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Fan Friday 8-31

Posted by Chris Brown on August 31, 2012 – 12:57 pm

Today is final cutdown day to get to 53 so stay tuned to for the latest on the final roster. For now we’ll get to your questions from and @ChrisBrownBills on twitter.

1 – Hi Chris,   
I was wondering if there has been any clarity on the TD celebrations over the offseason.  Especially after the Steve Johnson TD in the Patriots game last year.  I know Chan Gailey was asking the league for a clear cut of cans’ and can nots’ after SJ was flagged.  I’d hate to see him have to sit or any of the other Bills for celebrating again.

Thank you for your time  
CB: Here’s what I found in the NFL rule book concerning excessive celebration.

Under Section 1 – Article 3 of the rule book for Prohibited play it reads as follows in subsets d-f.

(d) Prolonged or excessive celebrations or demonstrations by an individual player. Players are prohibited from engaging in any celebrations or demonstrations while on the ground. A celebration or demonstration shall be deemed excessive or prolonged if a player continues to celebrate or demonstrate after a warning from an official.

(e) Two or more players engaged in prolonged, excessive, premeditated or choreographed celebrations or demonstrations.

(f) Possession or use of foreign or extraneous objects that are not part of the uniform during the game on the field or the sideline, or using the ball as a prop.

The exceptions to it being a foul are if it’s between periods (end of quarter or half) or if a timeout has been called.

It goes on to further state that for (d) it is a penalty if it occurs anywhere except the bench area. (This is why Chad Ochocinco when still with the Bengals retreated to the bench area to do his celebrations)

Furthermore nowhere in the rule book does it state that a celebration that takes place in the stands with fans would draw a flag. Stevie has hinted at going into the stands after scoring a touchdown at the Ralph and sitting in a seat and having some popcorn and watching the extra point play.

As long as no other teammates join him in the stands (group celebration would draw a flag) I don’t know that they could flag him for it. Of course knowing he’s a marked man in the eyes of officials they might deem taking a seat in the first row as excessive and flag him anyway. 


2 – Chris,

Question, obviously the NFL is a business and teams have to manage their finances. Do you think that the Bills will cut veteran talent at the D-line and CB position that is behind on the depth chart to maybe utilize money elsewhere? I see us stacked at both positions. Also, would Chan and Buddy try to trade during the season if we needed depth at say LB or WR positions? I know Buddy likes his draft picks, but
wondering if he would give some up mid season for a trade if the Bills are making a run at the playoffs. Thanks for all you do CB!
Dan in LA

CB: I think the number one priority for any coach is to keep the best 53 players. Yes, Dwan Edwards and Spencer Johnson make good money for being second wave defensive tackles behind Marcell Dareus and Kyle Williams, but they’re also very dependable and proven players. Knowing how much rotation takes place on the defensive line in the course of a game, I would think they could justify their value to the club.

At cornerback I would disagree with your depth stance. As Buddy Nix always says you can never have enough corners. And as we see now with McGee suffering a bit of a setback in his recovery this past week and Ron Brooks now hurt (foot) suddenly your depth is gone. So again at that position I would say no to thinning the herd so to speak.

With respect to the trade idea, I think they would tend to keep players like the ones mentioned to make a run at the playoffs rather than get rid of them.


3 – Who’s the player with most potential to open some eyes this preseason?

Pete Borini
Clifton Park, NY

CB: As I stated in my training camp awards, Arthur Moats is the most improved player. I also think Nigel Bradham has the potential to surprise some people, and I think Donald Jones can really take a big step this season.


4 –  Hi Chris,

Is Marcus Easley eligible for the Practice Squad?  Since he hasn’t played a down in the regular season, I would have thought so, but I am not sure that this being his third year eliminates that option for the Bills.  It would be great if you could let us know what the exact qualifications are.

Los Angeles, CA

CB: Yes, Easley is eligible for the practice squad. I put the full list of eligible players on this blog last week. Players can serve up to three years on the practice squad. What eliminates a player from being eligible for the practice squad is if they have played in nine regular season games or more in any one season. That’s why Naaman Roosevelt is no longer eligible since he played in 10 games last season.


