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Panthers injury report

Posted by Chris Brown on September 11, 2013 – 4:12 pm

Here’s what Carolina’s injury report looks like heading in Sunday’s game with the Bills.

Starting LB Jon Beason is the most notable name on this list as well as former Bills and current starting Carolina DT Dwan Edwards, who did not practice Wednesday. LP stands for limited participation.




Participation Wednesday

Kenyon Barner




Dwan Edwards




Ben Hartsock




Jon Beason




James Dockery




Domenik Hixon




Mike Mitchell




Amini Silatolu




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Kyle Williams sitting tonight

Posted by Chris Brown on August 30, 2012 – 6:50 pm

Kyle Williams is going to be sitting tonight’s preseason finale out.

Williams did suffer a minor wrist injury in last week’s game against Pittsburgh and practiced on a limited basis this week, so the Bills are erring on the side of caution with Williams. Dwan Edwards is expected to start in place of Williams at defensive tackle.

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How I-R for Troup helps

Posted by Chris Brown on August 23, 2012 – 3:20 pm

Torell Troup legitimately had to go the route of injured reserve. He just wasn’t going to be able to help this defense in time coming off of back surgery. Troup’s removal from the roster equation also helps in another way.

It stashes a young, capable defensive tackle on their roster. Granted he has to prove he can make it all the way back, but knowing that Spencer Johnson is in the final year of his contract and Dwan Edwards is only signed through the 2013 season, there will be a need to get younger depth behind starters Marcell Dareus and Kyle Williams. That figures to be Troup and Alex Carrington, who could be the fifth defensive tackle kept on the 53-man roster if the numbers fall right.

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Fan Friday 5-25

Posted by Chris Brown on May 25, 2012 – 11:45 am

Happy Memorial Day weekend Bills fans. Don’t forget those servicemen and women that made the ultimate sacrifice. May they all rest in peace. Let’s press on with your questions from

1 – Hey Chris,

I’m hoping you can give us some idea how our line plays out after Kyle, Mario, Anderson and Dareus. Do Kelsay and Merriman split time on the left end with Kelsay playing run downs and Merriman playing pass downs? I assume Dwan Edwards and Troup are tackles. Are Carrington and Spencer Johnson tackles or ends? Are Moats and Batten ends or linebackers? Do you think all of those players even make the team?

Thanks and Go Bills,

CB: From what I have heard Dwan Edwards is now a defensive tackle and to me that makes sense in a 4-3 scheme. Troup obviously is still a defensive tackle. Carrington and Spencer Johnson are both ends, with the ability to kick inside to defensive tackle on obvious passing downs should a rotation be needed. Moats and Batten are both outside linebackers. Kelsay would presumably be a run defending end with Merriman and Anderson pass rushing options on obvious passing downs.

Do all of them make the team? I’m not so sure they do.


2 – Chris,

With the upgrade to the pass rush, it is still to be determined how much better the Bills’ run defense will fair. Pass rush was an issues that needed to be fixed with Mario and Anderson. However, the last two years the Bills run defense has been last and 28th in the league. I feel this part is being ignored by the team in some degree. Even when the Bills were using the 4-3 they gave up lots of yards. How will the switch to the 4-3 contain the “big plays the team gave up. It is still a question how the 3 LB’s will shape up in new positions. Obvious a healthy Kyle is part but what else do they need to do since they appear in pass rush mode instead of stop the run. 

Thanks always, 

CB: When they went to the 4-3 they were still giving up rushing yards because they didn’t have Kyle Williams, Torell Troup and Shawne Merriman (a very underrated run defender) in the lineup. The players they get back healthy this offseason is what will improve the run defense, more so than the scheme.


3 – Chris,

Short and simple.. how is our center doing? haven’t heard anything about Eric’s rehab. Wood love an update:) 

Eric (displaced fan in AZ)

CB: Wood is progressing well, but won’t be doing any real on the field football-related stuff until training camp. That’s the timetable.


4 – Hey CB,

I was looking through the remaining free agents and I saw that there are still some decent free agent WR’s. Do you think there is any chance of the Bills still picking a receiver up? Or OT? 

Thanks, Carter

CB: I would never rule anything out. Buddy Nix always says you never know who might become available late in the free agent process, like Nick Barnett last year. That being said, Chan has said time and again that he likes his group of receivers on the roster already. I think an offensive tackle is added only if Hairston and Glenn struggle mightily.


