosive and has bobbed and weaved well in and out of traffic and through holes. He also looks smooth in the passing game. I think the second year in Turk’s offensive system is allowing him to play faster, which is a scary thought.

With respect to Fred and Dominic, Rhodes is just getting a handle on the system and is being used sparingly. Jackson meanwhile has been split out a lot, and I mean a lot. More so than he was last year. That’s very telling considering the depth the Bills have a WR. Jackson has been out wide more than Parrish as far as I have seen.


2. hey chris, thanks for taking time to answer the question. besides the potential signing of tinoisamoa, are the bills looking at upgrading their linebacker core by free agency or are they content with who they have on the roster?

CB: I think Tinoisamoa remains an option, but at the right price. He’d be no more than a two down LB for the Bills because I think Poz and Mitchell would still be the nickel LBs, so spending big money wouldn’t make sense. As for upgrading linebacker, I think they’d look at it, but I don’t sense it as being a major pressing issue for them. They’ve got some young talent in Bowen.


3. Hey Chris,
Just wondering,who are the 5-10 walk ons or udfa s that the Bills have brought forward.
Every spring I love these guys because the Bills always gives them a fair shake and because they are there primarily because they love the game.

CB: Well there weren’t as many signed as initially anticipated. The tryout players from the rookie camp that were signed were CB Kyle Ward, long snapper Garrison Sanborn and DE Jermaine McGhee. Sanborn probably has the best chance to land on the practice squad.


4. With the trade of Peters and a big boost to out WR will Buffalo go get some Vet. help for our line so Edwards can have time to throw the ball?? I know in FA there is still Jon Runyan and even ol’ Jonas Jennings do you think we will go after them and if not why???

CB: I don’t see either player as an option. Buffalo has some depth at backup tackle. Kirk Chambers has proven to be a steady swing tackle and Demetrius Bell looks like he’s ready to provide competition for that role. Runyan is at the end of the line and gutted it out last season. Jonas Jennings was injury prone as a young player here. Now that he’s older I don’t see that situation improving. Liked him as a player, but it’s more about availability. As for interior veterans they picked up McKinney and Chambers is working at guard.


5. Hey Chris,
I know we drafted Shawn Nelson who I like a lot but with all the WR we have this year I was wondering what you think about Steve Johnson getting converted to TE. He has the size and body, I like Steve and really hope he gets more playing time but I would really like to see him at TE. No LB will be able to keep up with his speed and his hands are solid I think he would be one of the best TE in the game.
matt from Rochester

CB: It’s an interesting proposal, but I don’t see it happening. I think Johnson has a good chance to see more time on the field. He established a good chemistry with Trent Edwards down the stretch last season and I believe will be featured in the slot during four wide formations. You’re right he knows how to pluck the ball out of the air and can shield defenders from the ball. I think he’s got a bright future.

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Rhodes is in

Posted by Chris Brown on May 19, 2009 – 2:46 pm

After missing the first day of voluntary OTAs Monday, RB Dominic Rhodes is on the field participating in practice.

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Rhodes, McIntyre not in attendance

Posted by Chris Brown on May 18, 2009 – 5:19 pm

Not in attendance at the first day of OTAs were only four players on the entire roster were not in attendance.

The rookies who must miss due to their final exam schedule, Jairus Byrd and undrafted kicker Danny Urrego as well as veterans Dominic Rhodes and Corey McIntyre.

No word on the reason for the absence of the veteran players for the voluntary practice.

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