5 – Hey Chris,

Just a question about Terrence McGee.  Is he still best suited to be a corner?  Wouldn’t it be easier for him to play at the safety spot?  He would be a great backup free safety to Jairus and corners at his age (Champ Bailey comes to mind), sometimes make the switch to safety.  This would help fill a hole at safety and open room for another one of the young and talented undrafted corners to make the roster.  Just a thought. 

Tommy of Pittsford
Go Bills!
CB: Yes, McGee is still corner material. In fact when healthy I would argue he’s one of the two best outside cornerbacks on this roster. Healthy obviously has been the problem. I realize fans are down on him because of his injury history the past two years, but he is still a very capable cornerback.

What fans need to realize is this organization made a decision on McGee when they released Drayton Florence. They decided he was the guy to keep so there’s a commitment there and I anticipate they’ll be patient with his recovery.

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Flo reacts to being released

Posted by Chris Brown on May 4, 2012 – 9:37 am

Veteran CB Drayton Florence, who was released by the Bills on Friday, has been in the league long enough to know that first and foremost it’s a business.

Florence tweeted the following after he was let go by Buffalo.

@DraytonFlorence Business is Business no feelings move on and continue to grind Thanks for all the support #billsmafia the Grind Continues

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Flo to watch Super Bowl w/troops

Posted by Chris Brown on January 31, 2012 – 4:24 pm

Bills CB Drayton Florence is going to be watching Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday with the troops.

Florence will be in Honduras with US troops stationed there. He talked about it on ESPN Radio. The interview starts at the 10 minute mark.

“I’ll be doing a military tour where we’re traveling to three military bases to boost the morale of the troops a bit,” Florence told Ross Tucker. “It should be a great experience. I grew up in a military family so I made sure my Foundation gives back to the troops that sacrifice so much.”

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Flo visiting troops overseas

Posted by Chris Brown on January 19, 2012 – 7:14 pm

Bills CB Drayton Florence is headed overseas to visit US troops.

Florence will be visiting troops as part of an Armed Forces Entertainment tour in Greenland, Honduras and El Salvador.

Florence, who has a sister in the service and whose father was in the service, plans to blog about his experience which is expected to last about one week. Stay tuned to the Drayton Florence Foundation website to hear more in Florence’s own words.

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Comparing slides

Posted by Chris Brown on December 19, 2011 – 12:19 am

With Buffalo’s current losing streak stretching further and further it’s drawing more and more comparisons to the club’s 0-8 start last year. Veteran Drayton Florence was asked after Sunday’s game if this slide is worse than last year’s.

“I think it’s more disappointing,” Florence said. “We start off good 5-2 and we just hit this skid in the road and we haven’t been able to bounce back. The good teams bounce back from this. They may lose three in a row, but they bounce back and find a way to win. We just haven’t been able to find a way to win.

“It’s just disappointing to start off so good and everybody is playing well, defense is getting turnovers, Fitz is throwing two or more touchdowns a game and we’ve got all the different receivers stepping up and making plays and it just hasn’t been happening. We’re still going out and preparing just as hard as we were from Week 1 and the results… we’re just not getting the ‘W’s.”

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Flo warns jobs are on the line

Posted by Chris Brown on December 19, 2011 – 12:06 am

The Bills are still mired in a lengthy losing streak, and veteran cornerback Drayton Florence believes if they don’t get a win in these final two games some heads could roll.

“A loss hurts if you lose by three or you lose by 30,” said Florence. “If you’re playing a preseason game or you’re playing regular season game nobody likes to lose. Losing “stinks” and if we don’t get this thing cleaned up and end on a good note myself included we’re all going to be looking for jobs next year.”

Another loss this coming weekend would match Buffalo’s eight-game losing streak to start the 2010 season.