5 – Hi, Chris, 

Last pre-season, the Bills said that they had too many good receivers, so they traded Lee Evans. Roughly a year later, they say that a deep threat receiver (e.g. Lee Evans) is near the top of their needs list. What has changed? Have they re-evaluated those “too many good receivers” and decided that they are not so good after all?

Tom from Charlottesville, VA

CB: First, the Bills were trying to publicly show some respect for the years that Lee Evans gave them. They didn’t publicly say they felt he was a player in decline, but that was their opinion and ultimately why he was traded. That was the main impetus, not because of who they had. They did feel by moving Evans off the roster it would allow more of their young talent to blossom, chiefly Marcus Easley, who is a deep threat and a huge target. That was compromised however, when his medical condition ended his season before it began just days before Week 1.

They’ve added additional deep threats in T.J. Graham and David Clowney, so there’s some insurance this time around and Easley is medically cleared and ready to get his career off the ground.

BONUS: Chris,

Thanks for keeping BillsNation in the loop with your work.   I’m curious if you could give us a sense of what the Bills main objectives are in OTA’s?   Clearly assimilating new players from free agency and the draft is job 1, but what else do they view as important during OTA’s?

Tony C.

CB: I think getting the defensive players up to speed with the new defensive scheme under Dave Wannstedt is at the top of the priority list. Second, there are a lot of new pieces that have to get accustomed to playing with one another in that front seven. And third, there’s a very good chance that a second-year CB and rookie CB will be starting on the boundaries in Aaron Williams and Gilmore, so getting them ready will be huge.

On offense it’s finding a definitive answer at left tackle, being more consistent on third downs, getting Marcus Easley ready for the season, finding a true number two threat opposite Stevie Johnson and finding a way to get Jackson and Spiller on the field at the same time.

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Fan Friday 3-30

Posted by Chris Brown on March 30, 2012 – 10:23 am

Hard to believe we’re 26 days away from the NFL draft! Get up to speed on the top 5 prospects at each position with our video position previews in the media center at where you hear from almost every one of the prospects profiled. Let’s get to your questions.

1 – Chris,
I like Nix’s stance on picking value over need, but since OLB is a definite need, if Terrell Manning from NC State is still available in the 3rd, do you think he’s what the Bills are looking for? He seems like a pretty quick, tough, instinctive player. Also, is there any chance TE Coby Fleener is going to be available for us in the 2nd round, & if so, would the Bills go for him? I know they’re high on Chandler, who had a good year, but you can’t deny Fleener’s ability/athleticism. Last, is there any chance the Bills trade out of the #10 pick? I just can’t see them taking a (right) tackle with Pears playing as well as he did & DE/OLB seems like a reach. Unless some fluke-ishness, a-la last year w/ the Locker-Gabbert-Ponder run,  happens in those 1st 9 picks & CB Claiborne is still available, I don’t see anyone being worth what we’d have to pay a #10 pick. I’d rather trade the pick altogether for a proven vet, Mike Wallace anyone? Thanks for all your work keeping us displaced Bills fans in the loop.

Mauricio Grossi
Chicago, Il

CB: A lot of questions here. First, Terrell Manning to me is a boom or bust player. Most believe he should’ve returned to N.C. State for the 2012 season and I’m one to agree. He just doesn’t make enough plays. He’ll flash here and there, but he doesn’t have great football instincts. Manning overruns a lot of plays in my opinion. He has pass rush ability, but I think the better overall player is his teammate Audie Cole. After Cole ran in the 4.6s at his pro day I felt better about him being a LB target in the 3rd or 4th round. He played mostly SLB, but was moved to MLB this past season for the Wolfpack.

He’s a smart, instinctive player with good physical ability. At 6’4” 246, he’s got prototype size for the strong side LB spot and would be a great young prospect to line up behind veteran Kirk Morrison. I met him at the Combine and liked what I heard. The dude’s hand swallowed mine (10 inch hands). I think he also could serve as a backup MLB.

Stanford’s Coby Fleener is now being talked about as a late first-round pick after his monster pro day last week. I don’t know that he’ll go that high, so you’re right about him probably being there for Buffalo in round two. I just don’t see tight end being a priority. Chandler I believe still has some potential to reach. Last year was his first year as a full-time starter. I think he can do even more this year.

As for trading out of the 10th overall pick. I think it is very realistic. If Buffalo doesn’t like what is on the board at offensive tackle in terms of the value matching up at pick 10, and they don’t believe WR Michael Floyd is right for the 10th pick either, I could see them making an effort to move back five to 10 spots and picking up an extra choice. Of course they need to find a trade partner to do that.

Your dream of getting Mike Wallace by the way are remote at best. All signs point to him being re-signed by Pittsburgh.


2 – Hey Chris,

I really appreciate all the work you do in keeping us informed on the Bills.  My question is about Memphis DT Dontari Poe.  Heard he blew people away at the combine with his athleticism for his size of 6-4 and 346 pounds.  I know we have Williams are Dareus in the middle, but Poe reminds a lot of people of another guy the Bills passed on Pro Bowler Haloti Ngata.  Curious if you think the Bills would give any consideration to drafting this guy or would they rather address a bigger need? 

Thank you,
Jeremy from San Antonio
CB: While Poe is an intriguing prospect and should be no worse than a mid-first round pick, I don’t see Buffalo going the DT route. The Bills have a lot of depth on the interior with Torell Troup on the road to recovery from back surgery, Kellen Heard and now Dwan Edwards as a likely DT in the new 4-3 scheme.

Buffalo’s positional demands at OT, WR, LB and CB trump DT.

And while I like Poe as a prospect, he’s not Haloti Ngata.


3 – Dear Chris,

Is it plausible the Bills would consider using one of their 4th round picks on Kellen Moore? I think he has potential be a great backup for Fitz. His accuracy would fit well into our offensive scheme. Many are casting doubts on his ability to perform at the next level, but it seems Buffalo has built a 1st class culture through acquiring players with a chip on their shoulder!  

Thanks for keeping us in the loop with your great coverage. 

Larry D
Fort Collins, CO  

CB: Being a guy of small stature myself I always root for the guys that aren’t blessed with the physical gifts that the elite prospects possess. But it’s even hard for me to look past Moore’s physical limitations. Being under six-feet tall wouldn’t be as much of an issue if he was on the higher end of the athleticism meter. Unfortunately he’s not. He lacks agility and escapability and that hurts him at the NFL level because at his height he’s going to need to move around a lot to find throwing lanes to throw through, much like Doug Flutie did. Moore can’t move like Flutie.

He’s super intelligent and anticipates throws really, really well. He puts good touch on the ball as well, but driving the ball downfield isn’t something he’s going to do. I suppose he could survive as a backup WCO QB, but I believe he’ll be a successful offensive coordinator in this league before he’s a successful quarterback. A sixth or seventh-round pick at best.


4 – Chris,

Love the offseason coverage. Can’t wait until draft day! Can you breakdown who is in the mix to fill the rush/SAM LB in the new defense? Who are the best 43 LB in the draft that could fill the void?  Hightower (Alabama) Lewis (Oklahoma). Where do players like Chris White and Robert Eddins (who looked great in preseason ) fit into the new LB scheme. The team needs depth at LB at all 3 positions.


CB: As it stands now Morrison would be the starting SLB going into camp with Moats backing him up over there and last year’s sixth-round pick Chris White in that mix too. On the weak side it’s Nick Barnett and Robert Eddins, who is under contract and is a rush LB. I anticipate Shawne Merriman to be a pass rushing end on the open side (right side) so he’s out of the mix. I believe Bryan Scott could be part of competition as well knowing he played a hybrid LB role in the team’s nickel package last year.

As for draft prospects that fit the 4-3, Hightower to me is an ILB and probably a second-round prospect. Lewis is an interesting player because he’s got a lot of physical talent, but since the Oklahoma coaches never found a spot for him it’s hard to know what he is exactly. He also had some academic issues and it was recommended to him that he turn pro. Also said to have some maturity issues so he doesn’t sound like Bills draft material. North Carolina’s Zach Brown (WLB), Boise State’s Shea McClellin (SLB), Utah State’s Bobby Wagner and N.C. State’s Audie Cole (SLB) are all guys I feel better about.


5 – I’m puzzled about the status of Alex Carrington.  He played as a 4-3 defensive end in college and in the 3-4 this year they played him at linebacker, even though he is around 300 lbs.  He must have quickness to play linebacker and I heard he increased his strength dramatically coming into last season.  Therefore, why isn’t he mentioned as a candidate to be one of the starting defensive ends in the 4-3?  Thanks for being willing to answer our questions.