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Flo’s military Christmas event

Posted by Chris Brown on December 16, 2011 – 2:10 pm

On Saturday (Dec 17), 29 WNY children, all of whom have a parent serving overseas that they will separated from this holiday season, will be treated to a very special Christmas celebration courtesy of Drayton Florence, cornerback for the NFL’s Buffalo Bills, and the Drayton Florence Foundation.

From 12-1:30 pm, Florence and some of his Bills teammates will be at the Santa’s Vision event, hosted by the Adam’s Mark Hotel in downtown Buffalo, and will host a private holiday party for these very special youngsters including a luncheon courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings in Hamburg, a unique Christmas tree storybook time, distribution of gifts and all-around holiday cheer. 

“Being a child in a military family myself and having recently had my sister serving our country overseas and missing holidays and birthdays with her kids, I am incredibly sensitive to the needs of these kids this time of year”, said Florence. “It is incredibly taxing on both our military serving our country, protecting our freedom, and the families they leave behind, and this time of year makes it even tougher.  Our goal is to take some time with these kids to provide joy and smiles for as long as we can.”

Outside of the private event hosted by the foundation, the entire Santa’s Vision event is open to the general public from 9 am – 3 pm on Dec 17th and is entirely FREE! All kids in attendance will get a free toy in addition to enjoying free pony rides, face painting, and pictures with Santa. In addition, a special area will be set up for children to write letters to our troops overseas and meet some of the men and women who serve our country.

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Flo to host trivia event Tuesday

Posted by Chris Brown on November 28, 2011 – 10:59 am

On Tuesday, Nov.29, Drayton Florence and his Drayton Florence Foundation will host Trivia Time, a trivia contest designed to raise awareness and funds for children of local Buffalo military families who have a parent(s) actively serving our country and defending our freedom this holiday season. From 7–10 pm, fans can come to Buffalo Wild Wings in Hamburg, NY and test their trivia knowledge with Florence himself as the host.

Prizes include a personal meet & greet with the cornerback, autographed items and more. DJ Trivia will handle the trivia contest itself.

“I don’t know if we all remember every day what our military families sacrifice for us… that commitment of being away from your family, time, risk, everything that goes into it, especially being away from your spouse and children at the holidays”, said Florence, who comes from a military family himself, which includes a sister that’s currently serving. “That’s what they sign up for and I don’t think we give those people enough credit with what they deal with each and every day.”

The event serves to raise awareness and money to create a Christmas to remember for the very special Buffalo area military families who are without their loved one(s) this holiday season. For an entry fee of just a $20 gift card to Walmart or a $20 donation to the Drayton Florence Foundation, fans can get in on the action, test their knowledge, challenge their friends and enjoy food specials courtesy or Buffalo Wild Wings.

For more information go to Drayton’s website.

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Opposing QB numbers

Posted by Chris Brown on November 15, 2011 – 12:57 pm

NFL quarterbacks that have faced the Bills through the first nine games of the season have thrown a lot of interceptions, but they’ve also completed a high percentage of passes. Here’s a look as to just how much success opposing QBs have had against Buffalo.

Opposing quarterbacks have completed 65.7% of their passes against the Bills. That’s the second-highest percentage in the league. Only Indianapolis has allowed a higher percentage (70.9%). The last two weeks Mark Sanchez and Tony Romo combined for a completion percentage of 79.6% (43-54). Buffalo has also allowed the second-most first downs this season via the pass (125), and are tied for the highest first down percentage allowed passing (40.5%) with Indy.

A lot of Bills fans believe it’s the pass rush, which ranks 27th with 15 sacks this year, but if you ask the players it’s everything.

“Pressure, coverage, tackling, everything we do on defense needed to be better,” said Drayton Florence. “That sense of urgency throughout the whole game just wasn’t there (Sunday).”

“It’s more so people running wide open down the field and that can’t happen on this level or any level for that matter,” said Kelvin Sheppard. “You can’t point fingers at nobody. It’s a collective effort. We know that it’s got to stop now, point blank.”

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Players want ‘White-out’

Posted by Chris Brown on November 2, 2011 – 11:18 am

Knowing the Bills are going to be wearing their white jerseys on Sunday against the Jets, they’re hoping the fans follow suit at the Ralph this weekend.

Drayton Florence is the latest Bill to put out the call to Bills Nation.

DraytonFlorence #WHITEOUT Sunday at the Ralph Everyone wear all white

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A play for prime time?

Posted by Chris Brown on September 29, 2011 – 7:55 am

Bills CB Drayton Florence was asked about getting off to a better start in games, which hasn’t been the case the past two weeks on both sides of the ball. Florence had a good tongue-in-cheek answer as to why they’ve had a couple of heart-pumping comeback victories the past two weeks.

“We’re just trying to get ourselves some Monday night games so we’re keeping the games exciting and keeping them close,” Florence deadpanned. 

On a more serious note, Florence recognizes that the Bills can’t keep cheating the hangman every week.

“We’d like to start out like we did at Kansas City, but we know that’s not going to happen each and every week,” he said. “We’ve going to have to be in those games if we have to come back at halftime or if we’re up at halftime we’ve got to sustain those leads also.”

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Flo’s SI cover

Posted by Chris Brown on September 28, 2011 – 3:33 pm

The Bills are the regional cover feature on Sports Illustrated this week after their win over New England. The cover shot features Drayton Florence’s interception return that broke the 24-24 tie in the fourth quarter. For those that aren’t in Western New York or New England you won’t be able to see it on newsstands, so here it is along with Florence’s thoughts about appearing on the SI cover.

“I’m representing the entire team,” said Florence. “I wish all the guys on defense could be on there with me, but that’s just one of the things that goes along with winning and as long as we continue to keep winning good things will happen.”









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Florence fan giveaway

Posted by Chris Brown on September 9, 2011 – 10:30 am

The Drayton Florence Foundation has announced a raffle for a game day experience package with proceeds going to help military families in the Buffalo area.  The raffle is being conducted online at and kicks off today, the 10th anniversary of the September 11th tragedy.

For just $10, you and a guest are entered into a drawing for a chance to watch the Buffalo Bills game on October 9, 2011 against the Philadelphia Eagles in style!  The winner will be selected on Friday, September 30th and only 1,000 tickets will be sold. 

The winner will receive:
▪ Two (2) tickets to the Bills-Eagles game▪ Two (2) roundtrip airfare tickets on JetBlue▪ Parking Pass for the game▪ Two (2) nights at the Comfort Suites, downtown Buffalo▪ $50 gift certificate to Buffalo Wild Wings▪ Post-game private meet and greet with Bills cornerback Drayton Florence▪ Two (2) autographed footballs

2011 marks the second year that the Drayton Florence Foundation has partnered with the Wounded Warrior Project to provide Buffalo Bills tickets to our troops wounded while serving our country. Later this year, the foundation will host a holiday party for our western New York military families, complete with gifts, games and activities for the entire family.

To help support the efforts of the Drayton Florence Foundation and help give back to the families of the men and women who give so much for our country, please visit

A child of a military family himself, with both his father and currently his sister serving our country, Bills cornerback Drayton Florence is all too aware of the challenges that families face during these deployments. It is because of this passion for our local heroes that Drayton has refocused the mission of his foundation to educate, motivate and stimulate youth, preparing them for a lifetime of success, to specifically serve the families of our active military.

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Merriman, Flo to get fewer reps

Posted by Chris Brown on August 13, 2011 – 1:23 pm

Bills head coach Chan Gailey said a few days ago that some players might play a little less than the rest of their teammates on the first or second unit depending on their situation. A couple of Bills vets will fall into that category for the preseason opener tonight. has learned that Shawne Merriman and Drayton Florence will get a bit less playing time than the rest of the starting defense against the Bears. Gailey had hinted earlier in the week that Merriman’s workload would be a bit less since his layoff from live football was longer than most.

Merriman is expected to get about 10 plays. Drayton Florence, who returned on Wednesday from an ankle injury sooner than expected, will also be given a lighter workload so as not to overdo it and risk re-aggravating the injury.

The rest of the starting unit is expected to get 15 plays, so the difference won’t be dramatic.