Tom O.

CB:  The reason why you don’t see him being mentioned as a DE in Buffalo’s new 4-3 defense is because he’s likely to be a defensive tackle. Carrington added lean muscle to his frame last year and came into camp at 305 pounds. He was miscast as an OLB, but he along with Spencer Johnson were the best answers they had in terms of setting the edge in the run front with Merriman out of the lineup. Now in the 4-3 Carrington is likely to be a wave player on the interior. I believe he’s capable of playing a LDE role in a 4-3, but there he would be a backup to Mario Williams.

The Bills are going to have some tough decisions to make on the defensive line this summer where they currently have 16 players.

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Bills on phones for Variety club

Posted by Chris Brown on March 24, 2012 – 11:45 am

A handful of current Bills players and a couple of Bills alumni will be working the phones on Sunday afternoon at the Variety Club telethon at the Adam’s Mark in downtown Buffalo.

Dwan Edwards, Alex Carrington, Mike Jasper, Alumni Bob Dugan and Will Fowler, Billy Buffalo and the Buffalo Jills are all scheduled to be in attendance between 3 and 4 pm. The telethon will air on Channel 7 with the players answering phone calls and accepting pledges. 

This is the 50th annual Telethon for Variety –The Children’s Charity of Buffalo & Western New York which is the longest locally produced Telethon in the world, and the 49th for Channel 7.  All monies raised by the Variety Kids Telethon benefit The Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, Robert Warner M.D. Center For Children With Special Needs and many other local charities benefiting children that Variety serves.

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Dwan is ‘Big Wiggle’

Posted by Chris Brown on November 3, 2011 – 8:48 am

Jets head coach Rex Ryan was Dwan Edwards defensive line coach and later his defensive coordinator in Baltimore before the defensive lineman came to the Bills. Ryan referred to Edwards by the nickname he had with the Ravens in his conference call with the WNY media.

Ryan showed his knowledge of football history in comparing his former player and Marcell Dareus to an old defensive line tandem from Buffalo’s storied AFL past.

“I know Dareus, the way he’s playing and the way Big Wiggle as I used to call him is playing, Edwards, they remind me of Ron McDole and that Tom Sestak, that No. 70 that used to play in the AFL days,” said Ryan.

Edwards admitted that ‘Big Wiggle’ was a nickname given to him as a rookie, but that another teammate gave it to him, not Ryan. In any event it stuck while he was with the Ravens. And during his time there he knows Ryan taught him a lot about the game.

“I loved him, I still have a lot for respect for the guy,” said Edwards. “Definitely want to beat him on Sunday.  He was my defensive line coach coming in so I learned a lot from him. He’s a competitive guy, he wants to win.  He wants his team to believe they’re the best team in the world regardless if they are or aren’t.”

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Merriman sitting

Posted by Chris Brown on August 17, 2011 – 6:43 pm

Head coach Chan Gailey said he would err on the side of caution with Shawne Merriman, and so a day after Merriman’s practice was cut short due to muscle tightness, he’s a spectator again tonight.
The tightness as he described it is in his right leg. Other non-participants tonight included some new players in Dwan Edwards and Mansfield Wrotto.

Here are the other non-participants.

Justin Rogers
Kelvin Sheppard
Chris White
Chris Hazley
Shawn Nelson
Chris Hairston
Kellen Heard
T.J. Langley
Craig Davis

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Dwan, Poz, Byrd all rank

Posted by Chris Brown on July 21, 2011 – 11:19 am

The film geeks and stat crunchers at Pro Football Focus are at it again and three Bills players make an appearance among their top reliable tacklers.

Dwan Edwards ranked an impressive seventh in the league among defensive linemen with one of the lowest missed tackle/per attempt ratios in the league over the past three seasons. He missed just one tackle for every 48 attempts between 2008-2010.

Poz fared even better placing fifth in the league among linebackers, though his ratio wasn’t quite as good as Edwards. His ratio over the past three seasons had him missing a tackle once every 24.64 attempts.

Finally Jairus Byrd, who worked very hard in his second NFL season to improve his angles to make more secure tackles, ranked 11th among NFL defensive backs. His missed tackle to tackle attempt ratio was one miss in every 17 attempts.