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Shep back

Posted by Chris Brown on August 10, 2011 – 6:37 pm

For the first time since his first practice of camp LB Kelvin Sheppard is back practicing. And he’s joined by a host of other Bills backed from injury.

Drayton Florence (ankle), Roscoe Parrish, Chris Kelsay and Donald Jones (calf) have all returned to the fold here at night practice.

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Flo to miss 1st preseason game?

Posted by Chris Brown on August 7, 2011 – 4:47 pm

Bills CB Drayton Florence had more than just a cramp in last night’s practice, and now there’s a good chance that the veteran corner misses the first preseason game.

Head coach Chan Gailey provided an update on just what Florence is dealing with.

“He got a sprained ankle when he got down here in the end zone on a catch,” said Gailey. “He’ll be out… I don’t know, four days, six days. Every guys is different when it comes to those.”

When asked if he figured that Florence would miss the preseason opener Gailey answered in the affirmative.

“Yes,” he said. “Yes.”

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Friday’s wildest play

Posted by Chris Brown on August 5, 2011 – 9:10 pm

It happened during 11-on-11 team work. It appeared that Drayton Florence made a successful break on the ball and Terrence McGee was also in the vicinity for the defense, but then the unusual unfolded.

Florence couldn’t control the Ryan Fitzpatrick pass that was intended for Lee Evans, it glanced off his hands but bounced right to an oncoming Terrence McGee. However, the ball was on McGee so quickly he couldn’t react quickly enough and the ball bounced off his arm…

Right into the waiting hands of Lee Evans, who promptly turned up field and scored a would be touchdown. Easily the craziest play of camp so far.

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Flo set to go

Posted by Chris Brown on August 4, 2011 – 11:19 am

Drayton Florence is another veteran player that finally gets the green light tonight for practice with the league year officially starting at 4 pm. The veteran cornerback is glad to be back on the field and with the Bills.

“This year, we didn’t have a lot of time to go back and forth,” said Florence of the negotiating process. “The Bills stepped up and had a good offer. I had discussions with Buddy Nix and some of the coaches. It was just the right fit. I’m happy to be back and get back out on the field.”

Florence figures to line up in his familiar starting right cornerback role, but having missed four days of work, we’ll see if he’s eased into things knowing it’s a full pads workout tonight.

I’m ready to get out there and battle with the guys that I’m going to be playing with the whole season.

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Debut of Barnett, Smith, Thigpen

Posted by Chris Brown on August 4, 2011 – 7:30 am

It’ll be an interesting night practice today with the new signees able to participate for the first time in training camp provided 50% plus one of the players ratify the CBA with the final details being agreed upon between the league and NFLPA.

A majority is expected to vote in favor of the new CBA by 4 pm, which would allow Nick Barnett, Brad Smith and Tyler Thigpen to all be on the field tonight along with Drayton Florence who re-signed with Buffalo. Head coach Chan Gailey is looking forward to it.

“Obviously I’m looking forward to that,” said head coach Chan Gailey. “I think our whole team is looking forward to getting everyone on the field and allowing us to have a full complement of players. There are quite a few from that group that we expect to be on the field next year.”

Restricted free agent TE Scott Chandler will also be participating for the first time along with long snapper Garrison Sanborn, who re-signed as an exclusive rights free agent.

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Flo keeping up with workouts

Posted by Chris Brown on August 1, 2011 – 1:50 pm

Bills players with new contracts signed after the lockout cannot practice until the new CBA is ratified by the NFLPA. As Bills GM Buddy Nix said however, those players can work out on their own, and that’s just what Drayton Florence is doing.

DraytonFlorence Just finished great workout at midtown athletic club top notch facility. Coming back for tomm for yoga class.
Florence is just one of the players that can’t practice right now along with TE Scott Chandler, LS Garrison Sanborn, QB Tyler Thigpen, QB Brad Smith and recent signee LB Nick Barnett. I’ve got to believe all of them are staying on point working out on their own so they’re as ready as possible when they can rejoin their teammates on the practice field.

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