Knowing how much the Bills defense was on the field last season, it’s a good showing for some of the members of that starting unit.

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Top 10 series returns

Posted by Chris Brown on June 30, 2011 – 9:50 am

The Top 10 Performances of 2010 series resumes today (Thursday) after a brief hiatus due to the unveiling of the Bills new uniforms. Part 4 of our series features Bills defensive line coach Giff Smith who breaks down Dwan Edwards Week 7 performance against his former team the Baltimore Ravens.

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Fan Friday 5-13

Posted by Chris Brown on May 13, 2011 – 12:30 pm

Happy Friday the 13th everybody! Let’s get to your questions from, which is where you can submit your question.

1 – Chris,
The long snapper is always mystifying to most NFL fans. As they only play on punting and field goals. In terms of Garrison Sanborn, he hasn’t played any time at offensive line. With roster spots so key, why don’t the Bills get a player to snap and also play in some capacity.  It would make sense for Wood or any other interior lineman to play this position. What is the teams philosophy for the position considering  he is on such few plays?

Jack S.

CB:  The long snapper has been a specialized position for the better part of 20-25 years. Mastering the velocity and accuracy is practically an art form. Yes, there are other players on Buffalo’s roster that can do it in a pinch, but NFL clubs have made it clear they’re willing to devote a roster spot to that role. It’s obvious they feel it’s worth it and Chan Gailey, who was once a special teams coach, feels the same way.

Your point however, is valid. For a guy that’s in on about 15 plays a game it’s certainly one that’s short on quantity. Obviously NFL coaches favor the quality of the performance at that position more.

2 – Chris,
Last year Buddy and Chan were very busy all year adding O linemen,recievers,TEs,linebackers etc. So many it is impossible to know who we still have and who we have let go. I checked the “transaction” file and it doesn’t help and needs to be upgraded.

Do we know who of all those additions still have a chance to stay? I know that after the draft and then the additions of UDFAs and all those others. I’m going to go crazy trying to figure out who is who?

Thanks for any help you can give us.

CB: Since there is no CBA there are no rules as to how many accrued seasons a player must have to be an unrestricted, restricted or exclusive rights free agent. With no rules there is no way to designate the free agent status of players whose contracts are up. As such it’s more difficult to determine who is more likely to stay or go. Hence your crazy state of being.

When it’s all settled it’ll come into better focus.

3 – Hey Chris,
First off, thank you so much for all you do with keep my fellow Bills fans and myself up to date on our beloved team, even through our YEARS of struggles.  With the release of the 2011 schedule, once again it looks like a real tough one, 2nd toughest in the NFL, I looked back at the last 5 years.  Four of the last five years we have played both Super Bowl teams.  The other year we played one.  What are the odds of something like that happening?  I think before they started this rotational schedule, they use to determine opponents by records?  Do you think it’s just poor luck of the draw or that the NFL should reconsider their strength of scheduling rules?  I know they never know which teams are going to do well, but 9 of the last 10 Super Bowl teams seems ridiculous!!  Thanks again for everything and as always GO BILLS and GO 2011 NFL SEASON!!
Best regards,
Lancaster, NY

CB: First, thanks for the kind words. I understand your frustration, but the rotational schedule is what it is. Now the Bills did have a much easier schedule in 2008 when they began with three of their first five games against the pitiful NFC West and got off to a 5-1 start. Part of Buffalo’s strength of schedule can be directly attributed to the Patriots regular season dominance. They went 14-2 last season and that sharply shifts the winning percentage of their opponents. But they also face teams like Cincinnati and Denver, teams that were right there with them at the top of the draft board with the same 2010 record (4-12).

Sometimes a team will have the unfortunate timing of facing an intra or inter conference division that has quality from top to bottom (NFC East). The AFC West had been struggling in recent years with the exception of San Diego, but Kansas City has rebounded and Oakland was even at .500 last year. The strength of divisions sometimes go in cycles and it’s just a matter of when your team is up to play them.

4 – Chris,

I have been an avid Buffalo Bills fan for years, I know how we got the name Bills, but what does it (Bills) mean or stand for?


CB: So you know the story of the essay contest to name the AAFC team back in 1946 and the winning essay was written by James Dyson.

He compared the team to a band of “Buffalo Bills.” He wrote that while the legendary Indian Scout William “Buffalo Bill” Cody helped trailblaze the American Frontier, the football team was opening a new frontier in Buffalo sports.

So in essence the Bills are a band of trailblazers I suppose for lack of a clearer definition.  

5 – Chris, 

Can you help to break down the rotation of players in both 4-3 and 3-4 system coming into camp? It’s seems a given that Marcell and Kyle will be on the field in both schemes for a majority of the plays. Will Troup now have to be 3rd in line to play nose or 3-technique? In 3-4 DE, does Carrington have a chance to push Dwan for a starting chance? 



CB: The coaches will obviously make those decisions, but here’s what I envision them doing. In a 3-4 set it should be from left to right Dareus, Williams and Dwan Edwards. Carrington and Spencer Johnson are the two rotational ends with Torell Troup the backup nose.

If they choose to go to more of a 4-3 look in the subpackages, Dareus will likely kick inside with Williams. Carrington, who is one of the better pass rushing ends would likely be on the field as well, with possible a stand up linebacker on the right side next to Williams.

In a straight 4-3 I’d expect it to be left to right Dareus, Troup, Williams, Edwards.

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Dwan prefers Kaepernick

Posted by Chris Brown on February 22, 2011 – 2:37 pm

Dwan Edwards, who is new to twitter, held a question and answer session his account and as expected there was a lot of draft prospect talk. When asked which QB he’d prefer the Bills to take in the draft his answer was a bit unexpected. Here was the give and take.

The question came from this tweeter.

homeslice5484 Which QB would you take in the draft if QB was the pick? Newton? Gabbert? Kaepernick? Mallet?

And here was Edwards’ response with the question attached.

DTrain_98 Kaepernick RT @homeslice5484 Which QB would you take in the draft if QB was the pick? Newton? Gabbert? Kaepernick? Mallet?

When asked why he preferred Kaepernick in a subsequent tweet, Edwards said he liked his playing style. Well all of this has gotten around to Kaepernick himself in the fast moving twitter universe and here was Kaepernick’s comment on Edwards’ preference.

Kaepernick10 DTrain_98 might be my new favorite player!

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Def. game plan “simpler”

Posted by Chris Brown on December 5, 2010 – 10:31 am

With jack-of-all-trades LB  Reggie Torbor and DE Dwan Edwards now on I-R and the likes of rookies Antonio Coleman and Alex Carrington helping to fill those voids, Buffalo’s defensive scheme will not have as many wrinkles as it usually does this week. Head coach Chan Gailey explains why.

“You have to monitor how you set things up,” said Gailey. “They have to handle every call, but what you do is you set the game plan up to be a little simpler, a little easier to understand. You don’t do all the subtle things you were doing earlier in the year with all those veterans in there. So really you have to scale it back for the whole defense in case you have to play one of those guys.”

Coleman is expected to handle most of those OLB duties previously manned by Torbor. At ILB Akin Ayodele and Bryan Scott are expected to divvy up Torbor’s ILB duties. And at DE, Spencer Johnson is expected to start in Edwards spot with Alex Carrington rotating in a good deal.

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Dwan’s 2010 in question

Posted by Chris Brown on November 29, 2010 – 5:11 pm

Dwan Edwards hamstring injury could keep him out the rest of the season.

Head coach Chan Gailey provided an update on Edwards’ status after suffering the injury in Sunday’s overtime loss to the Steelers.

“He’s not doing well,” said Gailey. “It’s going to be a while. I don’t know how long a while will be so don’t ask me, but it’ll be longer than shorter.”

When asked if injured reserve is a possibility for the veteran defensive end, Gailey didn’t dismiss it.

“I don’t know,” Gailey said. “It’ll be close.”

Gailey made it sound like Edwards would be fortunate to play in the last one or two games of the season.

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Dwan Edwards update

Posted by Chris Brown on November 28, 2010 – 6:15 pm

Head coach Chan Gailey gave the indication that Dwan Edwards hamstring injury Sunday against the Steelers will keep him out indefinitely.

“Not good. Not good,” said Gailey when asked about Edwards injury. “It looks like we’ll lose him for a while.”

Buffalo was already without Spencer Johnson, who suffered a hamstring injury two weeks ago against Detroit. Johnson might be ready to return next Sunday against the Vikings, but if not, the Bills will be down to just three healthy defensive ends in Marcus Stroud, Alex Carrington and John McCargo.

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Foreign territory

Posted by Chris Brown on October 10, 2010 – 11:09 pm

For Bills players that have been on the roster for the better part of the last three or four seasons, Sunday’s result was unfortunately all too familiar. But Buffalo’s 0-5 start has caught some of the Bills’ newer free agent additions scratching their heads.

“I’ve never been through anything like this,” said Dwan Edwards. “I hate to make excuses. I’m not an excuse making guy. We’re definitely not getting it done on defense and we’ve got to do better.”

For Andra Davis he too was at a loss for finding an answer to their omnipresent defensive issues.

“Everything is bad right now,” Davis said when asked what the main issue is with the defensive performance. “There is no magic wand that you can wave. I have no idea.”

Buffalo will be very busy in all phases during the bye week as the team will be practicing right up until the weekend.

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DL Edwards on Pryce

Posted by Chris Brown on September 30, 2010 – 11:39 am

With the Jets signing veteran DE Trevor Pryce away from Baltimore, Bills DE Dwan Edwards will be seeing a good friend of his this Sunday and a former teammate.

“He just texted me and said, ‘I’ll see you this weekend,'” Edwards told

Pryce was a free agent after he was released by the Ravens, who had to do some roster shuffling to sign safety Ken Hamlin. Their intent all along was to re-sign Pryce next week, but the Jets swooped in and signed him.

Edwards believes that Pryce will be able to step right into the Jets defense and play for them this weekend having played under Rex Ryan in Baltimore when he was the Ravens DL coach and later defensive coordinator.

“Yeah he should be able to play in Rex’s system right away,” said Edwards. “He’s a good pass rusher and can do some things in that 3-4.”

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Assessing the pass rush

Posted by Chris Brown on September 29, 2010 – 2:19 pm

Through the first three games the Bills defense has logged four sacks. They know as well as anyone it’s not good enough.

“Well that’s the one thing that we’ve got to do a better job of is pressuring the passer and I think that we’ve got to do better when we rush four,” said head coach Chan Gailey. “We’ve got to do better when we rush five and six. It’s not just one thing that’s creating a lack of pass rush for us right now.”

When asked if he was satisfied with the team’s pass rush, DL Dwan Edwards said he was not.

“I don’t think you ever are, no matter how many times you get to the quarterback, you want to get to him more, get a few more shots on him, a few more hits and force some more bad throws to increase your chances of winning. It’s something we have to get better at,” he said. “You’ve got to get after every quarterback you play. That’s got to be the plan and where you start and to have success that’s what you’ve got to do.”

Entrusted with filling the void left by the retired Aaron Schobel, second-year OLB Aaron Maybin has been looked upon as the future linch pin of the team’s pass rush. He saw the most time on the field defensively last Sunday getting 38 plays. Gailey knows there’s still some progress that Maybin has to make.

“Aaron is one of the guys that has to continue to improve,” Gailey said. “He needs to be a pass rush threat for us. We’ve got to get him to stay strong the whole game. He rushed better in the first half than the second half. Hopefully he stays strong and rushes in the second half of games. You should be getting stronger as games go on.”

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Bills get grant for football camps

Posted by Chris Brown on July 7, 2010 – 2:27 pm

Bills players Andra Davis, Dwan Edwards and John McCargo, who all hold football camps in the summer, were all beneficiaries of the NFL Youth Football Fund.

The NFL Youth Football Fund awarded $600,000 to 150 NFL players and coaches to support their free youth football camps. Davis holds a camp in Dowling Park, Florida every June, Edwards will hold his football camp this weekend in Billings, Montana and McCargo held his in Victoria, Virginia late last month (June 29th).

“We are pleased to help our players and coaches give back during the off-season,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who serves on the NFL Youth Football Fund board of directors. “These camps are an excellent way to help young fans learn skills and stay active and fit.”

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Dwan bids Ravens farewell

Posted by Chris Brown on March 22, 2010 – 5:02 pm

Bills DL Dwan Edwards made his last trip to the Baltimore Ravens training facility Monday to clean out his locker for the last time and wore his new team colors to the facility.

According to Edwards took some ribbing from some of his now former coaches and teammates for wearing a Bills T-shirt to the complex, but Edwards told them with a smile that he had to do it.

With the Bills playing the AFC North as part of their schedule, Edwards said he’ll have the Bills game against Baltimore, “circled on my calendar.”

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